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Monday, 25th September 2017
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Fire investigation required - Noel Walsh just announced.

He went in and told the Bord Pleanala Inspector he was in favour of it, doing a U-Turn on the Walkin Street residents who had placed their faith in him.

Though he attended the residents' private meetings and assured them that he was against this development , Malcolm Noonan went in and stated the opposite to An Bord Pleanala, stating that he was in favour - subject to a few small conditions - of the Walkin Street high rise development.

Kathleen Funchion TD also said she was with the residents, attending their private meetings, but was nowhere to be seen when the chips were down.

John McGuinness attended the residents meetings but to no avail either. At least he didn't betray the residents' confidence like the other two. Andrew McGuinness fought honestly for the residents.

The residents fought sincerely and bravely and deserved at least to have the top floor chopped off this four storey that will be incongruous to the lovely surrounds of an old Kilkenny beauty spot.

Many of the apartments are required for immigrants and travellers so it was a hard one to tackle from the start, as they must be looked after as a priority, according to Noonan's Green Party and Funchion's Sinn Fein.

Local legal eagle Noel Walsh, the Peace Commissioner, did his level best for his fellow residents of this lovely old area of St. Mary's Parish. Alas it was not to be as the Inspector cited the massive housing needs of the city to support his decision.

Noel G. Walsh has commented that after the high rise tragedy in London you would have thought that An Bord Pleanala would have learned something, describing the development as a dangerous fire hazard, adding that he himself would only live on the ground floor.

And Noel has a point. We don't need to go the high rise direction in Ireland like the UK did as we have plenty of land for housing here and we should be stretching out the city rather than going up as in Walkin Street.

In view of this it's astonishing to see a Green Party councillor do a U-Turn in favour of high rise for this city as Councillor Noonan has now publicly done. Noel Walsh is right, we should be going out and not up in housing provision for Kilkenny.

A candidate for public office, the genial peace commissioner has stated that he wants a complete fire chief's report on the development from the high rise point of view. He told the Journal the residents are not finished yet, that the proposed high rise would constitute a serious fire hazard in their neighbourhood.
Well, you don't want to be in bed up on the fourth floor while yer man on the ground floor staggers into his pad on the first floor at one in the morning and tries drunkedly to put on the chip pan, do you...

Residents made numerous submissions opposing development, and handed in a petition



Noted Irish artist Ramie Leahy may have a valuable painting hanging in Kilkenny Garda Station, but that cut no ice with the police who moved him on from the Parade in the centre of Kilkenny city today at the behest of a local County Council official.

Ramie Leahy has reported that he and his fellow artists were forcibly moved on by a Kilkenny County Council official backed up by Gardai today.

This shows what we are saying all along here in the Kilkenny Journal is true, that the Council only cares for the moneymaking classical music side of the Festival above in Canice's cathedral but discriminates against the ordinary artists of Kilkenny.

Notice that there is not a TD nor a councillor in sight to protest against this high-handed action by officialdom.

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Ramie Leahy
9 hrs · Kilkenny · 

For my contribution as founder of Kilkenny Arts Festival painting on the Parade was asked to move by a staff member of Kk Co . When refused he called the Guards . ART IN KILKENNY ?

Friday, 11 August 2017 18:13




As the 2017 Kilkenny Arts Festival is launched at Butler House at 5.45 pm this evening, The Kilkenny Journal has accounts - proof that the sum of over three quarters of a million Euro is taken out of Kilkenny annually in private profits.

The money is taken by the directors , seven in all, who are basically self-appointed and self-perpetuating. They take advantage of a Victorian loophole in the law governing industrial provident societies to whip the money out of this city into private bank accounts.

The Arts Festival commenced as a genuine community initiative called the Kilkenny Arts Week but was transformed into the present Kilkenny Arts Festival to enable the seven committee members to become the seven directors of the new provident society that they established 17 years ago as an enabling legal mechanism to transfer the money out into their private domains.

This evening they are wining and dining amid all the politicians and media they have in thrall in Butler House - invitation only though the festival is supposed to be a strictly community based event.

The main features of the financing are huge grants from the Arts Council and County Council as well as an estimated 40,000 Euro profit for the week from the main music event in St. Canice's cathedral.

And with all this money drained out of Kilkenny annually there is nothing left, not a single sou for the genuine artists, writers and musicians of Kilkenny. Some of the more troublesome artists who might kick up are wined and dined throughout the week at lavish parties in city hotels and restaurants to keep them quiet , and ditto we are sad to say with the local media.

Once again this year this city is being robbed, it is being bled dry, and it's all done within the Law while young Arts Festival hosts and hostesses are made to feel that they are privileged to work for nothing and the real artists are thrown out to exhibit in the open in the "cardboard city" of the Mayors Walk.

We estimate that approximately £784,000 is thus disposed of annually and we will be making the accounts we have available over the weekend up here on The Kilkenny Journal, the only local media that gives the facts and tells the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, whatever they may say.

Pictured: Fergus Cronin, Kilkenny Arts Festival director - and director of four Kilkenny festivals, resident of Ranelagh, Dublin.

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Government intervention demanded!

by Michael McGrath

Staff at Winstons told The Kilkenny Journal this evening that the fabulous fashion and household store has just six weeks before it closes.

Management have made no statement at all so far.

The Kilkenny Journal feels therefore that intervention to save the classic city centre store should be made by the authorities now.

In particular we feel that local minister John Paul Phelan could have a role in garnering any possible State help and support.

If the government can afford four billions a year to finance mass immigration into the country then surely they can afford to intervene to save our city stores.

And they could certainly make a start by recalling the massive rates demands on city businesses!

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Thursday, 03 August 2017 05:58


Editorial by Michael McGrath.

Leo reveals his bad side, that kicks people when they're down.

Leo Varadkar tries to score brownie points in political correctness at the expense of an anguished crestfallen Kevin Myers, already down in the dumps and sleepless for two nights under the weight of all the heavy criticism. 
Shame on you, Taoiseach. And shame on your Tanaiste Frances Fitzgerald who made a kick at the hapless Myers too.

At least Kevin Myers is a working journalist, he works for his money and neither Leo nor Frances Fitzgerald would know much about that. 
Leo is only an ignorant man as compared to the power of Kevin Myers as a creative writer of the highest literary merit.

Kevin said nothing to and did nothing to Leo or his party, the IRA was always his legitimate target and he put himself at great risk there - he could have ended up another Veronica Guerin! 
Though he showed great personal principle in being the only journalist ever to resign from RTE in opposition to Section 31 of the Broadcasting Act that censored Sinn Fein/IRA.

In any case it is not the job of an Irish prime minister to denigrate a citizen like Kevin who commands the creativity and the power of literary Ireland. It is a clear breach of the protocol of his office.

All of this confirms that Leo is a sneak playing to the virtue signalling gallery of the false sentimentalists here, jumping on a bandwagon that he thought existed.

Kevin has acted the glorious fool and has apologised for it publicly over the media , but he is still entitled to the respect of his peers, or are we going to degenerate into a rabble condemning each other with all the nag nag that's part and parcel of political correctness - is that the Ireland that Leo aspires to?

More important is that the Ireland that Leo Varadkar prescribes for us? 
Because if it is there are many of us - the majority I well suspect - who want no part in it. 
Kevin Myers is an honourable man, an acknowledged journalist and writer, a gentleman and a scholar, none of which Varadkar will ever be if he goes on like this.

Myers will be remembered when Varadkar and all his ilk are turned to dust.

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Tuesday, 01 August 2017 17:03



Kilkenny Journal exclusive news.

Gardai say that young children must not see it as they pass by. 
Demonstrator leader Dr. Jean Engela counters that , "there will be less young children around with abortion!"

Director of the Irish Centre for Bioethical Reform, Dr. Jean Engela, pictured on the right.
[photo by ICBR]

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Two Garda  assail peaceful citizens in Kilkenny today - and rob them!

- Grotesque, Unique, Bizarre and Unprecedented police action.

These two burly-looking officers actually rob and take away private property in city centre in broad daylight!

Meanwhile animal killers and gangs who assault the elderly in Kilkenny are allowed to roam free.
Kilkenny Gardai assailed pro life activists in the streets of Kilkenny and took their referendum advertising material away. This was a high-handed action without the slightest provocation or legal cause.

Yet in the same week the same gardai refuse to deal with animal killers and torturers and fail to defend an elderly man attacked in broad daylight in the middle of the city by a gang of a dozen youths crazed on drink and drugs.

What is the world coming to when decent people, whether they be pro-life or pro-choice, no matter which, are prevented by the police from pursuing their legal political activity while criminals are at the same time allowed to operate freely without let or hindrance in our city?

What are the Gardai there for at all? In fact the animal rights activists are now saying that the gardai are afraid of the thugs who kill and maim animals and attack people in the city streets - and here we have the Gardai assailing innocent and decent citizens and depriving them unlawfully of their legal property for no reason whatsoever./

The Kilkenny Journal will be closely following up this bizarre behaviour by Kilkenny Gardai and will report further on this matter as we get more news and information in.

It's Garda bullying and State censorship gone mad!

Youth Defence

WATCH: Gardai seize and remove our pro-life boards in Kilkenny today despite a letter from the Director of Public Prosections saying we have a right to show the...

See more

Serious traffic concerns too.

The call to prayer will not be allowed at the proposed Kilkenny mosque, for which the land was bought this week.

Under precedent from the conditions of the Kerry mosque in Tralee no amplified call is allowed from a minaret or from anywhere within a mosque in urban Ireland.

This is to clarify a point that arose in the comments in our earlier report this week on the issue.


This article shows the conditions applicable that should all be similar in the case of the Kilkenny mosque.

Furthermore, according to some in the Kilkenny Islamic Community themselves a big problem could arise concerning traffic , especially on Fridays, the Islamic holy day of the week, with up to a hundred cars heading over there for worship.
But they believe that traffic problems can be ironed out with good planning of the orientation and exit/entry points and arrangements of the building from the drawing board stage. 
Traffic problems would be complicated with traffic pulling in and out of Aldi's across the road from the proposed new mosque.

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1,240 people reached
Monday, 17 July 2017 00:07


Exclusive report, The Kilkenny Journal
You read it here first!

The site for the Kilkenny Mosque has been chosen and bought for 300,000 Euro. The site is located across from St. Kieran's cemetery opposite the Aldi supermarket off the Hebron Road, Kilkenny.

Great praise is due to the local Islamic community in Kilkenny for raising the money themselves, with amounts of twenty grand flowing in from the wealthy professionals to lesser contributions from their own money from Moslems throughout Kilkenny.

The mosque itself has yet to be designed and could cost two or three million euro.

So far there have been protests against the mosques in Clonskeagh in Dublin, Cork and Killarney but this Kilkenny mosque is located in an industrial estate out of the city and off the beaten track so it should hardly bring any such controversy and construction should proceed normally after the granting of planning permission which seems likely to be granted in such an out-of-the-way area outside the city.

The area itself is in the vicinity of Pockocke House down from the Pockocke Bridge, named after Bishop Richard Pockocke who coincidentally travelled around and concerned himself mostly with the Middle East.

It will be a traditional mosque with minaret tower or towers for the calling to prayers five times throughout the twenty-four hours, with separate accommodations for the women as is the practice in all mosques. It should look quite majestic amid the Pockocke Valley.

The community says that the present house used as a mosque on the Freshford Road is too cramped for their growing community in Kilkenny , swelled by mass immigration and natural causes.

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Back in 2009 when he was Mayor of Kilkenny, Cllr. Malcolm Noonan called constituents KNOBHEADS publicly.

Now he has called an indeterminate number of Kilkenny people Racists!

Will his policy of housing certain people in old Council estates in Kilkenny, like Kennyswell, go against him now that serious crime has predictably followed such housing allocations where a young woman has been slashed all over her body, two old folk threatened in their own homes in attempted burglaries, with serious fighting and disorder breaking out, and a young horse whipped within an inch of its life in front of terrified youngsters? 
And now the killing of horses and dogs that he seems to belittle as of no consequence.

Do councillors like Noonan know more than David Cameron, Angela Merkel and former French President Sarcozy, all of whom have publicly stated that Multiculturalism/Diversity has failed. Sarcozy even expelled the Roma from France and now the UK leaves the EU over it. Europe is in turmoil and as a result we have Brexit threatening Ireland's economy.

Does Noonan not see any of this or is he too stubborn as a politician? Does he have a right to be so judgemental in calling an indeterminate number of local people names just because he feels that the pronouncements of some don't suit him, and isn't this the height of arrogance and even contempt for the local electorate?

Or is he right? Are the Kilkenny electorate knobheads and racists? After all they do elect politicians like himself.

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