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Thursday, 17th August 2017
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McGuinness for Jobs and Enterprise ministry ? 

Talking just now to a top McGuinness insider in Kilkenny Fianna Fail the Kilkenny Journal learned that John McGuinness TD is in favour of going into a full partnership government with Fine Gael in which Enda Kenny would go as taoiseach for the first two years and the Fianna Fail nominee rotate as Taoiseach after that for the following two years. All minister and junior minister posts would be equally shared, according to the McGuinness proposals, all committees shared as well. Deputy McGuinness hinmself looks forward to a ministry preferably in the business sector so would look forward to taking over from the present minister Richard  Bruton in Jobs and Enterprise.  Thus John withdrew his name from the FF Ceann Comhairle list today as he has decided that he wants to take a leading part in securing a full term Fianna Fail-Fine Gael working government for Ireland. 

The McGuinness confidante told the Kilkenny Journal that John expects to be on the Fianna Fail negotiating team for government with Fine Gael,  that this is another reason that he has dropped out of the Ceann Comhairle race, that such a government would last for four years and would have to immediately tackle homelessness and housing and also health. Regarding the water charges they could meet halfway with Fine Gael, keeping in mind that the Kilkenny city water supply is in need of immediate rehabilitation and that John wants this to be done now before anything else.  

Bobby Aylward too would be perfectly happy serving alongside his friend John Paul Phelan of Fine Gael in government and ideally both local TDs would deserve junior ministries - Kilkenny would do well out of this, the McGuinness insider informed us just now. 

The Fianna Fail Comhairle Dail Cheanntair would have no problem with the prospect of joining in with Fine Gael for a joint government to get the country going again and for the sake of the Irish people, the McGuinness confidante assured us , pointing to how well both parties are co-operating together already in running Kilkenny County Council.  Nor do they see much prospect of a strong opposition emerging amongst the "whingers" that would be left on the opposition benches - " we have to save the country from the likes of poor TDs such as Gino Kenny, Brid Smith  and the local Shinner that this election unfortunately threw up", the Fianna Fail insider assured us.  

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BIG MIGRANT SITE FOR KILKENNY - refugees to be housed by Kilkenny County Council in preference to locals on the housing list. 
This will become a huge election issue with Independent Noel Walsh already blaming the parties for letting the local Irish people down for houses just to suck up to Angela Merkel. 

There is no other information. There is no information about where the site will be though it is to come into operation in a couple of months. Thus there is no information or consultation with neighbours or indeed with anybody. But then this is the Department of Justice and they are traditionally dictatorial. But whatever it is it is not democracy. 
Therefore we would not be surprised is there is massive objection and protest when they move the migrants in wherever in Kilkenny.

It would definitely affect property values in the city wherever it is to be situated, so we believe that there should be adequate local information and consultation before it goes ahead.


There has been no information and no consultation whatsoever so far, it's all being done by government and party diktat.

The Government has identified 26 locations that will house the 4,000 refugees Ireland has agreed to take in. Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald said that 90…

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Attacked at the GPO in Dublin.

Peter O'Loughlin, the genial and peaceful former candidate in the Carlow-Kilkenny by-election last May has been attacked by left wing thugs as he spoke at the GPO in Dublin.

He was beaten about the head with a weapon and has serious facial injuries as well.

His party Identity Ireland has issued a statement:

"A mob of far left thugs have attacked our members and Pegida just now. Peter has being brought to hospital with injuries to his head and face.
It is understood that members of Sinn Fein and People before Profit, as well as associated extremist outfits such as Eirigi were present at the scene of the incident. 
Peter is a very civilised and respectable person as well as an accomplished writer and public speaker. There is no excuse for such fascism as witnessed at the GPO today. The Kilkenny Journal expresses the hope that this time the Gardai will act to bring the perpetrators to justice. 
Stay tuned for further updates!

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Wednesday, 24 February 2016 16:05


"For when treason doth prosper, none dare all it treason!" - the poet John Donne. 

Such is the case with the present policy of mass immigration. All the parties and all the candidates agree to bury it, not to dare mention it, for fear of being dubbed "racist" by the Trotskyist Left and the pseudo-intellectual liberal elitists. Therefore mass immigration is allowed to proceed unhindered, in fact it is even encouraged. 
This is so much the case in Ireland that our politicians dare not even seek the reliefs that the UK won last week from the EU and we continue to pay the children's allowance  overseas to thousands of children who have never even been to Ireland.

Yet not a mention in the midst of a general election campaign - the Press has it nailed down too under orders from the Trotskyist National Union of Journalists , the same Press Union that has also  campaigned to force Abortion on Demand on Ireland since 1979. The same Union, the NUJ, is known as a basket case even amongst journalists who dare not resist it for fear of their own livelihoods.

And that same NUJ has at its core a wicked policy for the immigrants to outbreed the natives so there won't be any Irish or English left in a century or so. And that policy comes from the Frankfurt School, along with Abortion , a leftist international scheme set up by the dons of Columbia University in New York as far back as the 1930's by Communist academics who had fled from Frankfurt university in Hitler's Germany as they were naturally the first on his hit list ,seeking as they wanted the destruction of the German nation and all nations.

You'll see all about it up on Youtube if you google, "The Frankfurt School", the plot to destroy the West with the implementation of Cultural Marxism of the Trotskyist International variety - and it is winning and here in Ireland today.  The assault on our Nation is led by the Labour party , joined by Sinn Fein and all the other little commie outfits such as the PBB/SWP, AAA Socialist Party , the agents of the EU and the UN - they have become very powerful, even overwhelming now in the 21st century. 

And this is what the Irish voter really faces as he and she goes to the polls on Friday. But Ireland faces an even more massive problem in this regard - mass sentimentality driven by the mass media to sway the masses of the people , mostly the younger women, and this is why you see them as candidates more and more in our elections now. The media knows how to turn on the tears , and not just in news programs - look at all the sob stories generated by the creators of Eastenders and such programs to infiltrate your minds.   We remember the late great Kilkenny politician Jim Gibbons condemning Coronation Street for this in his time , he was a massive intellectual who could see through therm, how they work ,  and see it coming. 

Ireland is being bled dry to bring in masses from the Third World and support them and their huge families here for the rest of their natural lives, and not only that but support all their millions of descendants in time,  bankrupting you and your children and their children too down all the generations as we are forced more and more to beg from the bankers to try to keep this entire impossible system toppling again as it has done already. at a cost to us of billions upon billions.

Google some great videos on youtube about the Frankfurt School, the scheme, the most rotten scheme that has ever dawned upon the Earth to seek to destroy our great Western civilization and especially our Irish nation, culture and genius. 

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This is now the question on everybody's lips as we face into a general election.On the by-election figures Sinn Fein must be favourites - but a general election is a whole lot different, a whole new story.

There is no TD living in the Carlow part of Carlow-Kilkenny now and as a result many Carlow voters, especially those of Carlow town, want their own local TD and this is understandable with Carlow doing so badly under the present government. The population of the town is about 23,000 today.

Last week there were 32 shops closed in the town centre! And if this campaign gets bigger then the local Fianna Fail candidate, Jennifer Murnane O'Connor, could benefit - and even be elected!

This possible outcome of 3 Fianna Fail TDs is not as weird as it might seem under the present unusual circumstances. Even in total defeat last general election FF still held 28% of the vote in Carlow -Kilkenny, the best in the country, and this went up massively with their recent by-election victory.

Jennifer and Kathleen Funchion of Sinn Fein both had around the same first preference vote last general election, with Jennifer getting a slightly bigger vote then, 4429 for Jennifer as against 4075 for Kathleen, and John McGuinness has been backing her heavily ever since as part of his tilt at the FF leadership. She delivered Carlow for the party in the by-election and Bobby Aylward owes her a big one back there in preferences this time round..

Then there's Fine Gael and the question of David Fitzgerald versus John Paul Phelan.With Bobby Aylward back on his southern throne it's going to be much tougher for John Paul this time while David Fitzgerald has made a lot of new friends and admirers in the city. Fine Gael themselves expect their first candidate elected to be Pat Deering who the boundary commission banished into Wicklow.

Paddy McKee is throwing the kitchen sink at Carlow. He left the day job for this election and is canvassing mostly over in Carlow ever since. He desperately needs a job with the councillor's allowance hardly good enough for a couple of nights in Delaney's of the Village. He needs a decent new overcoat for the coming winter too. He has staked everything on getting that job in the Dail. He's not actually starving yet but times could get hard. So he's appealing to everybody's generosity with their votes to see him through a rough patch and safely esconced in a seat in the Dail. He points to Ann Phelans massive salaries as a minister and TD, to Katheen Funchion's big salary as union organiser, to David Fitzgerald's silver spoon, and declares that none of them need the TD job as much as he does. He points to a better republican lineage than any other candidate and to the fact that his solicitor's training will be a positive boon in carrying out the duties of a successful TD. Thus the Renua pin-up calendar boy can't be dismissed for the fifth seat. He's in there beavering away. He could pull it off but he needs to stretch his good by-election vote even more.

And though he has no realistic hope of getting elected, let alone getting a word in edgeways on Vincent Browne's leftie Tonight TV show, Peter O'Loughlin will stand again in Carlow-Kilkenny to represent the views of the new Identity Ireland party against forced mass immigration into Ireland, against the Open Door policies of all the other parties, and in favour of withdrawal from the EU with the restoration of full Irish sovereignty and our own currency too. Peter adds that we must help our own homeless people first and he wants to get elected to ensure that this will be taken seriously at government level.

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"A personal voting transfer pact between Ann Phelan and Paddy McKee is the only thing that could save Ann or elect Paddy! But realpolitik like that seldom happens in Ireland. "


Labour wants a postponement of the election to try to save themselves but Labour can forget it. Labour can stave off the Evil Day but cannot stop it. The people of Ireland are getting more determined by the week to destroy the Labour party and remove it from the Irish political landscape just as they did with the green party last time out. 
We here at the Kilkenny Journal would like to see Ann Phelan survive as a junior minister for Kilkenny but unfortunately that's not going to happen - as Ann herself obviously realised as she whined last week on the Vincent Browne show. It was dreadful to have to witness her death rattle. 
Despite the fact that they are no good for Ireland and that they have a poor candidate, we have already caved in and admitted t hat the figures are with Sinn Fein. We see it no other way. 
Even if John McGuinness recovers 3000 of his votes that Kathleen Funchion borrowed from him in the by-election, and he should, that still leaves her with over 7000 first preferences, comfortably ahead of Renua's Paddy McKee - and she was transfer friendly too. Jennifer Murnane -O'Connor will put in a good campaign in Carlow but Fianna Fail are stagnant still in the country and she's easily behind Funchion. Unless there's a big demand by local voters for a Carlow town TD. And that does seem to be there...and could increase as time goes by.

A personal voting transfer pact between Ann Phelan and Paddy McKee is the only thing that could save Ann or elect Paddy! But realpolitik like that seldom happens in Ireland. 
So unless a surprisingly good Independent pops up Sinn Fein will gain a seat in Carlow-Kilkenny, a feat they would have achieved long ago but for John McGuinness who captures most of the urban working class vote here in Kilkenny.
As for Fine Gael they're still the biggest and most popular party in Ireland as we write. And with the upturn in the economy they would get 60 seats if the election were tomorrow. They could get t hree here ! As against that they risk the unknown popping up to rob them if they delay into the new year when there would be no turning back. Barring an act of God Enda Kenny will continue as Taoiseach after the election, most likely with the support of Fianna Fail.
Thus Fine Gael has everything to gain by going to the country now sooner than later. For Labour it doesn't matter when the election is called. Their days are numbered, their fate sealed. For they have incurred the wrath of the risen people.

No one really knows, including the one man whose call it is.


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Councillor Pat McKee has left his job as an apprentice solicitor at W.A. Smithwick & Co., Solicitors, Parliament Street, Kilkenny, to canvass full-time in the General Election. He starts out on the long grinding campaign trail this week. Pat says:

"Since the By-Election I have left my job to focus on the election full time. I'm going to put everything into this election. No stone will be left unturned as they s...ay. I believe that we can achieve a great deal in the forthcoming General Election and more importantly, with a seat in Dail Eireann, we can achieve a great deal for Carlow-Kilkenny and the country."

Apparently he now lives on the small salary from the county council that he gets as a councillor, as he refused to take expenses there too.

Pat is on his way towards becoming a Renunciate, that is a person who doesn't want money , if he isn't elected. At that rate I think we had better vote for him so he can still eat:-)

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This morning around the churches in Kilkenny city we found a surge in support for Renua and the party's local candidate Paddy McKee in the wake of Lucinda Creighton's statement that refugees will have to be seriously vetted before they are allowed into Ireland. Already they are being called "Rapefugees" by protesters against refugee rapists and gropers in Germany.

We had a reporter at each church, St. Mary's, St. Patrick's, St. John's and St. Canice's to engage and interview people emerging after mass. 

And we are proved right here on the Kilkenny Journal about our concern over these refugees and mass immigration in general. So indeed has Independent candidate Noel Walsh who does well too from what we heard from mass goers in Kilkenny this morning. We knew that there was deep concern out there that was being reported by us - but not by any of the other local media in Kilkenny. So we went out to seriously find out on the ground and report back to you here. 

We found that three quarters of those we spoke to have serious concerns about these migrants and about any more immigration into this country where so many of the immigrants are now on the dole and are classed as long term unemployed joining the Irish lifelong unemployed here. 

This is the real news on the ground that you won't read in the Kilkenny papers run by liberal editors and journalists, nor on local radio either. We are recording what people are really saying in their everyday conversations in this city , and isn't that what a journal is really about, to record conversations and events. The Left liberals would tell you different, that the newspapers and media are there to calm the people and lead their opinions . That we completely disagree with because that is the way of propaganda. 

Right now Paddy McKee and Noel Walsh are the only two candidates voicing public concern in Kilkenny though it's too early to give them any sort of a lead as there's seven weeks left to election day. But it's encouraging news for both of them at this stage of the campaign.  Noel Walsh has to produce a leaflet yet,  and he says this is ongoing in discussions with his campaign staff and that he should have his statement of policies designed and printed in a week. Indeed we know that the genuine Independent has two top handlers locally this time round and that Noel will put on a decent campaign with a chance of being elected this time round. He himself admits that formerly he only dipped his toe in the electoral process to test it. He says there's no room for many more migrants here, that there's no houses or jobs for them here any more, and that in view of the Paris bombings and now the German sex attacks on women, they simply cannot be trusted and that the 4000 refugees announced for this country by Fine Gael and Labour must now be abandoned in light of these horrific events.

Lucinda Creighton: Refugees coming to Ireland should be screened


Niall O'Connor 

PUBLISHED10/01/2016 | 14:21

Lucinda Creighton launches her new political party.1Lucinda Creighton launches her new political party.

Refugees being relocated to Ireland should be screened in light of last week’s horrific sex attacks in Germany, according to Renua leader Lucinda Creighton.

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The Dublin Bay South TD today said it is not “xenophobic” to hold the belief that a screening programme should be in place.

Ireland has committed to accommodate up to 4,000 refugees who have fled war-torn countries such as Syria and Iraq.

However, today’s Sunday Independent/Millward Brown opinion poll reveals that almost three in five people (59pc) are concerned that terrorists could enter Ireland under the guise of the relocation programme.

The poll was conducted prior to shocking incidents in Cologne, Germany last week, which involved a spate of attacks on women.

Speaking on Newstalk today, Ms Creighton called for tough screening rules.

“I don’t think it’s xenophobic or unreasonable to say that there should be screening, and that there should be a process and mechanism in place to ensure that refugees are genuine refugees and not economic migrants,” she said.

I think in a sense there has been an attempt to silence anyone who questions the kind of complete open door policy. It has to be open door, but it has to involve screening in terms of security but also in terms of the kind of cultural issues that are emerging in Germany,” she added.

Absolutely, Lucinda, we here at The Kilkenny Journal are subject to repeated attack from ther left, the Liberals and the Plain Ignorant for telling the facts and the truth about all this mass immigration into Ireland that must now stop once and for all in light of all these horrific events in Paris and Germany. Renua could really find a decent niche in Irish politics in the coming general election if the new party continues to address and face up to the real issues like this. 


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Kilkenny Dail candidate in the by-election last May Peter O'Loughlin is pictured here addressing a rally in Germany. He says that Ireland stands with the German people in their hour of need , that we stand together.  Here he is filmed addressing the mass Dresden rally. First the rally is commenced in German by the German organisers, then Peter speaks, if you have the patience to wait and listen to him. 

Peter is the Chairman and leader of the new IDENTITY IRELAND political party that has a range of issues and policies basically against the EU and the mass immigration that they force on Ireland and Europe, culminating in the mass rape attacks by migrants on the young women of Germany. Identity Ireland opposes the forceful resettlement by the Irish government of Fine Gael and Labour of 4000 of these migrants , called Rapefugees now in Germany, in Ireland with Kilkenny earmarked as one of the big centres for these refugees. We therefore ask you to vote against all the main parties as well as Sinn Fein who are all in favour of forcing thousands of these Rapefugees on Kilkenny and on the Irish people. 

In the general election Noel Walsh is standing in place of Peter in Kilkenny with similar policies of immigration control and refugee vetting. The Kilkenny Journal is also concerned for our security and for the safety of our young women on our Irish streets. Hopefully, and voting for the right politicians like Noel Walsh this time, all will be well. 

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Election fever,

It's Jennifer Versus Kathleen!

Sinn Fein has adopted questionable election tactics in Carlow against the Fianna Fail candidate there, Councillor Jennifer Murnane O'Connor.

Jennifer is beginning to emerge as the most articulate candidate amongst the women candidates in the constituency. The Shinners, according to Martin Adams locally, have moved in to counter this.

There has been an intensive search for dirt on Jennifer by the Shinners, but they haven't managed to turn up anything as she's squeaky clean.

Of course Fianna Fail describe Jennifer as "an angel". They would. But for once they're right. She's a good articulate speaker as any of you who have heard her on the Vincent Browne constituency show would agree.

The Shinners are actually attacking Jennifer for being "well off, in a grand house and not homeless", according to Martin, our man on the ground. Some questionable hand drawn posters about Jennifer have appeared around Carlow Town, according to Martin Adams. He reports that the campaign is getting down and dirty.

Fianna Fail activists have responded by pointing to Funchion's big salary in the SIPTU union organiser job that she got from her father Phil, saying that it's a classical case of Shinner nepotism. And that's on top of her council salary and expenses, they charge. They go on to point the finger at the Funchions as being "careful christians", as a Carlow FFer remarked. They charge that neither Kathleen Funchion nor her father Phil Funchion can afford to throw stones in glasshouses. Yes, indeed, it's getting down and dirty already, even before the Off, over in the Carlow end of this constituency.

And we can see why.

Jennifer Murnane O'Connor is a formidable woman candidate who has the looks as Kathleen Funchion has too. As we interviewed Jennifer we found her to be more articulate and better spoken , we saw that she marshalled her thoughts well and presented clear and logical sentences. Nor did she get personal, she never mentioned the Funchions or the Shinners at all. She was excellent on the Vincent Browne show too as she denounced the government for all the closures in her native Carlow during their term of office.

Jennifer polled a respectable 4.400 first preferences in her first time standing in 2011 despite being up against the anti FF gale force wind that swept the country in that 2011 election, Funchion scored 4075.
With their neo-Marxian economics and Trotskyist policies Sinn Fein would endanger the recovery , the Murnane O'Connor camp charges. We could end up like Greece with the Shinners, they charge, as Sinn Fein are admirers of the Syriza financial policies, and they say that it's a new Sinn Fein composed of communists , mostly of the trotskyist variety. They say that the Funchions were Labour through and through until they hopped aboard the Shinner bandwagon.

They say that Kathleen Funchion herself is not able for politics as she can't speak up well but constantly mumbles, that she's not able to talk so parliament is the very worst place for her.

Sinn Fein's economics are off the wall, their candidate here in Carlow-Kilkenny can't even talk up properly - even some of her own party members like former party secretary Stephen Mullally admit this. And Stephen Mullally, who represented Sinn Fein virtually on his own for years, now says that many of the newcomers coming into the party and jumping on the bandwagon are ignoring him. He told this to the Kilkenny Journal.He said he's not good enough for the new arrivals!

Mary Lou has, according to Stephen, taken Ms. Funchion under her wing to try to help her , but surely no credible Dail candidate should need such help. Carlow-Kilkenny needs someone to be able to talk up for us in the Dail. In Jennifer we found an able speaker as we spoke to her over in the Dolmen Hotel in Carlow. She pointed to the 32 business premises now closed down in Carlow town centre, stating that Carlow needs its own central TD living in the town as she is and that she wants to go forward to force the next government to regenerate Carlow. She points to the local lying-in hospital being ignored, to the possibility of the sugar industry being revived in moves now proceeding by a new syndicate, calling for full government support. She is devoted to improving the local hostel that provides shelter and meals for the homeless in the town, and outlines measures to get them permanently off the streets and looked after in a caring society.

Jennifer is fully backed by John McGuinness TD and Bobby Aylward TD as well as by party leader Micheal Martin. John McGuinness described Jennifer as a great candidate for any party to have, also stating publicly over the radio that she would assist in securing a proper gender balance for women in public life.

Councillor Pat Fitzpatrick of North Kilkenny described her as an integral part of the Fianna Fail team in Carlow-Kilkenny and as a serious candidate who could make it and represent people very well as she does on Carlow council. He says that Jennifer will fight a good clean campaign no matter what is thrown at her, as will Fianna Fail fight clean and well right across the constituency. He believes that the new treamwork introduced by John McGuinness could help get Jennifer elected, saying she would be great for Carlow who deserve their own TD.

Pat Fitzpatrick agreed that he would be available, should his party choose him, to contest the Seanad elections that will follow this Dail general election.

He stresses that Fianna Fail have a chance of taking three seats but only if they act as a team under the direction of John McGuinness and he says that's happening now over the past year,

John McGuinness reminded us that Fianna Fail received their biggest vote at just over 28% in the last general election here in Carlow-Kilkenny and that it now remained to work on that and increase it so as to push up to a little bit more than 40% in Carlow-Kilkenny and win the three seats. We think that 42% properly martialled in transfers could squeeze it, and FF could bounce back with 42% in Carlow-Kilkenny on this occasion. That would give a result of three FF and two FG. John says that nationwide the party should be organising now on the basis of the teamwork he proposes to be implemented in every constituency towards coming back with up to 45 seats. They could lead a new government coalition with that!

We found Ms. Funcheon and Sinn Fein to be taken up with the racist slur, with describing anybody who is genuinely against their policy of mass immigration to be "racist". Thus we found Sinn Fein to be incredibly more up for the interests of newcomers in Ireland than the Irish needy and homeless. This is a huge new departure for a party that was traditionally for the Irish people way back along. It doesn't affect us here at the Kilkenny Journal in the slightest - but it does affect the plight of the Irish homeless out in the streets for the worst , and we thought that Sinn Fein would have a heart for the downtrodden Irish, but No. Sinn Fein is caught up in trying to portray itself as a new virtuous liberal party like the rest of them.

On the other hand In talking to Jennifer Murnane O'Connor we found her to be more down-to-earth and more concerned for the homeless and the down-and-outs in society, so it is hypocritical of the Shinners to try to paint her otherwise while they themselves champion immigrants over the local Irish.

The Shinners will reply that to do otherwise, to stand up for the local Irish, would "divide the working classes of the world" but that's Bolshevist internationalist nonsense. Every country must look after its own poor people first, that's what every government is elected to do, and Sinn Fein should well know that and get back to serving the Irish people rather than parading their own political correctitude and assumed virtue like the pharasee in the temple!

We also call the Shinners to book for their espousal of Abortion on Demand for Ireland. That's aping the British. Millions of unborn babies have now been murdered in the womb in the UK. We are more at home with John McGuinness's careful and compassionate pro-life approach here. We are well and truly amazed over the anti-national policies of the new Sinn Fein. We see them as far too extreme for a decent country and people like the Irish.

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