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Sunday, 28th May 2017
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Friday, 26 May 2017 19:38



Multi million euro development in Castlecomer gets go-ahead


A multi million euro project in Castlecomer has been given the green light.

Plans to develop the old Avalon hotel were referred to An Bord Pleanála who have now decided the project can go ahead.

New owner Joe Comerford plans to spend more than 5 million on the development which will see a 39 bedroom hotel and a function room to cater for 200 people.

Councillor Maurice Shortall this could be hugely positive for the town with the construction phase alone set to provide a large number of jobs. The beautifully situated hotel was formerly owned by the popular Willie Coogan and his family. 

Friday, 26 May 2017 18:41


You never crossed an old Filidh of Ireland for fear of the verse he would create against you and your descendants  and Ned Egan is such a bard. Ned maintains he is unfairly barred off the air by John Purcell and John Masterson since the station started, as you will read herein as they say in Court - and there's talk of court too. 

The Kilkenny Journal sees the righteousness of Ned's case. We have known John Purcell's family for years and they are all honest people, as is John himself. We think that Ned is referring to the broadcasting licence here when he says that John "stole". John Purcell never stole anything in his life, no matter what anybody may say otherwise about him, and though we don't know John Masterson personally, and little about him, there is no evidence that he was ever involved in any criminal activity either. 

Rather the Kilkenny Journal would find fault with KCLR , as well as the local weekly newspaper "The Kilkenny People" that they have sold out the old traditional values of Ireland in encouraging mass immigration , abortion and gombeen politicians in their news coverage and comment programs - but we don't see the new community radio as going to be any better if we are to go by their trial broadcasts. The fact is that the people cannot trust the media anymore , whether local or national, as they are all part and parcel of a national sell-out just as the same forces in Irish society took part back in the day in the great national sell-out of the Act of Union of 1801 - from which the country as a whole has never recovered. And you could say the same about former plantations of Ireland too, under Elizabeth and Cromwell , as today they have brought in nigh on a million immigrants to replace the Irish driven out . It is population replacement all over again, somehow the Irish never seem to fit into their own country or be let to do. And you only have to listen to John Masterson's programmes to know he is pushing all this ill and injustice on Ireland. 

Here Ned Egan's publicist takes the story over: 

"Mullinavat based poet/novelist/songwriter Ned Egan has launched his

long awaited literary onslaught on KCLR. In a ferocious, shocking but
stylistically pleasing critique, Ned has laid bare his grievance with
the radio station via his Facebook page and other social media. Using
an incisive combination of prose and poetry, the popular scribe has
taken on some powerful names in the broadcasting business.

Ned’s main issue is that he was unfairly barred from being
interviewed, or even mentioned, on the station since it started
broadcasting to Counties Kilkenny and Carlow.

Speaking last night from his exotic Base of Operations in the wilds of
rural South Kilkenny, Ned warned: “This is only the beginning. I will
not rest until I have driven the slithery serpents and their cohorts
from their elaborate snake nest on the Dublin Road. Purcell and
Masterson must go. They have tormented the people of Carlow/Kilkenny
for too long, but now the suffering listeners, with my help and
support, will cast off this yoke of poor journalism, inferior hurling
analysis, bogus counseling palaver, and horrible song choices.”

Ned expressed satisfaction with Sue Nunn’s Return to KCLR to host an
evening show, but is still aggrieved by Sue’s refusal to allow him
access to the airwaves during her tenure as uncrowned Princess of both
KCLR and the old Pirate radio station KCR.

Ned says he has been inundated with messages of support following his
scathing attack on the station. “It’s heartening” he enthuses, “and
confirms me in my belief that I will win the battle and banish the
proverbial snakes, as our great Patron Saint did in the days long
before Facebook with only a big stick. My stick is bigger and more
robust, studded with razor sharp thorns and mightier than a bishop’s
crozier. Armed with a rugged truth and a keen appreciation of art and
music, I will hunt the hissers from their pit!”

Here is the full text of Ned Egan’s jaw-dropping Facebook critique of KCLR:
The below {at end of lead-in few words} is a late entrant to the
tragic Po-Etry comp run by Kookie Cnuts Louts Ratshitz. The alleged
radio station.

Yep, the one Purse stole from the good old KCR – a true Community Radio.
Purse robbed it so that he could spout his sludge at will, and add
even more loot
to what he had – which – on the evidence of his KCR Robbery – he
probably stole as well.

One of the legal definitions of thievery is “the taking of property
without the consent of the rightful owner.” And KCR sure didn’t

Sue Nun jumped ship as well, thereby betraying her old KCR comrades.

Anyone who saw my little pals “The Mystery Girls” singing “Bring back
Sue Nunn” were no doubt confounded
when they discovered it was only a prank to annoy the two morons in KCLR.

What I objected to was the fact that Sue was sacked from her “morning
chair” after taking leave to look after her
terminally ill husband. An act of love – for which the two horrible
robbing wretches sacked her.

Having done that, they put themselves outside the accepted civilised
tenets which states that a grieving spouse be granted respect and
honour. Words that Master{bate}son and profiteer PurseSell couldn’t
even spell. Two dire tramps, hyenas, snakes, lugs, with the combined
intellectuality of a tadpole. I didn’t want Sue back because of her
journalistic skills – which are patently non-existent. I wanted her
back because no woman should bi ill-treated as she was.

The horrible gangster Purse – also the scented Suzie - barred me from
the daytime air of KCLR these twenty years. Purse threatened to sue me
once when I drove a van with “Sack Sue Nunn” on it around Kilkenny,
some years ago. Where’s your Shylock bastards now, Judas John? Send
them down to me; you know where I am – Mullinavat will get me.

An excellent Sunday Times journalist was warned by Masterbate {for
short} that he would sue her “if she even mentioned the rift with
Suzie.} She had to back off. I don’t blame her. She has a house and
career – MasterBate and Porky Purse would soon have those gone. Now,
come on you serpents, you sick brutes – SUE ME! Get your horrid
lawyers onto me! I’ll have some fun in court with those fuckers!

And I have one big advantage over the other people who would confront
you, if they could. What’s my advantage? I have no house to lose, and
I don’t give a shite about you two thugs. Master{bate}son writes for
the Indo. The paper which will not even accept a letter from me. Now I
know why – it’s Master{bate}son. What harm but he couldn’t write a
shopping list.

I have written four hundred pages in local papers over the years. Any
one page of mine is better than any single thing the tainted
chair-robber has ever turned out.

Now, I’m going to try and run you two fuckers out of Kilkenny broadcasting.
And I’ll do it with words, probably limericks.

Because I have a huge edge on you hoodlums: I can write.
And won’t you ever find that out.

Get out you skunks, you robbers, you woman-haters, you dirty verminous dogs.
Remember, Pricko Purse, when you were on TV last year, slouching on a
seat, shoving your filthy old crotch at the camera? The only thing you
could come up with was “I don’t like Social Media.”

Thank God for it – otherwise you’d get away with your filth. Aye,
lolling about you were, like one of those dreary sealions who hang
about rocky shores in mobs, having sex with seagulls or stones or
anything at all that looks better than another frightfully ugly

I’d swear you were wearing a codpiece. You probably need one.
Three cheers for Face Book! {Cripes, that’s enough for tonight!}

Zee saga of Two-Bumz PurseSell!
One night a tired young lad from Kells,
Was resting on his bunk,
He sniffed: “Are those recycled smells -
From Smithwicks I have sunk?
“I’m wrong! That’s no organic pong
What make’s me heart near halt -
Tis K C L Rat bag-O’Dungs’s
Purse Poser’s Air Assault!”
John-Jennet PurseSell with his pair
Of bums kicked off this stink,
If you say ‘shite can’t fly on air’ -
Just have another think!
Two bums patrol – from rear to poll -
J’s porcine sixteen stone,
And methane rolls out of each hole
Straight down the microphone.
Young Mick lay there, in innocence,
With hopes of being enthralled,
Instead, ‘On Air’ came excrescence -
{Latrines had sure been trawled}
Though Mick had thought - in his wee bed -
He’d nothing left to fear,
Kay Clown L Rat got in his head -
And shat right in his ear!
O Me O My! foul sewage pie,
Stuck to Mick’s ear’s wee drums,
Coz this John-Jennet Purse-Sell guy
Had emptied both his bums -
Which filled Mick’s brain with brownish smuts -
His cranium with shite
{The orifice behind P’s nuts
Was working well that night.}
Purse stole {then} KCR one day,
Because he had the cash,
He filched the means to get on air -
To use that fearsome Gash -
By ‘Gash’ I mean that great ravine
Between his conk and chin -
{Where vents a foul putrescent pig
Who’d tumbled arseways in.}
Olè! For verbal diarrhoea!
Out on the Carlow Road,
If you perchance should wander past
That odorous abode,
Just duck and dodge, avoid the sludge,
And hope that you’re in luck,
And if that fails just lift your tails -
And simply run like fuck!

Ned Egan, Mullinavat

Wednesday, 24 May 2017 04:20



Gardaí in Kilkenny appeal for witnesses to violent assault


Gardaí in Kilkenny appeal for witnesses to violent assault

Gardaí in Kilkenny are appealing for witnesses to a violent assault in the city centre in the early hours of Monday morning.

The victim was set upon and viciously beaten by the perpetrator in the unprovoked attack at approximately 2.30am in the John Street area of the city.

He was rushed to St Luke's Hospital where he was treated for facial injuries. He also sustained dental injuries, including three broken teeth in the assault.

Gardaí are examining CCTV footage and are appealing to any witnesses to come forward. Anyone with information can contact Kilkenny gardaí on (056) 777 5000.


Vintage crossing

Cathaorileach Matt Doran, Kilkenny CEO Colette Byrne and Mayor Pat O'Neill cross St Francis Bridge.

St Francis bridge in Kilkenny has now officially been opened.


For the last week, pedestrian and motorists have been crossing the bridge - part of the new Central Access Scheme- but from today, the 118 metre structure is now officially open.

Cathaoirleach Matt Doran unveiled a plaque marking the occasion. The Mayor told the Kilkenny Journal that there was only one protester present shouting abuse, that neither Cllr. Malcolm Noonan nor any of the other protesters turned up. The Mayor was delighted with the way the event went off. 


The local TD says its not something he’s discussed with Leo Varadkar.


Deputy John Paul Phelan is playing down rumours that there is a cabinet seat with his name on it should Leo Varadkar become the next Taoiseach. However he wouldn't mind to get Minister for Housing, Planning  and Local Government where he could make his name. 

The Carlow Kilkenny Deputy is hotly tipped to get a Ministerial portfolio and admits he would be honoured if it does happen.

He is the prime supporter of Leo Varadkar for Taoiseach. 

But he says its not something he’s discussed with Leo Varadkar.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017 18:03



13 year old knocked down in Mooncoin

The child has been removed by ambulance to Waterford University hospital as a precautionary measure


A 13 year old child was knocked down in Mooncoin this morning.

Emergency services were called to the scene before 10am.

The child has been removed by ambulance to Waterford University hospital as a precautionary measure but any injuries are said to be ‘non life-threatening’.

Gardai say the road there is clear again.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017 18:03



13 year old knocked down in Mooncoin

The child has been removed by ambulance to Waterford University hospital as a precautionary measure


A 13 year old child was knocked down in Mooncoin this morning.

Emergency services were called to the scene before 10am.

The child has been removed by ambulance to Waterford University hospital as a precautionary measure but any injuries are said to be ‘non life-threatening’.

Gardai say the road there is clear again.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017 17:37



Turmoil in Kilkenny Fianna Fail as party HQ allows Patrick Back. 

RENUA's Patrick McKee pictured during the KCLR Election debate in February 2016. Photo: Ken McGuire/KCLR

The KILKENNY JOURNAL  understands that the party HQ’s Committee of Rules and Procedures accepted Patrick McKee back into Fianna Fail last week.


There’s turmoil in Fianna Fail over the return of councillor Patrick McKee.

Long serving members of the board of Kilkenny Fianna Fail resigned last night while six councillors are threatening to do likewise. "G.I. Joe" Malone was red-faced and furious in High Street as he heard the news of McKee being allowed back into the party, Council chairman Matt Doran wasn't too happy either while cursing and swearing could be heard emanating from O'Loughlin Road. Bobby Aylward didn't mind one way or the other. 

They’re said to be unhappy that the party has ignored their wishes after they voted to reject Councillor McKee’s application to return to their group on the council.
But the KILKENNY JOURNAL  understands that the party HQ’s Committee of Rules and Procedures accepted Patrick McKee back into Fianna Fail last week.


Manchester terror attack: man arrested in connection with suicide bombing

Children among 22 fatalities in explosion at packed Ariana Grande concert

Twenty-two people have been killed and more than 50 have been injured in a terror attack at Manchester Arena. The explosions happened at 10.30pm on Monday night, after a concert by the US singer Ariana Grande. Video: Reuters


A 23-year-old man has been arrested in the south of the city in connection with the Manchester bomb attack, Greater Manchester Police have said.

The news came shortly after Theresa May, the British prime minister, said UK police and security services believe they know the identity of the suicide bomber who killed at least 22 people, including children, and injured 59 more at the pop concert by Ariane Grande.

His bomb exploded in the foyer of Manchester Arena shortly after 10.30pm on Monday, as 21,000 fans were leaving the venue. Manchester’s chief constable, Ian Hopkins, said the man was acting alone and was “carrying an improvised explosive device, which he detonated, causing this atrocity”.

What we know so far

– At least 22 people, some of them children, killed in the bombing

– Attacker died after detonating “improvised explosive device”

– No reports of Irish among dead or injured

– Worst terrorist attack in the UK since 2005 London bombings

– First victim named as Georgina Callander, an 18-year-old student


Witnesses said the blast prompted a stampede as the concert ended at Europe’s largest indoor arena. “We ran, and people were screaming around us and pushing on the stairs to go outside, and people were falling down, girls were crying, and we saw these women being treated by paramedics having open wounds on their legs . . . It was just chaos,” said Sebastian Diaz, a 19-year-old fan. “It was literally just a minute after it ended. The lights came on, and the bomb went off.”

First victim

The first victim has been named as Georgina Callander, an 18-year-old student in the second year of a health and social-care course at Runshaw College, in Lancashire. “Our deepest sympathies, thoughts and prayers go out to all of Georgina’s family, friends, and all of those affected by this loss”, the college said.

Ambulance crews make their way to Manchester Arena after major incident. Several injuries being treated and police cordon in place.

Sacred Heart College Omagh has confirmed that a group on a trip to a Manchester are safe at a hotel outside the area of tonight's incident.

An A&E doctor at Manchester Royal Infirmary said many consultants came in unprompted during the night to help deal with what appeared to be a roughly equal number of child and adult casualties. The injuries ranged from “major trauma” to cuts and scratches, he said.

Hundreds of parents, relatives and friends are searching for loved ones. Anyone in Ireland with concerns for family and friends can contact the consular division of the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin on 01-4082000. In the UK an emergency helpline, 00-161-8569400, has been set up.

Facebook has activated its safety-check feature, so people can let loved ones know they are safe. The #MissingInManchester hashtag is being used on Twitter. Families and friends are asking people to retweet and share photographs, in the hope of finding people who are still missing.

Earlier, police evacuated the area around the Arndale shopping centre, in the centre of Manchester, and widened the area cordoned off after Monday night’s suicide bombing. One witness told the BBC he heard shots. “People were running as police told them to keep moving,” one of the broadcaster’s reporters, at Exchange Square in Manchester, said. A man has been arrested at the centre in connection with that alert, which is not now believed to be linked to the bombing.

Ariana Grande: the suicide bomber struck just after her concert ended. Photograph: Chad Batka/New York TimesAriana Grande: the suicide bomber struck just after her concert ended. Photograph: Chad Batka/New York Times

Leaders respond

As police sought to establish if the attacker was part of a broader network, the British prime minister, Theresa May, called a meeting of the government’s emergency committee, Cobra. Speaking outside 10 Downing Street after the meeting, before travelling to Manchester, she said: “All acts of terrorism are cowardly . . . but this attack stands out for its appalling, sickening cowardice, deliberately targeting innocent, defenceless children and young people who should have been enjoying one of the most memorable nights of their lives.”

It was the worst terrorist incident in Britain since the 2005 London suicide bombings, in which 52 people died. The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said security is being stepped up in the UK capital; the Metropolitan Police has confirmed that more officers are being deployed in London.

UK political parties have suspended campaigning for next month’s general election.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny said: “The city of Manchester has exceptionally close ties with our country, and I extend the solidarity of the Irish Government and all our people to those affected across the UK.”

A vigil will be held at 6pm on Tuesday in Albert Square, Manchester.

“Shrapnel-like injuries”

Victims are believed to have been injured by nails or screws, and witnesses reported nuts and bolts strewn around the floor of the foyer, as well as the smell of explosives. Paramedics told the BBC they had treated some of the wounded for “shrapnel-like injuries”.

Sixty ambulances were sent to the arena; they transferred casualties to hospitals around Greater Manchester.

Manchester Arena: blast is thought to have occurred in the area connecting the venue and railway stationManchester Arena: blast is thought to have occurred in the area connecting the venue and railway station

Manchester Victoria railway station, which is connected to the arena, was evacuated, and all trains have been cancelled for the day.

More than 400 police have been deployed in the city, with a visible presence remaining on its streets on Tuesday.

Islamic State

Chris Phillips, a former head of UK counter-terrorism security, told the BBC the attack had been carried out “quite professionally” and warned it was “potentially not yet over”. He said: “I would be very surprised if there was only one suicide belt, I would be very surprised if only set of explosives was used, and certainly I’d be really surprised if only one person was involved.”

US officials drew parallels to the co-ordinated attacks in November 2015 by Islamist militants on the Bataclan concert hall and other sites in Paris, which claimed about 130 lives.

Britain is on its second-highest alert level of “severe”, meaning an attack by militants is considered highly likely. British counter-terrorism police have said they are making on average an arrest every day in connection with suspected terrorism.

In March a British-born convert to Islam ploughed a car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge in London, killing four people before stabbing to death a police officer outside parliament. The man was shot dead at the scene.

In 2015 a Pakistani student, Abid Naseer, was convicted in a US court of conspiring with al-Qaeda to blow up the Arndale shopping centre, in the centre of Manchester, in April 2009.

Additional reporting: Guardian and agencies

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