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Monday, 25th September 2017
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Saturday, 20 February 2016 12:48


Burton 'up for a fight' as poll puts Labour support at 4%

Saturday 20 February 2016 12.03
The poll was prepared by Behaviour and Attitudes for the Sunday Times and appeared online late yesterdayThe poll was prepared by Behaviour and Attitudes for the Sunday Times and appeared online late yesterday

Labour party leader Joan Burton has said she is "up for a fight" in the wake of an opinion poll which puts support for the party at just 4%.

The poll, prepared for a Sunday newspaper and apparently released early, shows popular support for Labour may have halved.

Party sources have cast doubt on the figure and suggested the poll may be what they call an outlier – an extreme value of a variable in a data set.

The poll was prepared by Behaviour and Attitudes for the Sunday Times and appeared online late yesterday.

The newspaper is investigating how it came to be published last night. 

If confirmed, it would put the Labour party as low as 4%, with Fine Gael at 30%, Fianna Fáil at 22%, Sinn Féin at 15% and Independents and Others at 30%.

We think that this may be a public reaction to the Labour Party stunt of promising British-style Abortion for Ireland. It may also be due to Labour Party policy of houses for migrants in preference to Irish people on the housing list. It may be due to a mixture of both...But now it seems that the Irish Labour Party faces a demolition job at the hands of the voters on Friday next. 

With the Labour party opting to use the issue of abortion in the general election so as to try to win votes from the slaughter of the unborn, Joan Burton became the most cynical politician of them all when she referred today to abortion as "equality" earlier today.  

Labour is a monster about to be put down by the Irish electorate. The party became a vehicle for the liberal elite in government forcing a severe austerity on the ordinary people that has resulted in the homeless epidemic with 1600 children without a home as they brought masses of migrants in and housed them.  

Burton, who was an orphan herself, should have more understanding and ought to be ashamed of herself. 

Even worse the Labour party wants Abortion on Demand in Ireland,  to model the availability of abortion here on its easy everyday availability in England under the 1967 British Abortion Act - just as the NUJ ( National Union of Journalists) have called for and have worked for since 1979 in Ireland.

Under that 1967 Abortion Act 64 million unborn children have been aborted, the same as the present population of the entire UK. And the Labour party wants this for Ireland , which would mean aborting masses of unborn children in Ireland into the future on a wholesale basis. It means mass murdering over  ten times the amount of people exterminated in the Holocaust. 

Best join everybody else in waving Goodbye to Labour in the election next Friday. 

"We all had a great session here at the Playwright pub the day we got the water grant cheque of a hundred quid from the government", Paddy told us, "and that's why we don't want the water charges abolished, we're hoping to get more such water cheques from the government", he explained enthusiastically.
"That's why we're all voting Number One for the government candidates here, though we'll never pay the water charges."

Having received the hundred quid ourselves it helped pay an ESB bill with it, so we couldn't quibble with such logic. Though we have to admit that this is a very trusting government. Sure we might even vote for them ourselves if they keep the water grant coming. 

We might even vote for Malcolm Noonan and his Greens as they support the water charges too! Though we can't see too many votes for Malcolm and the Greens in the middle of a freezing winter after they put 2.40 Euro on a bag of coal the last time they were in government with Fianna Fail and ruined the country. 

Any candidate able to tell us - and the boys below in the Playwright pub - when the next water conservation cheque might be due? Come on and let us know , and thanks John Paul, you have our vote if you can pull it off again this year.  After all it's not every government that sends you a cheque for a hundred, Good Man David Fitzgerald!

Fianna Fáil will halt Irish Waters drainage of road funding – Aylward

-Party will ensure that motor tax funding is allocated maintenance of roads-

-Regional & Local Roads key target for investment under Fianna Fáil-

Fianna Fáil Spokesperson for Community Affairs and candidate for Carlow/Kilkenny Bobby Aylward has welcomed the inclusion of targeted funding for local and regional roads in the Fianna Fáil manifesto.

“After years of neglect by this government the road network is in a state of complete disrepair. They siphoned off €400m a year from the motor tax to prop up the Irish water super quango instead of investing in our road network. Local and regional roads are suffering as a result of decisions by this government.”

“I have been pressing for a clear plan of investment in our road network in the Fianna Fáil manifesto. We need to ensure all parts of Ireland benefit from the recovery not the divided country of Fine Gael/Labour.

"Fianna Fail’s manifesto “An Ireland for all” targets over €50m in additional funds for Regional and Local roads to help bring the network back up to standard. In addition we will restore the Local Improvement Scheme for marginal roads.

"This type of investment is exactly what we need in rural Ireland to bring our infrastructure up to scratch” Mr.Aylward concluded. 

Bobby now feels confident that he can beat off the challenge of Sinn Fein's Funchion in South Kilkenny, she based in Knocktopher just up the road from him in Mullinavat. He feels that the South will remain loyal to him against the new challenge of John Paul Phelan too. Bobby has always been conscious of John Paul hovering around but the local feeling is that the Aylwards have always been there to serve South Kilkenny and that local loyalty will back Bobby when the chips are down on Friday of next week. "Old friends are best" - and now since the by-election Bobby is happy to have gathered a lot of new friends throughout Carlow-Kilkenny too and he intends to keep all his friends with an unrivalled service in the constituency.  

Joining up with the Aylwards is something like joining the IRA - it's easy to get in but it's hard to get away, but in the Aylwards' case that's because of the firm friendships formed that go in through the generations.

Above all Bobby makes a great local TD that people can confidently go to for what they want - he has the biggest heart of all the candidates by a mile and he's depending on you all on Friday week to vote early ( but not often!) for him to continue as your friendliest local TD at your service. 


Drinking water for more than 400,000 people is contaminated with chemicals linked to cancer, but Irish Water has refused to directly inform those affected.

Fluoirine still being put in our water - despite Fine gael saying in their manifesto as far back as 2001 that they would put a stop to this on entering government. 
And now Noel Walsh says that they expect us to pay for their filthy water in Kilkenny, well he says they can wait and they know where to stick their water bills too!



The excess of the chemicals, known as trihalomethanes (THMs), has been present in many public water supplies for years, and is caused by chlorine, added to purify water, mixing with organic matter such as leaves, timber, and peat.

Long-term exposure to THMs include an increased risk of certain cancers, such as bladder and colon; reproductive problems such as miscarriages, birth defects, and low birth rates; and damage to the heart, lungs, liver, kidney, and central nervous system.

The effects are not just from drinking contaminated water; THMs can be absorbed from steam in the air and through the skin from showering and washing.

Most local authorities had committed to deadlines to get rid of THMs, or reduce them to what the World Health Organization and EU guidelines considers to be safe levels, but very few have done so.

Following complaints from Friends of the Irish Environment, the European Commission had long discussions with the Irish authorities and, in December 2015, agreed a timescale to clean up the 79 water supply zones still affected by THMs.

The action plan, with a final deadline of 2021, includes upgrading some treatment plants and shutting down others, and increasing monitoring and analyses of water.

The affected water sources are in various parts of the country, with several in Kerry and Cork, Kilkenny City, Waterford, Wicklow, Meath, Mayo, Roscommon, Donegal, and Galway.

Irish Water said it reports all cases of where safe THM levels are exceeded, pass on the information to the HSE, and request its advice in relation to protecting public health.

It is upgrading its chlorine dosing systems for all 856 water treatment plants in the country, and aims to reduce the amount of organic matter.

Because chlorinated water that is standing for six to eight hours begins to develop THMs and most Irish schemes hold water for two to five days, Irish Water says it plans to conduct a regular flushing of reservoirs and pipelines.

A joint paper from the Environmental Protection Agency and the HSA submitted to the European Commission said they accepted that international research shows “that there may be associations with human cancer”, it said there was no immediate risk from the excess of THMs that merited informing consumers.

Irish Water has ruled out directly informing consumers.

Instead, it says it is planning a national awareness campaign to include what it is doing to improve the water quality, and says that people can check for themselves by locating a PDF on the Environmental Protection Agency’s website.

The commission has asked for an update in March.

Tony Lowes of Friends of the Irish Environment said: “We are bewildered by the fact that customers are not being directly informed on their bills that the water they were paying for exceeded the recommended safe levels for any toxic chemicals. Customers cannot possibly be expected to find their way through two websites to find out if their water contains trihalomethanes.”

THMs can be removed using filters.

David  Fitzgerald has been a councillor since 2009 and was Mayor in 2012. He is involved in a wide range of local organisations and is committed to making Kilkenny a better place in which to live and to do business. David is a member of the Keep Kilkenny Beautiful (KKB) committee; St. Canice’s National School Parents’ Association; the IFA and An Taisce. As a local business man he is also familiar with the issues affecting small business owners and employers in the Carlow/Kilkenny area.

He is easily the best public speaker in the election in Carlow-Kilkenny and would cut a grand figure for Kilkenny in the Dail, as his uncle Kieran Crotty has done before him.  David says: 

Phil Hogan has done a fantastic job for this constituency, and if successful, I will have very big shoes to fill. However, I believe my experience as a leader and an active councillor will stand to me."

“The economy is starting to recover, thanks to the sacrifices and efforts of the Irish people, but that recovery is fragile and incomplete. I am delighted to get the chance to convince the people of Carlow/Kilkenny that I can play a significant role as a Fine Gael TD in ensuring our constituency feels the benefits.

An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny TD said: “David Fitzgerald has all the qualities we want in our public representatives and his commitment to Carlow/Kilkenny is unquestionable. David has the full support of the Fine Gael party and I wish him all the best for the campaign ahead.”

Cllr Fitzgerald is nephew of former Fine Gael TD for Kilkenny, Mr Kieran Crotty ,who stands foursquare behind David in this campaign.

If elected David Fitzgerald is tipped to go far in national politics to the benefit of Kilkenny and Carlow as An Taoiseach Enda Kenny backs him all the way. The two men are great personal friends already, they hit it off brilliantly from the start, and it's easy to see David ending up in the Cabinet in no time at all to follow in the footsteps of his uncle Kieran and Phil Hogan in representing us at the top. 

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Monday, 15 February 2016 12:17

a picture speaks a thousand words...


Peter O'Loughlin, Chairman of Identity Ireland, tidied up in hospital after the Left Liberals and Shinners were finished with him in Dublin on Saturday...

Know who and what you are voting for when you vote for the Shinners and the Left.

The Kilkenny Journal's photo.

The NUJ drives Sinn Fein and all the Leftie parties and Leftie "Independents" . 
No Leftist is independent, they all subscribe to some form of marxism, usually Trotskyism, - even though many of them do not even realise this!

by Media. The NUJ has stood for left wing Marxist policies to be enforced on Ireland and the Irish , they are the last remnants of British rule here as the media union controlling RTE and the Irish "national" newspapers. 
Back in 1981 the brave irish Journalist Billy Quirke, a good friend of mine, fought against the NUJ in the Irish High Court, Quirke Vs NUJ, , and won! I know because I was there. But the lily livered irish journalists still backed off backing press freedom in Ireland because of their fear of the NUJ .
Thje NUJ is a fully Trotskyist organisation with more policies than many a political party. It also wants to enforce Abortion on demand on the Irish people.
The Guidelines on Race Reporting are supposed to tackle racism in the British media, but are written by a group that excludes white membership. This is insti...

But ex-Senator Mick Lanigan back rooting for Fianna Fail. 
FF to suspend water charges.

Paddy Power has overnight sl;ashed the odds on Independent Paddy Manning who goes down from 33/1 to 18/1 overnight.

Paddy is the pro life candidate defending the rights of parents to send their children to the schools of their choice - and it looks like he could be on a winner in this.

He is visiting all the churches and chatting to mass goers as he is their kind of candidate standing for traditional Irish values. He is assisted by Dr. Miriam Hogan who was a pro lifer Dail candidate herself some years ago, by the Hogan family and about a hundred pro life activists throughout Kilkenny , with more organising for him over in Carlow.

Of course he is a TV celebrity , thanks to Vincent Browne who has great time for Paddy and would love him to succeed in getting into the Dail because there would be some great nights ahead then on the VB TV Show.

On the other hand Shinner Kathleen Funchion is hiding away from answering our questions about the sentencing of Slab Murphy to come up in the morning and on her party's policy to abolish the Special Criminal Court and have the gangsters running amok,

Former Senator Mick Lanigan explained to this reporter earlier this evening that only for the Special Criminal Court there would be a lot more people shot dead in Limerick and Dublin and thoughout the country. He says that that the Sinn Fein policy to abolish The Offences against the State Act, and therefore the court, is "lunacy" . he is very confident of good Fianna Fail gains in this election and hopes that all his old friends will turn out proudly to vote Fianna Fail 1,2, 3 solidly in a fortnight's time on Friday 26th.

Fianna Fail today promised to suspend the water charges in government.

Attacked at the GPO in Dublin.

Peter O'Loughlin, the genial and peaceful former candidate in the Carlow-Kilkenny by-election last May has been attacked by left wing thugs as he spoke at the GPO in Dublin.

He was beaten about the head with a weapon and has serious facial injuries as well.

His party Identity Ireland has issued a statement:

"A mob of far left thugs have attacked our members and Pegida just now. Peter has being brought to hospital with injuries to his head and face.
It is understood that members of Sinn Fein and People before Profit, as well as associated extremist outfits such as Eirigi were present at the scene of the incident. 
Peter is a very civilised and respectable person as well as an accomplished writer and public speaker. There is no excuse for such fascism as witnessed at the GPO today. The Kilkenny Journal expresses the hope that this time the Gardai will act to bring the perpetrators to justice. 
Stay tuned for further updates!

The Kilkenny Journal's photo.

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