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Thursday, 13 April 2017 15:59


GET OUT AND ABOUT IN KILKENNY TONIGHT!  Take those first steps to improve your health and lengthen your life, get off that couch, c'mon , all out and down to the new bridge - take in the fresh air of the river. Give up all that posting and complaining on Facebook and get out and about once again.. Tonight's the night to start getting fit again for the rest of your life, the Summer is in so get out of the house, forget about sitting crunched over Facebook, time to get out, walk , cycle and run for fun, for your health and a good long life, c'mon, ger out !!!

'City Walk' just one of many Kilkenny events planned by KRSP over the coming weeks



'City Walk' just one of many Kilkenny events planned by KRSP over the coming weeks

Several of the KRSP volunteers who will be guiding walks and other KRSP activities.

There’ll be a chance to walk out on the new bridge in Kilkenny this evening for the inaugural ‘Streets of Kilkenny 5k’ organised by Kilkenny City Harriers.

You don’t have to be an athlete to get out and about, as the bridge will also be open to pedestrians and general public from 6pm as part of the Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership’s (KRSP) City Walk to mark the event.

The meeting point for the walk is Canal Square at 5.45pm, and from there, the scenic route will follow the Canal Walk, cross over Ossory Pedestrian Bridge and turn back towards the city along the boardwalk on the banks of the Nore and back – all in time for the start of the Streets of Kilkenny.

The walk is just one of a number of events KRSP has planned over the coming weeks and months. Some new initiatives are starting up shortly. 

These include the first cycling programme, Get Back on Your Bike. The free tutored sessions will take place on Saturday mornings at 10am and will get participants back cycling for the summer. These are geared towards those who haven’t cycled for some years and will build their confidence in road situations.

The second programme is Couch to 40k cycle initiative and this gradually builds distance and endurance.

“You will be able to cycle with ease and take part in spins and recreational cycles,” says Catriona Corr of KRSP.

“This programme will take place on Monday nights at 7pm, beginning on May 8 and is free. You can confirm you place on these programmes by contacting Seamus on 087-3567884.”

An older adult circuit class will take place in The Watershed on Thursdays at 11am, beginning Thursday, April 27. Niamh Spratt, who has extensive experience of adapted physical activity and is currently lecturing in Sport and Exercise Science in Carlow IT, will lead the group. Special introductory offer is €20 for 6 classes. Classes should be booked in advance on or 056 7794991.

For further details on any of the KRSP initiatives, contact them on 056 7794991 or visit


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Trump Changed Syria — and the US Political Game

By David Horowitz

President Donald Trump’s Tomahawk missile strike in Syria has most commentators agreeing that it’s an international game changer, sending a message to bad actors from the Middle East to North Korea: There’s “a new sheriff in town” and the American superpower is back.

What is missing from these analyses is a recognition of the strike’s repercussions domestically. For the Syrian strike is also a game changer for Trump, who until now has been the target of unprecedented and unhinged political attacks.

In my new book "Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America," I have argued that he would reject Obama’s “lead from behind” foreign policy, use military force to crush jihadists and other bad actors — and would consequently soar in approval polls.

This just happened.

His Syrian strike also blows up the central myth of the Democrats’ resistance to the Trump presidency. This is the accusation that America’s new commander-in-chief is a pawn in Putin’s pocket, a closet colluder with the Russian beast.

The accusation always had a lunatic ring but since it was based on speculation about what Trump might do, it was difficult to definitively refute. Not anymore. The strike in Syria has blown it as sky high as the debris from the Syrian aircraft the Tomahawks destroyed.

Henceforth, Trump’s critics are more likely to warn of an imminent war with Russia than an imminent capitulation to Putin’s whims.

Trump’s surgical strike against Syria’s chemical weapons base has also had the effect of moving Trump toward the center of American politics. It has received praise from such unlikely Democrats as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, vitriolic leaders of the anti-Trump demolition squad.

In Schumer’s words, "Making sure Assad knows that when he commits such despicable atrocities he will pay a price is the right thing to do." Even Progressive Caucus member Rep. Louise Slaughter agreed that Trump’s strike was “a proportionate response to Assad’s barbaric use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians.”

Testimonies like this shred the slander that Trump is out of the mainstream, a fringe figure dangerously unpredictable; an irresponsible, incompetent clown, impervious to expert counsel and advice.

Instead a broad consensus has formed that Trump did exactly what Barack Obama failed to do when Bashar al-Assad crossed the red line Obama had drawn against the use of chemical weapons. In designing his own response, Trump conspicuously heeded the counsel of his military advisers and national security team, arriving at a plan that achieved the mission without going a bridge too far.

His measured but firm response provided a stark contrast to the feckless leadership of Obama, who was notorious in resisting the advice provided by his joint chiefs of staff during his eight years as commander-in-chief. While the Syrian strike put America back on the map as a great military power, its longer-term impact was to undermine the Democrats’ ultimate canard that Trump is “unfit” for the office. It will be a daunting challenge to persuade any reasonable-minded person of that malevolent charge again.

Until now Trump’s formidable successes — re-energizing the economy, fueling a stock market boom, bringing back factories and jobs, dramatically reducing illegal border crossings, getting his originalist nominee confirmed to the Court – have been obscured by the blizzard of malicious accusations under which Democrats have attempted to bury his presidency.

All of this has been quite predictable. I warned of it all in “Big Agenda.” I also gave Trump and his team a game plan to fight back. They are clearly listening to these ideas.

In the days ahead, the respect for Trump’s action will be his armor against such slanders, dramatically diminishing their credibility and power.

As a result, the president will be judged by more and more Americans on the basis of what he actually does rather than the paranoid fantasies that have hitherto been staples of the Never Trumpers, left and right.

"Big Agenda: President Trump's Plan to Save America" is available at bookstores everywhere — or get yours FREE from Newsmax – Click Here Now.

© 2017 Newsmax. All rights reserved.


Another horse found neglected in Kilkenny City

Wonder what excuse Cllr. Malcolm Noonan has this time?

Garda station file photo. Source: Ken McGuire/KCLR

It wasn’t microchipped and the ISPCA were notified.


One man was arrested after he became agitated when a horse was being removed in Kilkenny City.

Gardaí say they had to seize a horse, who they say was obviously malnourished, from a site near the Hebron Road Roundabout last Wednesday.

It wasn’t microchipped and the ISPCA were notified.

They say a number of local men became agitated when they tried to remove the horse, despite claiming that none of them owned it.

One of them was arrested and charged under a breach of the Public Order Act.

Now we suppose that Cllr. Malcolm Noonan will smear more people as racists. 

In a report by Mary Cody of the Kilkenny People, Kilkenny animal lovers were slated as racists in this week's edition of the Kilkenny newspaper out today. And already some stalwart citizens have taken grave exception to being described as racists. 

The report , headed "Kilkenny Traveller Community Movement slams recent "racism" '.  The Traveller body went further by describing the local animal lovers of this city as having caused "an outpouring of racism, bigotry and hate speech" - strong stuff. 

The Kilkenny Journal spoke to several animal lovers who said that there are actual witnesses that they have to some travellers killing a horse in the river. The local animal lovers deny that they have ever posted any hate speech on social media . They say that they reported the matter responsibility to the Gardai , but issued no condemnation but rather their concern in social media - which is their only outlet since the local media are on the side of the travellers . 

"It's easy to get out of the real situation by hurling charges of racism, bigotry and charges of "hate speech" against  people actively concerned for animals' lives. 

BTW no Irish person can be racist against an Irish traveller as they are Irish too! Nor can anybody be "bigoted" as being bigoted as religious connotations and both travellers and most Irish people here are Catholics.  Hate speech? That depends on individual opinion of whatever was said. But there is certainly strong criticism of the local traveller community by the local animal lovers who maintain that the traveller  community knows who the culprits are but won't tell the gardai. An animal rights campaigner told the Kilkenny Journal that if the Travellers had any sense of responsibility they should hand over the culprits responsible to the Gardai. 

The Kilkenny Journal has always supported the Travellers , however in this case we agree that the culprits should be handed over to the Gardai . And we feel that the Kilkenny People should not be so fast as to highlight unfair allegations against the animal lovers, several of whom we know and are decent and respectable citizens who do great works of charity for the animals in this city.  

Most people will not pay water charges as Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil bury hatchet

Solidarity TD warns deal will allow charges by ‘back door’

Fianna Fáil housing spokesman Barry Cowen  (left) has insisted water charges would not be imposed on the majority of the population. File photograph: Dara Mac Donaill / The Irish Times

Fianna Fáil housing spokesman Barry Cowen (left) has insisted water charges would not be imposed on the majority of the population. File photograph: Dara Mac Donaill / The Irish Times


The majority of people will not pay water charges under an agreement reached between Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil, parking the contentious issue that has dogged politics for six years.

An Oireachtas committee given the task of examining the issue produced a set of recommendations on the issue on Tuesday after a week that saw a bitter row nearly collapse the minority, Fine Gael-led Government that relies on the support of Fianna Fáil.

The deal between the two parties, emerging form the Oireachtas committee examining the future of water services, includes a commitment to install water meters in new builds, a charge for excessive use and a “per household” allowance for average usage, which reflects Fine Gael’s key demands. Excess usage will be 70 per cent above the average household use and the average will be set at 133 litres per person per day. The committee agreed that the Water Services Act 2007 would be amended to impose levies on householders who waste water, rather than fines.

Fianna Fáil housing spokesman Barry Cowen denied this was a U-turn by his party, insisting water charges would not be imposed on the majority of the population.

Kilkenny County Council could face battle to keep control in South Kilkenny

Waterford v Kilkenny

Senator Paudie Coffey is calling on Minister Coveney to transfer administrative control to Waterford.


“Disappointing” and “unhelpful” is how the comments of Waterford-based senator Paudie Coffey have been described by Kilkenny’s Cathaoirleach Matt Doran.

Matt Doran was responding to Senator Coffey who says he is now calling on Minister Simon Coveney to transfer the administration of an area of South Kilkenny over to Waterford. Coffey, the Minister for State behind the landgrab proposal who lost his Dail seat , hasn't learned anything,as  it's obvious that many voters with Kilkenny connections voted him out of power.  His defeat also shows that not many Waterford people saw the issue as in any way important. 

In the Minister’s statement last week announcing there would be no county boundary change, he said that instead “new and imaginative structures” would be put in place.

However, Kilkenny County Council have issued a statement saying they don’t think handing over control of the area in question, was what the Minister had in mind.

Speaking  this morning, Cathaoirleach Matt Doran says they won’t be taking it lying down.


Historic Bridge House in Kilkenny sold for around half a million euro

It’s being described as one of the most architecturally important in Kilkenny City


A building that’s being described as one of the most architecturally important in Kilkenny City has been sold.

The Bridge House beside the River Court Hotel on John’s Street and across the Nore from Kilkenny Castle has been sold for in the region of half a million euro. There is no announcement from the purchaser yet. It is popularly known as "Dr. Mitchell's" house after a popular G.P. who had practiced there half a century ago. 

The original building dates from about the 17th century but with a number of renovations over the centuries – it’s now a protected building.

The house was built by the Butlers of Ormonde, and it’s also said to still have bullet holes in its walls from the Civil War during the early 1920s.

Speaking on last night’s The Way It Is, Kilkenny planner and architect, Catherine Larkin says it has plenty of other historical connections as well.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017 12:34


Dortmund bus explosion: Police investigate Islamist connection

Authorities are probing an Islamist background to the attack on the Borussia Dortmund team bus on Tuesday. A letter claiming responsibility reportedly mentions military operations in Syria and Angela Merkel by name.

Sicherheit in Dortmund nach der Explosion am BVB-Bus (picture alliance/dpa/G. Kirchner)


Three explosions went off near Borussia Dortmund's team bus as it set off for the Champions League quarterfinal match against AS Monaco on Tuesday, authorities said. According to local media reports, the case has been handed over to federal prosecutors, which usually means an incident is considered terrorism or a similarly serious crime.

Further reports indicated that a note found near the explosives began "in the name of Allah, the merciful," and that investigators were looking into possible Islamist connections.

German news agency dpa reported seeing the letter, whichi addressed German Chancellor Angela Merkel directly. "You obviously aren't bothered about your dirty little subjects," the note allegedly read. "Your Tornados continue to fly over the ground of the Caliphate to murder Muslims."

A government spokesman said Merkel was "appalled by the attack," and had offered her solidarity with Borussia Dortmund.

"The letter's authenticity is being verified," prosecutor Sandra Lücke told journalists.

Dortmund bus attacked - as it happened

Inside the stadium as the attack took place 

Police spokesman Gunnar Wortmann confirmed there were "three explosions near the [Borussia Dortmund] team bus as they left the hotel to go to the stadium." Dortmund police said on their Twitter account said they "assume that this was an attack with serious explosives."

At a press conference, police said they did not want to jump to conclusions by saying the three explosions were a terror attack. "We are assuming that they were a targeted attack against the Dortmund team," said Dortmund city's police chief Gregor Lange. An explosive-like item was found at the team's hotel after the blasts but it did not ignite. 

Watch video00:30

Police comments on Dortmund explosions

The police were quick to praise the calm reaction of fans, which "helped us and the club enormously." While still in the stadium, Monaco fans chanted "Dortmund! Dortmund!" in support of their Champions League rival. The German club commended the support on their social media account and helped to direct the Monaco fans toward overnight accommodation.

Under the hashtag #bedsforawayfans, hundreds of French supporters found accomodation for the night with locals. DW's Kate Brady in Dortmund met one fan who put up six Monaco fans.

 fan Roger on why he took in six Monaco fans after the @BVB bus attack in :

Marc Bartra injuries

The club said defender Marc Bartra injured his arm and his hand and was taken straight to hospital. BVB chairman Hans-Joachim Watzke said Bartra's injuries were not "life-threatening." Borussia Dortmund's representative at a press conference on Tuesday night confirmed that Bartra was undergoing surgery on his injured wrist and lower arm. 

Dortmund goalkeeper Roman Bürki, who was sitting near Bartra on the team bus, chronicled the incident in an interview with Swiss newspaper "Blick," calling it "a proper explosion."

"We departed the hotel at 19:15 (1715 UTC). The bus turned onto the main street when there was a huge bang - a proper explosion," Bürki said in the interview. "I sat in the last row next to Marc Bartra, who was hit by splinters of broken glass from the back window."

Fußball Bundesliga Borussia Dortmund - FC Ingolstadt 04 Marc Bartra (picture-alliance)

Defender Marc Bartra sustained hand and arm injuries

The match was rescheduled to Wednesday.

"The team is totally shocked, that's clear. It's our task now to digest this somehow because it's only 24 hours before we have to play. That's our job," Watzke was quoted as saying.

Watch video00:58

Explosions hit Borussia Dortmund bus ahead of Champions League game

dv/es/rt (AP, AFP, Reuters)




Dortmund bus explosion injures team athlete12.04.2017 

 UEFA Champions League Borussia Dortmund v AS Monaco Fans

Reactions in the stadium as the Borussia Dortmund bus was attacked 12.04.2017

The team bus was bombed moments after it left the hotel for the stadium and their Champions League game with Monaco. DW reporter Michael Da Silva was at the stadium in Dortmund when the attack happened.

Explosion am BVB Bus

The Kilkenny Journal proposed that the new bridge be called "PRIM BRIDGE" in memory and honour of John Prim , the great historian of Kilkenny. Of the eight short list names we prefer it be named after William le Marechal , that is, William le Marechal bridge after the great Norman founder of the city. 

Eight names have been shortlisted for the new bridge in Kilkenny City, which is to open early next month.

Kilkenny County Council received 90 submissions regarding the naming, with 67 different names suggested during the public consultation process in February of this year. They have now been considered by the council’s ‘Naming of Infrastructure’ committee, and the following shortlist has been produced:

Berkeley Bridge; Cathedral Bridgel Chancellors Bridge; Edmond Smithwick Bridge; Edmund Rice Bridge; William Marshall Bridge; St Francis Bridge; and Strongbow’s Bridge.

Kilkenny County Council will select the ‘most appropriate’ name using the criteria in its naming and commemorative memorial policy (available from the council’s website).

Members of the public are now invited to comment, if they wish, on the above list. Comments should be in on or before 5pm on Friday, April 27 – sent to Tim Butler, Director of Services, Kilkenny County Council, County Hall, John Street, Kilkenny.

Gardaí 'harassed and bullied' after photos posted online, sergeant claims

National Union of Journalists says banning photos of gardaí could have 'grave implications' for freedom of expression

Gardaí are calling for a law banning the publication of images on any media without permission Stock Image1Gardaí are calling for a law banning the publication of images on any media without permission Stock Image

Cathal McMahon and Tom Brady

April 10 2017 9:49 PM

Gardaí say they have been subjected to bullying and harassment after members of the public have taken their photos and posted them online.

A controversial motion, due to be discussed at the Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors (AGSI) conference on Tuesday, calls for a law to be introduced banning photos of gardaí from being posted on any form of media without permission.

The motion has been criticised by the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) who say it “could have grave implications for the right to freedom of expression”.

However Sgt Pat Baldwin from Co Kilkenny said something needs to be done to protect members of An Garda Síochána from the online bullying.

He said that he has been approached by members over the last couple of months complaining about social media where they have been identified and details of where they live have been posted online.

He said: “Some members of their family have suffered horrendous harassment and continuous and sustained not short of bullying on social media because of their job.

“On one occasion one of their kids was pinpointed and for another member it was mentioned where he trains kids about his job and something that was posted on social media about him.”

Sgt Baldwin said it seems to be a “certain level of person” who targets members.

He explained: “They have no specific complaint - they just want to identify that member and harass them.

“There are laws in relation to harassment but that takes a considerable amount of time to investigate and it’s too late because it's on social media.”

Sgt Baldwin claimed that the harassment snowballs online.

Advertisement 00:04

“People of the same mind start liking it and making other comments.

“It's very devastating to the member and their families - particularly families.”

Some AGSI members now want Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald to make it a criminal offence to post photos and personal details about gardaí online.

The motion has been criticised by the NUJ.

Acting General Secretary Séamus Dooley wrote to his AGSI counterpart John Jacob on Monday afternoon.

In his letter Mr Dooley said the proposal from the Dublin Metropolitan Region, West Division “could have grave implications for the right to freedom of expression.”

He added: “It is disturbing that any section would contemplate banning the taking of photographs or recording of public events or assemblies. 

“The motion, as I understand it, could also criminalise the taking of photographs of State occasions and the photographing of public buildings such as  Leinster House, for example. It is in all likelihood incapable of implementation but the ideology behind the proposal raises serious concerns.”

He continued: “The proposal that photographing members of the force on duty should be made a criminal offence would, in particular, have significant implications for working journalists. Police powers should be exercised in public with maximum transparency. The right to free assembly is  a cornerstone of a democracy and is cherished in this country.”

However the Kilkenny Journal agrees with Sergeant Baldwin that something must be done about the online bullying of individual Gardai and their families, that this cannot be tolerated any further. 

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