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Mass immigration is destroying Ireland. ...
It is taking our houses, our jobs,.
It is lowering the educational standard.
It is lengthening the hospital lists.

And it is costing us 4 BILLIONS a year!

Peter O'Loughlin aims to put an end to all this, to establish proper border controls at our ports and airports.

This is why you should give Peter your number One vote.

He is the only candidate even talking about the dangers of mass immigration, the others don't care enough to bother.

They don't care about Ireland, and even less about the Irish, the people of Carlow and Kilkenny, so long as they are elected.

Peter O'Loughlin wants an end to mass immigration, to pack the illegals of home , to have stricter border controls, to re-examine all the welfare money and cheques the immigrants are getting and put an end to it, to have Irish resources for the benefit of the Irish people. and a return to full Irish sovereignty.



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We found Peter O'Loughlin today.

Peter was in Kilkenny today to view the brewery site for himself and as a result of his visit he is massively impressed with the vision of Kilkenny County Council in setting up the new project , the Abbey Creative Quarter, that he would support at Dail level if elected.


The new party candidate in the Carlow-Kilkenny by-election wants to work to ensure its success in jobs for Kilkenny and this is a major focus of his campaign here.

He condemns the EU " for destroying the sugar factory" in his native Carlow "because of the harmonisation of its industrial policies that was disastrous for Carlow ( and Cork) and will be for Ireland generally "

Regarding the CAS Bridge project he says he believes that the protesters must be represented in any final decision. He says it's the wrong type bridge for medieval Kilkenny , that it's design is more fitting for a motorway and not for such a lovely city as Kilkenny.

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The Kilkenny Journal's photo.
653 people reached


Peter O'Loughlin is the new candidate for the new party called IDENTITY IRELAND.
He is standing for the Dail in the Carlow-Kilkenny by-election and respectfully requests the pleasure of our number one votes.
he is a very credible candidate if you wish to vote against the old parties and for somebody new and highly capable.
He is highly critical of the EU, in favour of withdrawing especially as the UK looks like leaving, is against any more unskilled mass immigration into Ireland and wants to stop welfare tourism costing Ireland billions.

Identity Ireland's photo.


Ireland's newest party in the Carlow-Kilkenny by-election.


While the Ukip leader Nigel Farage is known for his bombastic anti-Europe, anti-immigrant speeches, the 30-year-old spokesperson for Ireland’s new Identity Ireland party is diffident, almost painfully self-aware. But he is not afraid to stand up and speak for his beliefs and defend them. He proved courageous and resolute when attacked by dozens of militant leftists in Dublin last month.

And whereas the groundswell of support for Farage’s party in the UK has worried that country’s political establishment, the new Identity Ireland party only has about 100 members so far. But it's growing daily.

Peter O’Loughlin hopes to strike a chord with his party’s message: it’s time to turn away economic migrants and end all of this austerity that’s going around and genuinely help the Irish people, especially all those in mortgage troubles.

Immigration costs 4 Billions a year, 50 Billions in all so far, that could be spent in better ways for the people of Ireland, in mortgage relief for instance.

Immigration has badly affected class sizes with classes bursting at the seams, it has dragged down our once-high educational standard, and it's affected our hospital waiting lists and health services in general too. Peter would hope to tackle all this if elected to the great benefit of the people and the country.

Still, it’s difficult for any new party to go mainstream in Ireland, especially those with no high-profile leaders, says Piaras Mac Éinrí, a social scientist and migration expert at University College Cork.
However Peter O'Loughlin is hard at work now in the Carlow-Kilkenny by-election establishing such a profile. You have to start somewhere, he says. And he has had a great reception here so far, he positively enthuses.

“You’d have to show that the dissatisfaction people have would have to be channelled into an anti-immigration position,” says Mac Éinrí.
The main motivation for Identity Ireland, which was officially launched in Dublin on 14 January, is “the state of pretty much everything in Ireland,” according to O’Loughlin, who is running for the Dail for the first time in the by-election. He secured 7000 votes in the Euros as a lone Independent last May.

“It’s the style of Government, really; the disconnect, the lack of accountability,” he says. As such, his party’s draft manifesto sets out a raft of policies, from the nationalisation of banks to the development of Ireland’s potential in motor sports.

But it’s the proposal of a three-year freeze on “economic migration” that has attracted the most comment.
The ban would affect low-skilled workers, says O’Loughlin, who trained as a primary school teacher. He is a graduate of Limerick university and feels strongly that Kilkenny should have a permanent third level educational facility and therefore supports the new development at the brewery in Kilkenny.

“If there is a company, or any employer at all, in this country who want to hire somebody and they can’t find the necessary skills in Ireland, then there’s no issue, go abroad.”

The policy is meant to stop immigrants competing with unemployed Irish workers for jobs and prevent any social problems in the future in Ireland, he says, criticising the current mass immigration and multicultural experiment. Peter totally opposes all the welfare tourism costing Ireland untold billions, all of which has to be borrowed and thus mortgaging our future.

An estimated 20 per cent of the population are not Irish citizens, according to Government figures. You can’t just “shove two cultures together… You need gradual integration, that’s how it works", Peter O'Loughlin continued.
The other proposal to attract attention is the party’s desire to dump the bail-out agreement: “It’s a straight-jacket, it simply limits the ability of the individual economies to recover,” says the Identity Ireland man, who adds that anti-democratic Europe needs a makeover to end Brussels’ interference in certain aspects of Irish law.

Identity Ireland has already come under attack for its immigration policies from the leftist Anti-Austerity Alliance, and a month ago a party meeting was invaded and broken up in central Dublin by such leftist loons. But Peter held his cool in front of overwhelming bloodthirsty threats from the Dublin reds.
The gardai are investigating that attack and assaults against Peter and his party there - Dublin is getting very dangerous with all the political extremism and thus Peter calls for more and better enforcement of law and order.
But O’Loughlin denies that there is anything racist about Identity Ireland proposals; it’s more about sovereignty and numbers, he claims.

Peter O'Loughlin is originally from Carlow Town in the constituency and is establishing branches and plans to maintain offices in Carlow and Kilkenny city.

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He's electioneering in the Canaries!

The Government fired the starting gun for the Carlow-Kilkenny byelection on Wednesday. It’s all hands to the pumps for the political parties.

Except in Fianna Fáil, where John McGuinness, the party’s senior man in the constituency, has jetted off to the Canaries for a week in the sun.

The long-serving TD and former minister of State, who likes to portray himself as keeper of the Fianna Fáil conscience and heir to the mantle of great leaders past, talks like a fella who would gladly take a bullet for his party.

If it doesn’t damage his media profile.

In fairness, McGuinness is an unfortunate victim of circumstance. Journalistic ears always seem to be in the vicinity when he is regularly moved to criticise Fianna Fáil and its leadership.

Which is rotten luck.

It’s not great luck for Micheál Martin either.

The Fianna Fáil leader has enough on his plate trying to combat the march of Sinn Féin on one flank without having to deal with the march of Mé Féin on the other. He must in all honesty be the worst-ever Fianna Fail leader bar Brian Cowen.

There was much talk at last week’s ardfheis about McGuinness’s constant sniping from the sidelines. It has become a source of frustration to most colleagues in the parliamentary party.

Fellow sniper Éamon Ó Cuív being one notable exception.

They found his latest intervention before the annual set piece particularly irksome. McGuinness’s main contribution to the traditional morale booster was to attack the party for rushing out policies ahead of the ardfheis.

“He likes to bang on about accountability and what we could do better in terms of policy, but he doesn’t do much to contribute any ideas,” said a colleague.

There was no sign of McGuinness in the Dáil this week. He wasn’t in the chair at the Public Accounts Committee either. Fine Gael’s John Deasy deputised for him at Thursday’s meeting.

Away on a holiday, said party sources. They couldn’t confirm if it was in Tenerife or Lanzarote, but it was “somewhere nice”.

We hear there was “a lot of rolling of eyes” in the party when they heard at the beginning of the week that McGuinness had flown the coop.

The party is throwing everything into the by-election on May 22nd.

Former TD Bobby Aylward is favourite to win the seat vacated by Phil Hogan but Government deputies are putting it about that relations are reportedly strained between sitting deputy McGuinness and the candidate.

However Bobby Aylward must surely now no longer be favourite with John McGuinness gone - and half the Fianna Fail party in the constituency with him. I n fact none of the McGuinness councillors are campaigning either. Bobby will have to make do with his own forces mainly in South Kilkenny - here in Kilkenny city, for instance, he has only one former councillor John Coonanand one former senator Mick Lanigan, working for him. All the rest are basically stood down by John McGuinness.

In fact relations between John and the Aylwards have been non-existent for years. But we feel that this time John can't be blamed, because if he promotes Bobby Aylward he could be facing him in the general election in a few months time and he could pay for his generosity . Liam Aylward and a couple of South Kilkenny councillors are working for Bobby, but his forces are at stretching point to deal with an impressive Fine Gael army in the field for their man David Fitzgerald, and indeed Renua's Paddy McKee who is cleaning up in the city. These are the three leaders right now, well ahead of every other candidate.

When the writ was moved in the Dáil, Micheál Martin talked about Fianna Fáil’s strong showing on the doorsteps.

“Was John McGuinness with you?” taunted Fine Gael’s local deputy, Pat Deering.

Micheál ignored him.

“It’s extraordinary, at the best of times, that a senior TD should take time off during a by-election in his constituency. But this particular one is hugely important for the party,” said a colleague yesterday.

“It’s not like the Government sprung a surprise. We’ve all known for months when this was going to happen. I just can’t get my head around it.”

There is no rule in Fianna Fáil forbidding TDs to go off on holiday while the Dáil is in session. But, as one member put it, “There’d be an expectation that you’d stay around the place.”

No doubt McGuinness, suitably rested and refreshed, will throw himself wholeheartedly into Aylward’s election effort when he returns.

Micheál Martin’s unrepentant mutineers are proving a boon to lippy Government backbenchers.

Fine Gael’s Patrick O’Donovan wins quote of the week for this swipe at Fianna Fail during discussion of his coalition’s overhyped spring understatement.

Seán Fleming (FF): “The Government chose to fill this week’s Dáil schedule telling the country how wonderful it believes it is. This sets a new world record in backslapping.”

O’Donovan: “Better than backstabbing.”



Politicians have an irritating habit of promising all sorts of things during an election campaign and then failing to deliver once all the votes are in the bag.

For maximum return, it’s a good idea to extract as much as possible from them before the polls close and the parties lose interest.

Full marks so to Carlow-Kilkenny constituents Anne Cody and Alva Fitzgerald for taking advantage of the on-going campaign by organising a novel by-election table quiz.

They are hoping to raise money for the L’Arche and Camphill centres in Kilkenny and Tír na Nóg in Carlow – organisations that provide high-quality, person-centred respite and day-care for children and adults with learning disabilities.

It’s a constant struggle to find the money to keep these facilities in line with stringent Hiqa operating standards.

The two women have asked all 13 candidates to prepare a list of questions for the quiz and then read them out on the night. This may prove difficult for some of them as all questions have to be non-political.

They won’t be allowed to put posers such as: “Which candidate for X party is a dirty, double-crossing excuse for a human being?” Or: “What candidate from Y shots puppies and kittens for sport?” Or: “When did candidate Z last put their hand in their pocket to buy anyone a drink?”

Furthermore, as more than 200 people are expected to attend the quiz in Kilkenny’s Springhill Hotel next Thursday, should candidates make their questions easy or hard? Too easy might annoy people and too hard could cost them votes.

Candidates will also have to surrender their mobile phones if they wish to compete, as is the norm in table quizzes these days. Perish the thought they might be caught Googling answers to make themselves look smarter.

Anne and Alva tell us tickets are still available at the hotel – €40 for a table of four.

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Ireland for the Irish!

Seven Oaks Hotel, Carlow, 4.00 p.m. tomorrow, Thursday.


Election candidate Peter O'Loughlin for the new party IDENTITY IRELAND launches his campaign for election to the Dail in the Carlow-Kilkenny by-election.

His official launch will be in the Seven Oaks Hotel in Carlow at 4.00 p.m.

He intends to have his Kilkenny launch in the constituency next week.
The writ for the election was moved in the Dail today, it will be held on Friday 22nd May.

Peter and the new party IDENTITY IRELAND oppose Welfare Tourism by hundreds of thousands of immigrants here and want to save the country all that money towards our economic recovery and substantial tax reductions and rebates. Otherwise they fear that the country will eventually be ruined again.

They oppose mass immigration purely on such economic grounds and not for any racial reason. They say that there would be much more for our own Irish poor if we controlled all this mass immigration and brought an end to Ireland's open door policy.
So all those who want to see a decent country again where the Irish aren't pushed out and replaced, but who stand for prosperity for all should vote for IDENTITY IRELAND and Peter O'Loughlin number One.

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IRELAND FOR THE IRISH. Carlow-Kilkenny by-election.

The new party, IDENTITY IRELAND launches new candidate here.

"Ireland for the Irish!", new candidate proclaims.

A decent honest-to-goodness "Ireland for the Irish" candidate Peter O'Loughlin entered the election this morning with a great speech and interview on the Pat Kenny Show.

Peter wants Ireland to leave the EU, to stop the lunatic policy of mass immigration that has brought this country to its knees along with the banking collapse, to leave the Euro and to either have our own currency back again or to rejoin Sterling, whichever the Irish people decide .

This comes at a time when the Euro is so weak it is almost on parity with the dollar so it makes sense as it would cheapen the price of imports for Ireland and create real economic expansion.


Dealing with mass immigration could save Ireland up to four billions a year in welfare, health, education, housing and accommodation, so this would be a huge saver for Ireland and for the hard-pressed Irish taxpayer.


So, for example, there would be more council houses available for local Kilkenny and Carlow Irish people, more local school places, and less waiting time for hospital beds, operations and procedures if candidates like peter were elected.

But he won't get an easy run in our Kilkenny election because the Trotskyist NUJ ( British National Union of Journalists) who control the media, including the local papers like the Kilkenny People and the Carlow Nationalist as well as the weekly freebie the Kilkenny Reporter will either block him or ignore him on orders from the faceless men who run that union in London.

They make sure you are never told the actual facts and the truth about Ireland or Kilkenny or Carlow or indeed about who is pulling the strings and ordering our lives.

They are the mouthpieces and string pullers of the Zionist international One World Order, the UN & EU, who enslave us all and who we must rise up against by voting for genuine Irish candidates like Peter O'Loughlin and a great start can be made here in Kilkenny.

Thus everybody who believes in real freedom should vote for candidates like Peter O'Loughlin on Friday May 22nd and register a huge vote against the system that enslaves us and keeps us Irish down in our own country.


At a local and country level Peter wants to abolish Irish Water and the water charges, he wants to end the piss-acting about a technological university for Kilkenny and get it started now. Likewise he wants all the mouthing about the brewery site to get real and to start up soonest this year.


Savings from our massive 700 millions overseas aid will pay for water treatment plans at home in Ireland instead of being spent on military & arms in Africa.

He's a lovely fellow and a great candidate so we give him a warm welcome as the candidate for the new party, Identity Ireland.

So let's reclaim Ireland for the Irish by voting Number One for Peter O'Loughlin in our Carlow-Kilkenny by-election next month on Friday 22nd May.

Peter O'Loughlin on Youtube in the Euro election last May in which he did well with thousands of votes.
See and hear Peter here on youtube:

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