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Wednesday, 22nd February 2017
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Wednesday, 22 February 2017 08:27


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GET YOUR METAL DETECTORS FAST! All those living in townslands around KIlkenny could have gold in their back gardens. And the government is to grant prospecting licences for gold and silver to for many lands around county Kilkenny, principally around the entire Callan area. If you live in or around Callan, Crannagh, Kells, Knocktopher or Shillelogher you could strike it lucky!
Wednesday, 22 February 2017 06:49


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The Kilkenny Journal shared their post. 2 mins ·  The Kilkenny Journal added 2 new photos. 40 mins ·  LEO REMINDS US OF LEGENDARY MOVIE COMEDIAN BOB HOPE. Spot the resemblance. He is equally easygoing , a bit lazy and loves the luxury life. However , Bob would not ever have made a prime minister and we don't think that Leo would either. They resemble each other so much, Leo is unquestionably a great comedian too:-) Boost Unavailable LikeShow More Reactions CommentShare
NEW YORK VISIT JUST ANOTHER JUNKET AND ANOTHER WASTE OF MONEY. Green and Shinner Sentimental juvenile-type anti-Trump slobbery. Despite what councillors said at the meeting on Monday, They simply want to keep junketing to New York for their own pleasure. Nothing has ever come of this trip in recent years. We live in another era when the Kilkenny Associations in New York and Chicago are defunct and dead . There is nobody to visit left in New York. This is just more waste of the ratepayers' money and Councillor Kennedy should have said so and not just spout juvenile-type anti-Trump sentimental drivel…
Tuesday, 21 February 2017 05:19


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Separate Sex and Politics! ENDA KENNY'S NEMESIS JOHN DEASY T.D. John Deasy is the most outspoken TD in Dail Eireann. And most of that bluntness has been directed against his party leader Enda Kenny over the past dozen years and more. Deasy is now expected to join in the fray to hasten Kenny's departure. And he is one of the most qualified politicians in Dail Eireann, having started his career with a Washington political apprenticeship. He may well emerge as a compromise candidate for the conservative wing of Fine Gael - that now threatens to desert en masse to Fianna…
SINN FEIN SUPPORTS WATERFORD LANDGRAB AGAINST KILKENNY. Funchion dithered as usual. Although their Carlow-Kilkenny deputy, Kathleen Funchion, was forced to come out at long last this week to make a few little noises to appear to be on Kilkenny's side, Sinn Fein still supports Waterford against Kilkenny to the hilt. Her former husband David Cullinane TD is far more senior and backed Waterford city over Kilkenny during the week while Funchion didn't know what to do as the couple are making arrangements together, Waterford has always been the home of Sinn Fein in Ireland. Funchion's former partner David Cullinane TD…
JOHN PAUL PHELAN TO RESIGN HIS SEAT OVER BOUNDARY CHANGE. Deputy John Paul Phelan, whose home is in Ferrybank, has now stated that he will resign from the Fine Gael party, resign his Dail seat and run in the subsequent by-election as an Independent if the Fine Gael -led government transfers any part of South County Kilkenny into Waterford city. And he means it. If this were to happen he would win the subsequent by-election to regain his seat as he would be seen to be the champion of Kilkenny's cause and no other party or candidate would stand a chance…
Wednesday, 08 February 2017 15:27


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WELCOME HOME TO BOBBY KERR! We tried to find out what Bobby is putting in the coffee, but like the secret ingredient in Coke it's confidential, we're told.Reports coming in that folk are getting high below in Coffeehouse Lane. Insomnia opens its first café in Kilkenny The new café in the Market Cross was delayed in opening following an objection that was lodged last October KCLR96FM.COM  
DEPUTY FUNCHION CONTINUES TO BLUNDER OVER ST. LUKE'S  MATERNITY.  A photo of a hospital bed in a corridor means nothing unusual. WILD ALLEGATIONS With her own vote uppermost in her mind the Sinn Fein Dail Deputy is trying to create confusion to cover her tracks over wild allegations she made that she can't substantiate with reference to the maternity unit of St. Luke's Hospital, Kilkenny. McGUINNESS WENT & SAW FOR HIMSELF, ALL OK. At least Deputy John McGuinness and Senator Jennifer Murnane O'Connor attended at the hospital to see for themselves .Both politicians were satisfied that everything was fine. Funchion…
Tuesday, 07 February 2017 13:48


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NGO MONEY RACKET. And locals don't have any barriers to getting jobs then, eh? This NGO thing is a racket set up to siphon public funding to Lefties and it's costing the country serious millions , billions in fact since it all started up about fifteen years ago. You'll find local lefties and liberals with their fingers in this particular till. They all feign virtue as they take the money and fake mock righteousness when questioned about where all the money is going - because it's going right into their pockets to finance the next Trotskyist protest in favour of…

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