Why is it if you say you believe mass migration into Europe from the Middle East and North Africa poses a danger you are branded a Nazi?

If you point out uncontrolled movements into the EU might undermine workers’ rights and cause social unrest you are xenophobic.

Worst of all, if you point to the fact many people in Europe are afraid that allowing tens of millions of Muslims into the region could spell disaster, you are most definitely a racist.

Yet these are the things that concern ordinary citizens who feel they are being badly served by their leaders.

And whatever you do don’t mention the ISIS claim many hundreds of their sleepers have already slipped into Europe as refugees and are waiting to attack targets because you might cause panic.

On Wednesday, Italian police arrested a Somalian asylum seeker, 22, for allegedly planning a terror attack at Rome’s main train station Termini.

Officers claim the man was an imam, an Islamic preacher, who was allegedly recorded praising the Paris attacks on November 13 and encouraging migrants staying at the centre in Campomarino to join the jihadist cause.

There are similar incidents occurring all over the EU but we are told these are isolated cases. All it takes is one man and a bomb to cause carnage at Termini, King’s Cross or Connolly.

Indeed there is evidence news of similar arrests, especially in Sweden and Germany, have been suppressed because they undermine the blanket reassurances given by Angela Merkel that the public has nothing to fear from mass immigration.

Stranded refugees and migrants try to ram down part of the border fence.
Stranded refugees and migrants try to ram down part of the border fence. (Photo: Reuters)

Which begs the question – if that is the case, why is the EU’s south-eastern border being sealed off with razor wire leaving tens of thousands of migrants and refugees stranded?

The public heard Chancellor Merkel’s open invite, they watched the masses come in their millions and now they see the chaos that has been unfolding and they are told it’s all good.

They also see the rise of the far right  groups across Europe in response to what they claim is a threat to European civilisation and they are worried by mainstream media reports about the same.  

Ordinary people can’t figure out how taking in tens of millions of people with no affinity or understanding of European culture and traditions cannot be anything but disastrous.

They look to the French example and see the potential for social disorder down the road with a large immigrant population that has not only no intention of assimilating but which also demands their hosts adhere to their laws.

Certainly in Germany many people feel they got a taste of what might be to come when hundreds of women were attacked on the streets of Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

German police release images of five 'suspects over mass New Year sex attacks in Cologne'

To ordinary folk it is just impossible for a union that is already breaking apart to take in everyone who feels they need 
to flee from the Middle East.

They also see young children with terror in their faces pushed up against barbed wire fences and wonder how this situation was allowed to develop.

Could it not have been possible for the EU and US and maybe even Russia to use their combined military might to secure a safe zone for them in their homeland?

Indeed many of the conflicts which have caused the mass exodus were not helped by the actions of Western powers.

In many ways the public here and across the EU are way ahead of their out-of-touch leaders who were forced to cobble together a dirty deal with tyrannical Turkey which has agreed to take back refugees for cash.

Why can't the Irish and European navies simply bus the immigrants they find in the Mediterranean back the few miles to the North African coasts they came from? 

The Turkish agreement also offers visa-free travel for 80 million Turks which is already being seen as an even bigger disaster than the original migrant crisis.

On Monday Austria’s Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner stated what has been the blindingly obvious to most people for the past year when she said: “Europe cannot take in all the refugees. We have to stop this influx.”

Unfortunately, EU citizens are not listened to by the ruling elites, who have no concept of the fears and concerns of ordinary people. They want to pack Europe and Ireland with Asians and Africans. 

Much the same way our outgoing Government became totally detached from the public here. There's not a word about any of it amid all the Fine gael leadership debates at the moment. 

The historian Tom Holland has compared Angela Merkel to the Emperor Valens who admitted tens of thousands of Goths into the Roman Empire as refugees and then changed his mind.

He tweeted: “The parallel that struck me was how the crossing of the Danube disintegrated into chaos because of the numbers.”

Ironically the fleeing refugees were terrorised by the Huns, the ISIS of their day, but it didn’t end well as some historians claim it led to the fall of the empire.