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Some 21 percent of those of us who live in Dublin city aren’t white Irish or white Irish Traveller. That’s according to the 2011 census. Today, it’s probably more.

We can be Somali or Brazilian or Polish or Vietnamese. We can be “immigrants” or “foreigners” or “non-nationals”.

But we can never really be Irish, because “Irish” is an ethnicity as well as a citizenship, and we can’t change our blood, even if we change our citizenship.

Does this mean we’re not welcome in Ireland? Does it mean we’re welcome here, but only as guests? Or is it irrelevant?

Citizenship and Blood

In many countries, the word for a citizen is not the same as the word for the largest ethnic group.

People who live in India can call themselves Indians, whether they are ethnically Tamil or Bengali or Marathi. People in Pakistan can be Pakistani, whether they are Pashtun or Punjabi or Sindhi.

People in Britain can be British, whether they are ethnically Irish or Welsh or Scottish. People in America can be American whether they are Irish or Tamil or Punjabi.

Yes, people have layers of identity, so they can be both Irish and American, or both Punjabi and Pakistani. And yes, identities are often contested: there are those who will say their neighbours are not “real” Indians or Americans or Brits.

But at least in these — and many other — countries, the language exists to bring everyone together under one linguistic umbrella, if people are willing to use it.

And in Britain, for example, amid this post-Brexit madness when English racists are telling British people with Asian or Polish heritage to “go home”, at least they can say, “I am home. I’m British, you fuckwit.”

This is not the case in Ireland. (Or Germany or France or a host of other countries.)

For someone from Brazil who settles in Ireland and starts a business and becomes a citizen and has kids here, there is no word that marks them as part of the community of Ireland.

They cannot say, “I am home. I’m Irish.” They can never be Irish, the way that identity is now understood.

They’re Brazilian right? Or an immigrant? Or a fucking foreigner? There is no such thing as Irelandish or Irelandan or Irelandi that they can add to their other layers of identity.

“We don’t have the language legally, we don’t have the language politically and I don’t think we even have the imagination to talk about Irishness outside of a very narrow definition,” said Mary Gilmartin a senior lecturer at Maynooth University who has studied migration to and from Ireland.

“There’s no room for hybrid identities, and Irishness is very associated with whiteness,” she said.

This is an issue Abeeha Tariq wrote about in a recent article for the website Headstuff titled “The Unbearable Whiteness of Being (Irish)”.

“I definitely think it’s true that we don’t really have the language to match the changing nature of ‘being Irish’ and new Irish communities,” she told me.

Language and Integration

Some of you may think this is just fine, that this is the way it ought to be, that if we newcomers don’t like it, we can go back home. Love it or leave it, baby.

For those of you, though, who welcome immigration, or at least are resigned to it as a fact of twenty-first-century life, I invite you to consider whether this limitation of our language might cause problems in future. Or whether it is a symptom of a national attitude towards integration that might cause problems later.

Whatever your view on it, Ireland is going to have to come to terms with its growing population of newcomers in one way or another.

In 1990, only 6.5 percent of the people in Ireland had not been born here, according to the UN’s Population Division. That rose to 10.1 percent in 2000, 12.7 percent in 2010 and 15.9 percent in 2013.

That puts Ireland 59th on the UN’s list of 232 places. For comparison, that’s above both the US (68th, with 14.2 percent) and the UK (75th at 12.4 percent), but below Canada (51st at 20.7 percent).

But the share of the population of some Dublin neighbourhoods is much higher than any of these. My neighbourhood, for example.

There were 3,969 people “usually resident” in my neighbourhood around Camden Street (CSO area ED 02146) at the 2011 census; 1,865 (47 percent) were not ‘White Irish” or “White Irish Traveller”; and 1,683 (42 percent) were not born in Ireland.

Or, to put it another way, 47 percent of us (including 5 percent who were born here) are not Irish and can never be Irish, the way it’s currently defined. We will always be reminded, even if in a friendly way, that we aren’t really part of this place: we are immigrants or foreigners, Algerians and Lithuanians.

I believe this has an effect on whether we are involved and engaged citizens, contributing to our city — or minding our own business in case we try to participate in public life and an ethnically Irish person tells us to stop meddling because it’s not our country. (That’s something that has happened to me, and will likely happen again, in response to this column.)

How many of the 63 Dublin City Councillors are not white Irish? None that I am aware of. How many journalists and activists and community leaders in the city are not white Irish? Very few.

This is understandable. If you’re a guest in a place, it’s safest to act grateful and be polite and smile a lot and avoid complaining.

But do we really want such a large percentage of Dublin’s residents to continue to feel like guests? To never feel quite at home here?

If this deters them from rolling up their sleeves, getting involved and making the city a better place — what a waste of energy and ideas and talent that would be.

What’s to Be Done?

“There’s a politics of evasion or erasure in terms of immigrants in Ireland,” Gilmartin says.

There was a time in the 2000s, when there was a concerted push by the national government to recognize and work to integrate the newcomers who arrived during the Celtic Tiger, she says. But then the crash came, and the focus shifted.

Now there’s little being done by government to promote integration, Gilmartin says. And newcomers are either keeping out of the public sphere or being kept out.

Look at our Dublin TDs and Dublin City Councillors. Look at our media, our business leaders, our activists. Do they look like Dublin in 2016? They don’t look like my neighbourhood.

Gilmartin argues that “any national identification, any ethnic identification is always changing”. But with newcomers keeping their heads down, staying out of the spotlight, there’s little need for Irish identity to broaden to include us.

Irish Soon Facing Ethnic Extinction

November 13, 2016

(left, Ireland doesn't look like this anymore.)
 Last year Merkel and her fellow Rothschild shills opened the gates of continental Europe to millions of "refugees", but successive Irish governments had beaten them to it.
Jude Duffy asseses the 
legacy of two decades of traitorous "leaders."
( Disclaimer-  Immigration should be governed by national interests, not the agenda of Masonic Jewish banker world tyranny.] 

"Like his fellow Zionist advocates of open borders for Ireland, [Alan Shatter's] enthusiasm for immigration to Ireland is only matched by his support for an Israeli state which imprisons and deports African asylum seekers, and is openly racist by its very nature."
by Jude Duffy
Ireland has a worse immigration problem than Germany, Sweden, the UK or France. On O'Connell Street, Dublin city centre's main thoroughfare, foreigners often outnumber native Irish at a rate of well over 100 to one. The official figures say migrants account for around 15 per cent of the Irish population - much higher than in most European countries, but still an huge underestimate.
These days you can drive from the centre of Dublin to its northern inner suburbs without seeing one white Irish pedestrian en route. Schools in many parts of Dublin have almost no white Irish pupils, and convenience stores, restaurants and supermarkets are staffed overwhelmingly by south Asians, Africans, Chinese and Eastern Europeans. 
Last year Merkel and her fellow Rotchshild shills opened the gates of continental Europe to millions of "refugees", but successive Irish governments had beaten them to it by about 20 years. From the mid-1990s onwards, Ireland welcomed  hundreds of thousands of migrants. This process accelerated rapidly from the mid 2000s onwards - to the point where foreigners now form a majority in many localities.
Take for example the formerly sleepy seaside village of Balbriggan, just 15 miles of north of Dublin city: The 2011 census says that out of a population of almost 20.000, 31 per cent are ethnically non-Irish and 12 per cent are black. Even five years ago, a walk down its streets indicated that this figure vastly understated the number of foreigners residing there. Indeed Africans  predominate at  street level to such an extent that popular parlance has renamed the town "Blackbriggan".
Indeed, far from seeking to put a lid on the problem, the Irish state class go looking for new migrants - for all the world  like a poultry farmer beckoning foxes on to his land. Only two weeks ago, an Irish naval vessel "rescued" almost 800 "refugees" off the coast of Tripoli and shipped them to Ireland. Britain says it will take twenty thousands refugees over a five year period; Ireland, a much smaller economy, says there is no upper limit on the number it will accept.
Unlike the German, Swedish or British immigration crises, there has been no discussion, much less outcry, about this coordinated invasion of Ireland from all corners of the globe. In fact any debate on the issue dwells exclusively on whether the Irish state and the Irish people are doing enough for the new arrivals. British newspapers like the Sun, and the Daily Mail wax indignant about the immigration problems of the UK, but their sister versions in Ireland denounce any similar concern on the part of Irish people as vicious racism.
By the same token, Irish media commentaries on the Brexit referendum last Summer invariably acknowledged the "legitimate concerns of the British people about immigration". No argument there of course, but these Anglo-Zio-Masonic outlets deem any similar concern on the part of Irish people about a proportionally much larger influx completely out of bounds.
Unsurprisingly Jewish tribal supremacists feature prominently among those who promote the immigration cause in Ireland, chief among them the veteran politician Alan Shatter. Shatter, a doyen for decades of cultural Marxist and anti-nationalist causes, engineered the rise to prominence of the current Taoiseach  (Irish Prime Minister)  Enda Kenny - up to that point an obscure journey man rural TD (Irish member of parliament), and rumoured transvestite.
In 2008, the then Taoiseach Brian Cowen was caught on a live mike in Dail Eireann calling Kenny, Shatter, and the rest of the Fine Gael opposition front bench "Freemason Fuckers". Within a few weeks of this outburst, Cowen's government was hit by a huge financial and economic crisis instigated by Goldman Sachs - a crisis that shredded the last vestiges of Ireland's political and economic independence. Cowen staggered on in office for another two years, at which point a Masonic cabal in his own party ousted him, and installed one of their brethren, Michael Martin, as leader. After the ensuing general election in early 2011, Kenny and his fellow "Freemason F..kers" took power.
Shatter lost  no time in showing who called the shots in the new regime, by grabbing for himself no less than four senior ministries: Justice, Defence, Equality and Law Reform.
As Minister for almost everything, he avidly promoted  mass migration, and regularly hosted elaborate mass citizenship ceremonies for the "new Irish".
Like his fellow Zionist advocates of open borders for Ireland, his enthusiasm for immigration to Ireland is only matched by his support for an Israeli state which imprisons and deports African asylum seekers, and is openly racist by its very nature.
unnamed (6).jpg
Jewish tribalists  like Shatter, Ronit Lentin, and the multipurpose cultural Marxist activist, Ivan Bacik, abound  in the Irish "anti-racist" and pro-migration movements, but it would be a cop-out to imply that Jews alone drive this movement. The vast majority of the presstitutes and political whores who promote mass immigration in Ireland, are, alas, self-hating cucks of Irish Catholic stock. And where the presstitutes lead, the sheeple follow. Lament the huge demographic transformation of Ireland and many Irish men will respond by simpering in true girly "pathological altruist" fashion, "Sure, we emigrated everywhere" - as if the Irish are duty bound to succumb to collective suicide, merely because, they, like every other European nation, have a history of emigration.
For many Irish men, the ultimate statement of their masculinity is not pride in their country, but a nerdishly obsessive devotion to English soccer teams like Manchester United or Chelsea.  They exemplify the cultural phenomenon I call the "macho mangina": those men who have no stomach for defying the Feminist-thought cops and national suicide engineers, and who instead overcompensate by adopting a lifestyle the corporate crass media, with clear diversionary intent, sets before them as "manly" - e.g., obsessive interest in sport, cars, alcohol heavy metal, porn, etc.
The Makow site often refers to the illuminati's  penchant for  projecting on to their enemies the machinations they themselves perpetually engage in. Since the foundation of the new state, Anglo-Irish Masonry has habitually deployed this technique. Irish literature, for example, has long been one long whine about the power the Catholic Church and "narrow-minded Irish nationalism" supposedly  wielded over the society at large in days of yore
Masonic hogwash. Even at the height of Eamon De Valera's alleged Catholic "theocracy", Masonic Protestants and Jews owned all the major banks and industries in Ireland. Some of them, like Guinness, continued anti-Catholic employment practices until well into the 1960s. Ireland's leading newspaper, The Irish Tmes, only got its first nominally (very nominal indeed) Catholic editor in the mid-1980s. Two of the first four Irish presidents of the Irish state were Protestants, even though Catholics accounted for over 95 per cent of the population. Trinity College Dublin, was another Protestant citadel.
As for the vexed issue of clerical sexual abuse, some prominent Anglo Irish Protestants, to their great credit, have lamented how the Irish media and state class deliberately suppress information about such abuse in Protestant denominations - the presstitutes' clear intent being to foster the false impression that this disgusting vice is a purely Catholic problem. And even the notoriously un-Catholic Catholic Archbishop of Dublin has revealed  that the same Irish government which relentlessly bashes the Church for covering up clerical sexual abuse has written to him requesting that he allow lay teachers convicted of child sexual abuse to continue teaching in Catholic schools! As they say, you couldn't make it up.
There's method in all of this. By depicting the founders of the Irish state as blood-crazed psychos, and the Catholic faith as an all powerful  religion of repressed sadistic perverts, the Anglo-Zionist Irish media instil in the Irish people a crippling guilt about the very existence of their nation. And, needless to say, this form of psychic driving offensive dovetails perfectly with the mass migration agenda.  If you've been taught to believe your nation has no right to exist, why on earth would you fight its destruction?
There is almost no white nationalist movement in Ireland to speak of, partly for the reasons already cited, but also  because old-school Irish nationalists can have no truck with an Anglo-white nat movement, which, much more often than not, loathes any form of Irish nationalism, and is slavishly devoted to the Ultra-Judaeo- Masonic tenets of Ulster British Orangeism (an enthusiasm Anglo-white nats share with their alleged enemies in the Talmudic Neocon movement.
Not that there are many old school nationalists left anyway. From the 1970s onwards, both wings of Sinn Fein/IRA were co-opted by their Anglo-Masonic enemies, and bizarre as it may sound, both now act as mouthpieces for the anti-nationalist agenda of mass migration and multiculturalism The same applies to all the other political parties. Indeed, to an extent unparalleled by any other European country, Irish culture is defined by knee-jerk adherence to PC shibboleths..
Today the country is in a post-depression phase. Wages have been slashed, working hours increased, and draconian new taxes levied, all in response to the manufactured economic "crisis" of 2008. Shatter has beem forced out of  frontline politicals, but his protege Dame Enda clings on as Taoiseach by his (varnished?) fingernails -  with an openly homosexual half-Indian, Leo Varadkar, waIting in the wings to take over.
The same Goldman Sachs lackeys who enforce this austerity affect to see no contradiction in continuing their de facto open borders policy, not to mention providing lavish social welfare, health, education, and so on, to the new arrivals. The political whores and the presstitutes defend this haIRshirt agenda by screaming "The  party is over! The money just isn't there anymore!" 
Needless to say, they never get around to explaining why, if this is the case, so much largesse still abounds for the many tens of thousands of migrants who are waved through at our airports, ports and northern border every year. The lackeys' economic policy is like a father donating the family's savings to able bodied pan-handlers, while forcing his wife and children to live on dry bread and water.
Because of their small numbers (around four and a half million), the massive volume of new arrivals, and the complete absence of any form of organized resistance, the native Irish face ethnic extinction much sooner than most other western nations. But as things stand that does not seem to bother most of them too much - or at least not enough to do anything about it. After all there are more pressing things to worry about: Manchester United are struggling to regain their form in the English Premier League...

- See more at:

Tuesday, 16 May 2017 12:19


Kilkenny to accommodate 140 foreign refugees. 

Kilkenny County Council confirmed this morning that the figure is
likely to be made up of 25 to 30 families plus some single persons.
The request from The Department of Justice and Equality is a direct
response to the humanitarian crisis that has developed in Southern
Europe arising from mass migration from areas of conflict in the
Middle East and Africa. There is no conflict in Africa, that is a bare-faced lie. We have taken more than our share already. Don't vote for politicians pushing more in on top of us , there's no space left in our small town. 

WHERE ON EARTH ARE THE HOSPITAL BEDS?  St. Luke's is massively overcrowded because of the present mass immigration into the city. Where are the school places? Where are the jobs? And what about the survival of the local Irish dependent on council housing and services?  Haven't we far too many here already pressed in upon a small Irish native population trying to survive?  People can't get their operations and procedures as it is. 

This is Merkel's decision and not ours. Best get out of the EU altogether if they are going to destroy our country and our nation like this without ever giving us the choice of a referendum  on all this mass immigration being shoved down our throats. What is to become of |Ireland, our children and their children's children? These Muslims have not integrated , will not integrate, they spread an evil and dangerous cult, and not a religion of peace or love. They have nothing in common with us and they want nothing in common with us. This is the worst form of dictatorship , nobody should co-operate and does who do should be seen for what they are - traitors to the national community, enemies to the rest of us. 

Yes these people are the result of a humanitarian crisis- but we have a MILLION immigrants here already in such a small country as Ireland, we have more immigrants per head here now than any other country in the world. And we are paying FOUR BILLIONS a year, EIGHTY BILLIONS in total since this crazy EU scheme started,  for all this newcomers. There is simply not the housing here. The country is being deliberately wrecked by idiots in the Dail who want to look good, the stupid virtue signallers!

And how many of these people will ever work. We have friends who came here fifteen years ago from Eritrea in 2002 and they are on the Dole ever since, they have never worked and never will. Surely it is madness, it is insanity to pursue such foolish policies as that?  What are our politicians thinking at all, or do they want to continue to kiss merkel's  arse?  Throw them all out next election !!!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017 02:20


Kilkenny Green councillor having surgery this morning

15 May 2017

Kilkenny Green councillor having  surgery this morning

by Michael McGrath

We call him Wonderful Blunderfull  Noonan  - Kilkenny's Green Party councillor, Malcolm Noonan is in hospital this morning for surgery after he fell of his bike last Thursday.

It means he will miss only his third council meeting in 13 years.

He has asked that an item on the agenda for the meeting, a review of the St Patrick's weekend festival, be deferred, as he is the chairman of it and would like an input.

On Monday morning  he was admitted to St James's Hospital in Dublin after injuries sustained in the bicycle accident on Thursday afternoon.

Malcolm was really disappointed that he would miss the opening of the new St. Francis Bridge with the introduction of the new CAS road system through the city. But he needn't worry as the Kilkenny Journal has arranged to deputise for him at what we regard as the greatest civic event this year. 

We genuinely wish him a speedy recovery and to come home soon, even though we can't agree with him on anything in politics no matter how hard we try. 

So we hope to say a few words on Malcolm's behalf welcoming the new bridge - now that should get him out of his Dublin hospital bed fast and back to Kilkenny like lightning  !

His application to rejoin them on the Council and in the party was rejected by 5 votes to 4 today of his former Fianna fail colleagues, just as the Kilkenny Journal had forecast would happen. 

Meanwhile his former Renua party has decided to go against abortion as the party policy. 


Cllr Paddy McKee.


Local councillor Patrick McKee suffered a setback this evening in his ambitions to rejoin his former party of Fianna Fail.

It's understood a secret ballot between the nine current local Fianna Fail councillors was returned 5-4 against his reintroduction. However, the situation going forward remains unclear, as his application for membership was recently accepted by party HQ.

Cllr McKee, who originally joined Fianna Fail in back in 2006, had re-applied to join the party having left last year to contest the Carlow-Kilkenny By-Election for fledgling party Renua Ireland.

Tonight, the nine Fianna Fail members met after a meeting of Kilkenny County Council to vote on the matter. Local party whip Cllr Matt Doran presided over a secret ballot in which the nine cast their votes.

The 28-year-old Mckee was regarded as a rising star, having secured more than 10% of the First Preference vote in the Kilkenny City West constituency in his first electoral outing. In his first year, he was elected Vice-Chairman of Kilkenny County Council, as well as Chairman of the Joint Policing Committee.

However he fought two Dail elections against FF party candidates, possibly preventing a third FF TD being elected in the general election,  and he has sought to get back on the Fianna Fail party ticket for the Council elections in Kilkenny West in two years' time. The two sitting FF councillors were never going to allow that to happen, they couldn't be expected to, and now it's obvious that they had support from three fellow party councillors who felt the same way. 

Paddy McKee is beginning to run out of parties - or is he? The talk of a Fine Gael meeting in Langtons a few months ago is that he might go over to them , and it was said that as a young councillor of great talent he would be genuinely welcome. That would still be the case as David Fitzgerald would have no problem with Paddy joining him on the party ticket in the city for the Council elections - though the FG Dail nomination is seen as between David and Mayor Pat O'Neill next time round, with Big Daddy Pat O'Neill certain it will go to the son of whom he is so proud - and why wouldn't he be. 

There is definitely room in Labour with that party having no seat whatsoever in the city and a vote now comparable to Justin Barrett's National Party or  Peter O'Loughlin's IDENTITY IRELAND , both new parties also possibles for Pat McKee. O'Loughlin grabbed nearly a thousand votes without even canvassing here in the by-election!  Justin Barrett is know and loved in pro-life quarters throughout the land as his new party gains rapidly on foot of its UKIP-like anti mass immigration "Ireland for the Irish" policy. Immigration is now over a million here, as Mary Harney forecast back in 2005 when she told us to get used to it, that we would have to live with it - but there's as many Irish gone. This is the biggest and most important policy area of all, it's the elephant in the room. 

Alternatively Pat McKee could try Fianna Fail again in two years time, after the next local elections , and he could be more successful then in rejoining the party of his student days  in WIT and Cork uni. Whatever he decides he is still a very capable and popular councillor and young enough to succeed . At 28 he has the world at his feet . 

His former Kieran's college classmate Mayor Pat O'Neill would welcome him with open arms too. Pat McKee still has such good friends left in Kilkenny who will stand by him whatever. We feel the best thing he can do is go and have a chat with his loyal friend , the mayor. 


Young mum who was found dead at bottom of stairs at Co Kilkenny house is named

Rita Apine, who had a young child, is understood to have been living in the country for a number of years

THIS is the young mum who was found dead with serious injuries at her home yesterday.

Rita Apine was discovered at the bottom of the stairs at the property in Freshford, Co Kilkenny.

Rita Apine had been living in Ireland for a number of years Rita Apine had been living in Ireland for a number of years

The 29-year-old, who had a young child, is understood to have been living in the country for a number of years after moving from Eastern Europe.

Gardai were alerted by an ambulance crew called to her home and medics gave CPR.

She was initially responsive but died some time later at nearby St Luke’s Hospital.

A 30-year-old Eastern European man was arrested and quizzed in connection with her death at Kilkenny Garda Station.

The young mum passed away yesterdayThe young mum passed away yesterday afternoon

Rita is believed to have moved to the apartment in Bridge Street last year.

It is understood investigations are centring on whether the woman was assaulted or fell in the property. Gardai launched an appeal for information this morning.

A spokesperson said: “Gardai are particularly appealing to anybody who visited the local Costcutter shop, or who may have been in the Bridge Street area of Freshford Village, between the hours of 8am and 1pm on Sunday, May 14 and who may have heard or noticed anything out of the ordinary to contact them.

“The body has been removed from the scene to Waterford Regional Hospital.

“The State Pathologist has been notified, and a post mortem will be carried out today the 15th May 2017.

Rita Tragic Rita Apine was treated at the doorstep of her home

“The services of the Garda Technical Bureau have been requested, and a full technical examination of the scene will be carried out.”

One neighbour, who did not want to be named, told “I was coming up the road at about 1pm and saw quite a crowd of medical staff trying to resuscitate her – there was one ambulance and two fire engines.

“She was being treated just outside her house at the doorstep. I thought it was a woman who may have passed out but now know that this wasn’t the case.

“The guards then came on the scene and I understand there are CCTV cameras around the town, which may help.

“It’s such a sad thing to have happened.”

Another local said: “The mother had a little girl and you would often see them walking around the town.

“I’m honestly so shocked and saddened by it all.

“To have something like this happen here is really very tragic.”

Fianna Fáil councillor Michael McCarthy said: “It’s very, very sad. This is just a quiet, rural village and everybody here knows each other.”

The victim who died 'in suspicious circumstances' yesterday following an incident at her home in Freshford has been named locally as Rita Apine.

The 29-year-old Latvian had moved to the village in recent times and is remembered by her neighbours as a kind and bubbly woman who was devoted to her young daughter.

"You would always see the two of them together, they had a lovely relationship and she was a doting and caring Mother, she adored her little girl," one local remembered.

A man, believed to be a foreign national, is being held in custody at Kilkenny Garda Station while a post mortem is taking place at the moment. 

The Sinn Fein party , we have proven with the facts and the  the names , actively collaborated with the Nazis from before the beginning of the Second World war right up to the end of that war in 1945 . In fact many IRA men being released from the Curragh internment camp ( Tintown) in 1945 were seen to be disappointed and dejected that Hitler and his nazis had been defeated, and this despite the fact that the world knew of the Nazi Holocaust of the Jews at this time. Sinn Fein did not stop supporting the Nazis because of the Holocaust, they only stopped supporting Hitler because he was defeated and gone!

Indeed there was a Mr. Patrick Funcheon of Callan, County Kilkenny , high up in the local Irish Transport Workers Union, a member of Sinn Fein and the IRA at the time and he was well versed enough to know of the Nazi holocaust in Europe and Russia that The Kilkenny Journal of the time condemned.  This writer worked as a journalist with the Kilkenny Journal as early as 1964, 19 years after the war, when the then editor Tim Donovan and the other journalist James Dockery ( there were only three of us journalists there) regularly spoke of the shame off local Sinn Feiners for supporting Hitler including his holocaust at the time.  

Printers at the Kilkenny Journal held that as a result that the local IT & GWU, now SIPTU,  in the Kilkenny Union Hall up the road in Patrick Street, Kilkenny, was forever tarnished as well as Sinn Fein. The collaboration of Sinn Fein with the Nazis was considered in towns like Kilkenny as most unchristian in the Catholic country of the time. This is a huge reason that none of Sinn Fein were ever elected in Kilkenny at the time - indeed no member of Sinn Fein was elected in Kilkenny since 1923 right up to our own time when Kathleen Funchion was eventually elected to Kilkenny Borough Council in 2009 and subsequently to Kilkenny County Council and to Dail Eireann. 

It is forever to the shame of Sinn Fein in Kilkenny and in Ireland that they supported Hitler and the Nazis right up to 1945 and that they only stopped supporting the Nazis when they were defeated and no longer there - they never stopped supporting the Nazis over the breaking news of the Holocaust in Europe! And today Sinn Fein has the gall to accuse an innocent person not even born until after the war as a Nazi - while it can be held that their own collaboration with the Nazis, especially their refuelling of the Nazi U-Boats on the coast of Ireland,  helped delay the end of the war and thus the end of the Holocaust. 

BREAKING: Victim, who made Freshford her home, remembered as 'a kind and lovely woman'. 


More murders as mass immigration of other cultures kicks in. 

Mary Codyeshford this evening. Picture by Pat Moore

 'A caring and calm woman' who 'adored her daughter' is how a young mother who died earlier today is being remembered by those who knew her adopted home of Freshford.

The woman, who is believed to be from Latvia, was described this evening as a 'kind and lovely person' by those who knew her in the village.

"She was always with her young daughter, you would often see them in the Millennium Park playing together. She was a wonderful mother and a lovely person," remarked one neighbour.

Local councillor Michael McCarthy told the Kilkenny People that the thoughts and prayers of the community were with the woman's family and friends.

A man in his thirties, believed also to be a foreign national, has been arrested and remains in custody at Kilkenny Garda Station where he is being interviewed by detectives. Gardai are treating the death as suspicious.

A post mortem is expected to be carried out later today.



Man arrested following death of woman in Freshford, Kilkenny

Gardaí were called at 2.45 this afternoon


A man has been arrested following the death of a woman in Freshford, Co Kilkenny.

Gardaí were called to a house on Bridge Street this afternoon after the woman, who’s in her 20s, was removed to hospital at around midday with serious injuries.

She later died in St Luke’s Hospital.

A man in his 30s was arrested this afternoon and is being held in Kilkenny Garda Station under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act.

The scene at the house is sealed off and is undergoing a forensic technical examination.

The office of the State Pathologist has been notified and a post mortem examination will be carried out on the body of the woman.

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