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Tuesday, 26th September 2017
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Thomastown is notorious for this, for refusing to hand over medical files to loved ones of the departed . It's no way the fault of the nursing staff, it's the bureaucrats in charge there. Cold and heartless functionaries, they are not fit to serve people in a democracy.

The HSE bureaucrats running Thomastown have a brutally hard attitude towards the relatives of patients there, past and present. And this sad case once again bears all this out .

Thomastown HSE bureraucrats have been known to tell bare-faced lies about letters they say they sent out but never existed. They write the letters after the fact and say they sent them out when they never did - such letters are fake from the start. In fact what the Thomastown HSE bureaucrats are doing in respect of cover up is nothing short of criminal.

We know of lies they have told to the Ombudsman's office. Thomastown HSE are cold, brutal, inhuman and unfeeling bureaucrats. They should be fired and without pensions too for their callous disregard of their past patient's families, relations and friends. They should be taken out of their inhuman offices and flung out on the street for all the pain they have inflicted, and continue to do, on the families and relatives of their departed patients. Shame on them!

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Monday, 24 April 2017 22:13



When you are transferred up to the "Room at the Top" in the county home you're only going to leave in one way...sorry.

That's why I thought a graphic of Dracula's Castle is more apt than an actual photo of St. Columba's.

The so-called palliative suite is where they administer loads of morphine into you without extra oxygen supply, that hurries up the matter of your demise considerably.

They cut down on the water supply in another establishment, they all have their ways and means.

Whatever anybody may complain, the Kilkenny Journal does have a bounden duty to warn people to go to their solicitors and lay down legal orders that they must never be admitted to such palliative "care" centres - they "take care" of you alright, the last care you will ever need. The KJ genuinely writes and informs in the public interest, we don't make a red cent out of it or gain anything for ourselves. Journalism was never a profession, not at the pay you get out of it, it's a calling and callings never get paid much. Remould tyres if you want to make money in this world!

And this happened - a member of the Kilkenny Journal ( not the editor ) warned a terminal cancer patient who had cancer of the liver, , a good decent friend, a lovely fellow in palliative care who had been given a couple of weeks to live, to get out of there while he still could. Happily his sister listened and took him out forcibly against the hospital's wishes. They had been warned about the Morphine-Oxygen Trick. He lived a good two years at home in his own house where he had a good drink - despite the liver - in comfort every day as he bade goodbye to all his family and friends. He could not believe his luck in escaping from the county home and a certain death in two weeks . He finally died but I love to think that he got all that extra happy time because he high- tailed it out of the "hospital" concerned. He listened - and lived a fair bit more. |

My own GP could not contradict the facts I presented him with that there are at least three non-dangerous painkillers that are more powerful than Morphine, that won't cause death like Morphine is guaranteed to do , especially when administered without Oxygen. All he could repeat was that Morphine is "the gold standard" of pain relief , but I kept repeating obstinately as I could that Morphine is hardly a choice when it lands you two years earlier in the grave - as they would have done in that hospital-home to my old friend as I describe above.

I'd better shut up or they'll grab me, drag me out to Thomastown and perform the old Morphine-without-Oxygen trick on me. Bet they can hardly wait:-)

Vincent Browne is right when he says that longevity depends on what money you have to spend on a good long life. I had a millionairess great aunt over in Plymouth who lived to be 102. She never took a tablet in her life and died in her sleep. Mind you she never drank ( just an occasional drop of Sandeman Port ) and of course never smoked .

BTW the staff in Thomastown are wonderful, great friends amongst them, it's the higher echelons of the doctor, consultant and administrators that are warned about here. They used to have only an old fellow of a GP visiting Thomastown for a couple of hours daily to inject the latest victim above in "The Room at the Top" as it is fearfully known by all there. Don't know the arrangements today, scared stiff to go next or near the place to find out!

You could forgive anybody for thinking that there's a deliberate plot to finish off old folk fast in these "palliative care" joints. Saves hospital beds and cuts down on pensions. Are we becoming like the Eskimos who club their old folk to death, except we do it over a fortnight on Morphine without Oxygen. Ah what am I complaining about , it's probably a great way to go. But you'd still like to be told and have a bit of say in it, wouldn't you...

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Saturday, 13 May 2017 15:07


A death pathway system is now in operation in the palliative care suite of St. Columba's hospital, Thomastown, the old county home. The death pathway system is the norm for some years in the UK and the model is now in operation for Kilkenny people in Thomastown on the top floor of St. Columba's where elderly patients are being eased out of this life before their time by morphine pump administered without the regulatory Oxygen supply. 

St. Columba's is under the medical supervision of Dr. Paul Cotter of Bennettsbridge , consultant in geriatrics who is the director of elderly care in the Kilkenny HSE.  It is backed up by the HSE at Kilcreene including the head of the FOI office there, Liam Quirke. The FOI refuses access to the medical records of the deceased to their loved ones as a matter of policy , obviously to cover up the untimely deaths and the nature of such eased exits out of this existence.  Thomastown has no resident medical doctor.  Consultant Cotter is Cambridge educated in the UK where they practise such euthanasia as a matter of course.

Even the gardai can't gain access to vital records.  the Kilkenny Journal were told this by  a local detective who is concerned about the practices in the palliative care suit at the hospital and he had a concern for elderly people dying of morphine administered without the necessary Oxygen, as well as  a standard practice  cover-up by the HSE of the medical records. But the higher-up officers do not seem to have a concern so far, according to our garda informant. 

Such records are never to see the light of day. Of course if you're wealthy enough to afford Aut Even you need never worry about what's going on places like the county home where the fate of working class patients is determined. As Vincent Browne says , longevity belongs to the rich in Ireland. 

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Cardiac care for South East to be discussed at public meeting in Thomastown

The Irish Red Cross (Carlow Kilkenny) on The Parade, Kilkenny

It’s been organised by Kilkenny/Carlow Red Cross


Setting up a new Red Cross branch and positive ways to improve your health are among the topics up for discussion at an event locally this evening.

You’re being invited along to the Health and Wellbeing Evening in Thomastown Community Centre, which is being organised by the Kilkenny Carlow Red Cross.

Guest speaker, and retired consultant surgeon, Dr Patrick Condon will also be talking about the urgent need for 24/7 cardiac care in the South East.

Speaking to KCLR, Dr Condon says there are fears the 9 to 5 service that is available in the South East will soon be no more.


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