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Thursday, 17th August 2017
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Wednesday, 16 August 2017 14:34


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A FAIR LEAVING CERT MORNING IN KILKENNY . Presentation convent girls, photo by Pat Moore. Just over a thousand students received their Leaving Cert results this morning across Kilkenny city and county. In the city there were outstanding results at the Presentation Secondary School where seven students received over 600 points. Principal Shane Hallahan said that he was 'thrilled with the results', with several students scoring exceptionally high results. One very happy pupil was Lauren Kennedy who received seven H1's and is hoping to study medicine or pharmacy. Lauren's Mum, Kate said that she was very happy with her daughter's…
Monday, 14 August 2017 15:15


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TWO- FACED POLITICIANS CAUGHT OUT ON WALKIN STREET DEVELOPMENT. Fire investigation required - Noel Walsh just announced. CLLR. MALCOLM NOONAN STATED THAT HE WAS NOT OPPOSED TO THIS DEVELOPMENT! He went in and told the Bord Pleanala Inspector he was in favour of it, doing a U-Turn on the Walkin Street residents who had placed their faith in him. Though he attended the residents' private meetings and assured them that he was against this development , Malcolm Noonan went in and stated the opposite to An Bord Pleanala, stating that he was in favour - subject to a few small conditions…
KILKENNY ARTISTS MOVED BY COUNCIL AND GARDAI IN KILKENNY TODAY. Noted Irish artist Ramie Leahy may have a valuable painting hanging in Kilkenny Garda Station, but that cut no ice with the police who moved him on from the Parade in the centre of Kilkenny city today at the behest of a local County Council official. Ramie Leahy has reported that he and his fellow artists were forcibly moved on by a Kilkenny County Council official backed up by Gardai today. This shows what we are saying all along here in the Kilkenny Journal is true, that the Council only…
Friday, 11 August 2017 18:13


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BIG MONEY GRAB FESTIVAL. KILKENNY ARTS FESTIVAL - THREE QUARTERS OF A MILLION TAKEN OUT OF KILKENNY ANNUALLY. As the 2017 Kilkenny Arts Festival is launched at Butler House at 5.45 pm this evening, The Kilkenny Journal has accounts - proof that the sum of over three quarters of a million Euro is taken out of Kilkenny annually in private profits. The money is taken by the directors , seven in all, who are basically self-appointed and self-perpetuating. They take advantage of a Victorian loophole in the law governing industrial provident societies to whip the money out of this city…
WINSTONS GOING, GOING... Government intervention demanded! by Michael McGrath Staff at Winstons told The Kilkenny Journal this evening that the fabulous fashion and household store has just six weeks before it closes. Management have made no statement at all so far. The Kilkenny Journal feels therefore that intervention to save the classic city centre store should be made by the authorities now. In particular we feel that local minister John Paul Phelan could have a role in garnering any possible State help and support. If the government can afford four billions a year to finance mass immigration into the country…
Thursday, 03 August 2017 05:58


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Editorial by Michael McGrath. LEO VARADKAR HAS PUBLICLY INSULTED KEVIN MYERS AND SHOULD APOLOGISE. Leo reveals his bad side, that kicks people when they're down. Leo Varadkar tries to score brownie points in political correctness at the expense of an anguished crestfallen Kevin Myers, already down in the dumps and sleepless for two nights under the weight of all the heavy criticism. Shame on you, Taoiseach. And shame on your Tanaiste Frances Fitzgerald who made a kick at the hapless Myers too. At least Kevin Myers is a working journalist, he works for his money and neither Leo nor Frances Fitzgerald would…
Tuesday, 01 August 2017 17:03


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CONTROVERSIAL FOETAL IMAGE ON DISPLAY LAST SUNDAY AT CITY HALL - YOU BE THE JUDGE! Kilkenny Journal exclusive news. Gardai say that young children must not see it as they pass by. Demonstrator leader Dr. Jean Engela counters that , "there will be less young children around with abortion!" Director of the Irish Centre for Bioethical Reform, Dr. Jean Engela, pictured on the right.[photo by ICBR]
Two Garda  assail peaceful citizens in Kilkenny today - and rob them! KILKENNY GARDAI ILLEGALLY SEIZE PRO LIFE ADVERTISING BOARDS - Grotesque, Unique, Bizarre and Unprecedented police action. These two burly-looking officers actually rob and take away private property in city centre in broad daylight! Meanwhile animal killers and gangs who assault the elderly in Kilkenny are allowed to roam free.Kilkenny Gardai assailed pro life activists in the streets of Kilkenny and took their referendum advertising material away. This was a high-handed action without the slightest provocation or legal cause. Yet in the same week the same gardai refuse to deal…
MUSLIM CALL TO PRAYER NOT TO BE ALLOWED AT KILKENNY MOSQUE. Serious traffic concerns too. The call to prayer will not be allowed at the proposed Kilkenny mosque, for which the land was bought this week. Under precedent from the conditions of the Kerry mosque in Tralee no amplified call is allowed from a minaret or from anywhere within a mosque in urban Ireland. This is to clarify a point that arose in the comments in our earlier report this week on the issue. See:…/kerry-mosque-plan-approved-but… This article shows the conditions applicable that should all be similar in the case of the…

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