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Tuesday, 30th August 2016
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Monday, 29 August 2016 01:39


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JOHNNY LYNN OF EMMET STREET STILL PACKING THEM IN. Old Kilkenny CBS boy still making good in Canada. Jonathan Bob Lynn at the famous Wee Folk Club, Toronto. Johnny went to Canada almost a half century ago in 1968 after having worked on a couple of civil engineering projects for Mahon and McPhillips. He became a full-time musician in Toronto for a few years before returning to college in 1971-74 for a degree in communications. He then worked for years as a Television producer of programmes with Irish content. He is still playing music across North America with his group "Tip…
Saturday, 27 August 2016 15:32


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NOONAN'S FOLLY. GAY PICKET WAS A POLITICAL SET UP . Mayor and gay councillor got lost fast. They're still running! Editorial, by Michael McGrath. This protest brought ignominy and shame on Kilkenny, it featured in The Irish Times and on RTE radio. It was the first time in living memory in Ireland where a religious event, essentially a monster prayer meeting, was picketed, perhaps the first time in history. All week there have only been three gay people, three women from the length and breadth of the whole of Kilkenny, in touch with the Kilkenny Journal to make adverse comment on…
KILKENNY CHRISTIANS FEEL UNDER ATTACK BY COUNCILLOR NOONAN. The Irishtown community worried. Kilkenny's Christian communities feel under attack by Councillor Malcolm Noonan after this week's events. The Kilkenny Community Church at Irishtown feels itself to be singled out as does the Christian Assembly Church at Lyrath. The Kilkenny Journal intervewed pastors and members in the Hub on Wednesday night. The Christians we spoke to do not blame the gay people - they blame Councillor Noonan for demanding a curtailment to their freedom of speech in Ireland. They blame Noonan for putting them in the same boat as racists and the far…
COUNCILLOR MALCOLM NOONAN CALLS FOR THE CURTAILMENT OF FREE SPEECH.Kilkenny councillor wants censorship, Mal Noonan wants govt. gagging laws. "Cllr Noonan urged the Government to move quickly to introduce hate speech laws in Ireland to strengthen the 1989 Incitement to Hatred Act." - from Malcolm Noonan's own website today. -and what Noonan defines as "hate" another man could describe as love. There were 1200 in the Hub who loved Angus and his speech! So who made Malcolm Noonan the expert who must be obeyed? Noonan wants to bring in speech control laws off the back of the gay protest to…
Sunday, 21 August 2016 01:14


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THE MIRACLE OF CILLIN HILL. Here is what is going to happen on Wednesday night at Cillin Hill. The reverend Angus Buchan brings Paddy up on stage. Lined up there the reverend has fifteen vestal virgins, all in their birthday suits. And Angus says to Paddy: "You may take your pick of my vestal virgins, I can assure you that they are all fabulous in the bed, don't ask me how I know." And Paddy replies , "No, reverend, do not tempt me, get thee hence, I'm a good practising young Catholic man, and I will have nothing to do…
Saturday, 20 August 2016 07:57


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DONIE FOR TOP OLYMPIC JOB. Donie Butler, with a solid career behind him in the Irish sport management world as FAI Treasurer, is on the short list tipped to become President of the Olympic Council of Ireland. The Council is wisely planning to make a fast appointment in an effort to leave the Hickey saga behind as quickly as possible. They see no hope there so have decided to press on regardless to better things. Donie has the advantage of being immediately available as a safe and honest pair of hands that they can rely on. He is great at…
Kilkenny Journal exclusive - A Shinner in the Jam! Who is behind all the commotion? SHINNER BEHIND PETITION TO BAN PROTESTANT PREACHER. Gay rights activist Ms. Enya Kennedy is the person behind the Facebook petition to ban preacher Angus Buchan from Kilkenny. Enya hails all the way from Ballymena in the wee North. Ms. Kennedy is a member of Sinn Fein in Kilkenny, she is an activist in a spate of protests to such an extent that she could be regarded as a professional placard bearer. Ms. Kennedy declares, somewhat disjointedly on her petition : "Angus Buchan claims to be…
WE COUNSEL PEACE AND LOVE FOR CILLIN HILL FAMILY EVENT. Young children will be present in prayer with their families. Irishtown evangelical community hurt! You cannot stop a person speaking at a public meeting, this is akin to what dictators do. We are sorry to have to say that the Mayor should not really be speaking for Kilkenny city where we are of divided opinion on this issue still, no matter what vote may have ensued nationally. No vote, local or national, can deny our constitutional right to Freedom of Expression as the Mayor now seeks to do. The Mayor's…
Wednesday, 17 August 2016 05:20


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KILKENNY SCHOOLS WILL HAND OUT THE LEAVING CERT RESULTS THIS MORNING. Photographers will attend the city schools. We would advise all pupils to enjoy the results, no matter what they are. Success in life doesn't always follow brilliant results, and failure in life doesn't always follow poor results, but then it depends on what we mean by success or failure? Enjoy the day and celebrate another landmark in your lives no matter what your results. It's probably more important to your lives not to smoke , not to drink heavily - and definitely not to do drugs. Whatever happens today you have YEARS…

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