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Monday, 24th July 2017
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Animal lovers called racists by councillor.

He levels accusations of racism against animal lovers because of their reactions.

Malcolm Noonan has issued a massive press statement, which we have read, on the horse maltreatment and killings recently to occur in Kilkenny.

It is a long and winding statement noted for its side-steps and prevarications.

Amid it all it appears that Malcolm does not accept that it is members of the travelling community in Kilkenny, and that community only, that is mistreating and killing the dogs and horses.

Related not an excuse ..

Instead, Councillor Noonan levels general and widespread accusations of racism against concerned animal lovers in Kilkenny. 
And although Malcolm is related by marriage into the traveller community he should never have allowed this fact to sway his judgement and colour his remarks.
We too here on the Kilkenny Journal have always supported the travelling community - over the past half century in fact, but we have never allowed that to affect our impartiality and objectivity in the face of public controversy.

Racists under the bed!

However we agree that great care must be observed in issuing statements of criticism and we must be circumspect with our language to ensure that innocent people - and the majority of the traveller community are innocent - are not blamed in the wrong. 
Widespread allegations of racism in retaliation - and from a councillor who should know better - are, we appreciate, intolerable to the animal lovers and horse defenders, but the Green Party has always seen racism all around and everywhere. And Councillor Noonan is no exception in this.
Better check under the bed, Malcolm!

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507 people reached

The Jury has spoken. Kilkenny has spoken.

It;s all over, bar the shouting, for Labour.

The jury has found against Burton and Labour now, how much lower can they go? 
And it's not just on the water charges, Labour is roaring for more mass immigration to be forced on Ireland, Labour has ceased representing the local labour force - houses are handed away and hospital wards chock-full because of Labour's bad planning in the last government, schools are bursting at the seams and we have to pay four billions a year to finance all the mass immigration they caused. Irish workers are being forced out in droves, while wages and standards collapse.
The Labour Party is become a curse on Ireland offering only hardship to the Irish people. 
News this lunchtime is that Italy wants to stop mass immigration, Europe and Ireland can't take any more and yet Labour doesn't learn and at this rate they never will. All Howlin can do is call everybody racists, that's no way to represent people in the national parliament.

Happily here in Kilkenny city Labour is wiped out without a single representative and more happily they don't look like coming back. Former Labour politicians would want to make up their minds on their futures today, now that the jury has spoken. Nobody in KIlkenny will make it in Labour after their two county councillors are gone.

It's the same for the couple of Labour activists left, they have no future in politics now. Going since 1912 the party looks finally over. This is the final cap on a stunning defeat, it's all over, bar the shouting, for the Irish Labour Party.

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017 03:36


Nice photo, very colourful, I can see some friends of mine in this large group.
But surely this photo shows that we have an overflow of immigrants from the Middle East as matters stand, and at a cost of 4 Billions a year on our National Debt borrowing we have to seriously pause to consider if perhaps we can afford any more new arrivals, if it is economically viable anymore to bring in such huge numbers here, many unskilled, mostly young men when we have a report today of great concern from the National Youth Council at the great number of our young people unemployed in Carlow-Kilkenny.

Emigration to the USA is dried up so we are now experiencing the unemployed remaining here at home. Australia is no longer keen on admitting large numbers either. And with Brexit looming we have a Great Unknown situation looming ahead. 
Perhaps it's time that Fine Gael stopped the mass immigration programme it commenced with Labour under Alan Shatter six years ago in view of the new impending situation of complete uncertainty that this country now faces on the economic front. 
Lovely photo, as we say, nice to have our friends here, but even some of those friends we see in the photo are telling us that enough is enough as they face fierce competition for housing, business and jobs themselves.

Hundreds of members of the local Islamic community gathered to celebrate the end of Ramadan on Sunday morning. After thirty days and nights of fasting it was time…


Wednesday, 28 June 2017 01:59



The new mayor of Kilkenny city is 38-year-old Inistioge councillor, Michael Doyle. He was elected unopposed at the annual meeting of the Kilkenny municipal district of the county council last evening in City Hall.

In a poignant touch, he remembered the late Denis Byrne, who passed away early this month and was the last Town Sergeant of the city, after Councillor Andrew McGuinness had publicly mourned his loss.

The new mayor also recalled the passing of his grandfather, Mick, earlier in the year.

He promised to be honest and forthright in all his dealings and in an unprecedented move asked the new minister with responsibility for local government, John Paul Phelan (who attended the election), to reinstate the Borough Council in the city and to introduce a directly elected mayor for Kilkenny city to be elected by all the people.

Cllr Doyle is a care assistant at the Abbey Nursing home and said that during his term of office, he would be highlighting the work carers do in and out of the home and in places like the retirement home where he works.
He condemned the sulkies menace and the ill-treatment of and killings of horses in Kilkenny.

Cllr Doyle is married to Becky and the couple have two children, Sean (8) and Katie (5).

He received the chain of office from outgoing mayor, Cllr Patrick O'Neill, who himself was elected deputy mayor, defeating Sinn Fein councillor David Kennedy on the vote.

Councillor Doyle was proposed by Cllr. David Fitzgerald FG and seconded by Cllr. Joe Malone FF.

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250th Anniversary of The Kilkenny Journal.

The Kilkenny Journal would be 250 years old this year. It was always a nationalist newspaper championing Ireland and the Irish Nation and we see no reason to change that.

Rather that is more important than ever in today's Ireland as Irish people are homeless in the streets, or threatened with homelessness even here in Kilkenny. The last time this little city of ours saw such homelessness was in the Famine years.

Mass immigration has brought about a woeful shortage of hospital beds and many Irish people are dying for want of care, procedures and operations.

It appears that native politicians and political parties have become as insensitive to the sufferings of the Irish as the British were. There's not a lot of difference.

Sadly there's nothing to celebrate for our anniversary. However there's the fact that the old paper came back to life in online format and that the old country is not sunk entirely yet, and that another generation of Irish may arise some day to take our country back. 
Let us keep on working hard towards that noble aim and dedicate our lives to the Cause of the Irish once more.

Photo: The former Kilkenny Journal office as it is in Patrick Street today.

Michael McGrath, 
The Kilkenny Journal newspaper, 
Patrick Street, Kilkenny 1964.

[Proprietor Billy Kenealy, Editor Tim Donovan, Manager Brian Kenealy]

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John Wilson - "Eastern European Gangs operating in Ireland without any fear"

In this Video , Garda Whistleblower John Wilson says in 2004 , Ireland became a dumping ground for Eastern European Criminals . Today Russian and Eastern European Mafia operate in Ireland without any fear of being caught by the Gardai . 
Speaking at a National Party Event In Dundalk on the topic of mass Migration , law and order and Extremism he says  

In Ireland we must accept everybody , we must accept every scrounger , every criminal , every murderer , every robber , every rapist and by the way thats not an exaggeration , some very evil people have travelled into this country over the last number of years , any attempt to debate these issues are shut down by our media , nobody wants to engage in any proper debate , when somebody does raise the issue they are labelled racist , for such a well educated people we are very very stupid and dumb in this area  

In relation to syrian refugees , he says that despite reassurances from the Minister for Justice that these people will be properly vetted , there is actually no way the gardai can know if these people have extremist tendencies and added that the Gardai have no idea of whats going on within the muslim community or polish community here in Ireland . 



Right the hot temperatures of the past couple of days were hardly caused by the climate staying the same!

This is part of the propaganda series of films that BBC News calls news. It reports on the first few days of heat we got since last year and hails it as 100% evidence of climate change "due to Carbon increase" - though nobody has measured or found any Carbon Dioxide increase in the past few days!

The past few days were the only hot days we got so far this year, and these couple of days are supposed to prove their precious climate change according to Carbon Dioxide increase - what outlandish cheek , no logically-minded person would accept such outrageous statements classified as News by the BBC . Indeed here you see the real Fake News being manufactured and targeted at us on mainstream media TV.

Incidentally I remember scorching summers back in the Fifties & Sixties, over a half century ago. You don't get summers as hot as those anymore.

Today it's back to a coolish day in the shades and indoors, a very normal Summers day. I see that the BBC have taken down their propaganda film which is only played on the hottest days. People can easily be fooled, the BBC well knows and plays upon, as T.P. Barnum says , "There's one born every minute".

Climate is actually caused by varying solar activity on the surface of the sun interacting with where you are positioned on the Earth. And we mere humans have no control whatsoever over such cosmic cataclysmic reactions.

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Kilkenny TD, John Paul Phelan gets key junior ministry

Kilkenny Deputy John Paul Phelan has been appointed a junior minister in the new Fine Gael led government, it was revealed this afternoon.

He will be based in the Department of Housing and Local Government and will have specific responsibility for local authorities.

He intends to make a number of sweeping changes including bringing back autonomy for towns and cities over 10,000 in population.

This means Kilkenny city will once again have a mayor elected by the people living in the city.

It will do away with the current system where people representing other parts of the county are eligible to be the First Citizen of the city.

He will also have to grapple with the ongoing fall-out from the boundary issue between Waterford and Kilkenny.

He intends taking a full look at the structure of local government and he will soon have a report on proposed changes to local authority areas.

His appointment was ratified at this morning's Cabinet meeting.

Deputy Phelan is from Tullogher and is 38 years of age.

He attended Listerlin primary school and Good Counsel secondary school in New Ross before graduating from WIT as a secondary school teacher. He is also a qualified barrister.

His first call after receiving the news of his promotion was to his mother Mary. His father Jimmy died around a decade ago.

Monday, 19 June 2017 18:26



John Paul Phelan is tipped to get a junior ministry in the Housing/Local Government area in the Custom House tomorrow. This is the word around the local media and we think it came from the Dublin media.

Taoiseach Leo is media friendly so what he thinks tends to make it into the papers. ...

See more
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No dole for Roma. 
Councillor Stephen Geary is becoming a national hero for his patriotic stand.  

Less dole under Leo!

It appears that the Limerick councillor, Stephen Geary,  spoke on economic rather than racial grounds , if you examine his argument closely.

And we have to examine all such allegations of racism closely - indeed such allegations should be put to the courts for examination in depth.

And there is already a precedent for paying a different social welfare rate where half the dole is paid to young people. But that happens so as to help pay the immigrants!
So differing welfare rates could be the answer here where welfare rates corresponding to those available in an immigrant's own country could be paid. 
But any proposals must be based on economic and financial grounds. And nobody should have an automatic entitlement to the full dole package unless they have worked in the past at some stage or other in this country. That is the situation in countries like Spain and Portugal in opulent Western Europe.

Indeed in many EU countries you don't get any welfare unless you have sufficient employment stamps. To receive the full dole surely an applicant must have worked some time in some EU country? Surely that should be the relevant qualification?

The Irish have never just gone over and collected the dole in the UK, contrary to popular belief that has never happened. Irish applicants got a much smaller rate of "National Assistance". And they never got any council houses either! Also there's no dole to collect either on landing at Kennedy in the USA. Australia won't let you in if they suspect you're there for the dole, in fact you have to have thousands in the bank to get in. Canada and New Zealand are the same.

And we know an Irishman escorted to the border by the Polizei in Germany for collecting the dole there for three months. He was ordered out by the German dole office, to his amazement. That would never happen here, but try and get the dole in other countries and see what happens - it's an education in itself.

In fact we understand that according to the regulations the dole must not be paid for the first two years a person is in this country, that is the law.

So we think that this "storm in a tea cup" can be sorted on the basis of existing social protection legislation. In fact it's really up to the officials who seem to be generous to a fault in spending our money in this matter.

The bottom line is that we have to realise that mass immigration is costing this country four billions a year, and much as our officials may want to help, this figure has to be brought down significantly , and Leo Varadkar obviously realises this, if we are not to face another financial crisis.

The new Taoiseach is noted as a parsimonious fellow who does not believe in the dole. His recent actions concerning the dole show this to be the case. But then he is highly experienced in social protection, more than any other Taoiseach has been on assuming office. Drinking the dole every week, as we see going on around us every dole day, is no longer acceptable either. As Leo says, they'll have to get up early in the morning now that he's at the helm.

We can tell you here and now that there are going to be big changes under Leo in social welfare in this country. You no longer have a liberal like Enda Kenny concerned for his own popularity, you have a serious conservative at the helm now and it's no harm at all if this country is to get back to living within its means. 
Nobody will starve under Leo - but there's going to be a lot less dole cash around if he has his way. And who can disagree with that?

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has been urged to condemn “racist” comments made by a Fine Gael councillor.


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