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Thursday, 25th May 2017
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Councillor Sean Tyrrell of Kilkenny County Council announced to the Kilkenny Journal today that he will refuse, if asked, to shake hands with HRH Prince Charles on his visit to Kilkenny. He says that his position is different in this matter than that of the late Martin McGuinness as Martin was deputy prime minister representing cross-community in Northern Ireland -  but that he is a free agent in his role as a councillor representing Kilkenny West that includes the Medieval Mile along which the British Prince will walk. And he disputed with us that the Prince's visit will have any appreciable effect on local tourism. 

Sean said that he will have to act according to his conscience. He will turn out robed along with the rest of the Council, as expected of him on the day, but he will offer no hand in friendship to the British Crown Prince while his mother's armed forces occupy six counties of Ireland. Asked what the local Sinn Fein TD , his close friend and colleague would do, would she shake hands with the Prince  , Sean replied that that is a matter for her to say and not for him.  There's no whip on this , it's a matter for every Sinn Fein party member and their conscience and his conscience will not allow him to shake hands with any member of the British royal family while Ireland remains unfree. A mem,ber of the famous Kilkenny hurling family of the Tyrells, Sean refuses to participate in soccer or any British games. 

He says that this is a matter of principle for him, that it goes to his heart, that he could not sleep nights were he to greet a British prince while a major part of  Ireland is still in shackles. He totally supports his party leader Gerry Adams in his call for a border poll. He believes that now is the opportune time to finally get the British out of Ireland while they are disengaging from Europe , he feels that we will now have the full backing of the EU for Irish Freedom and we must increase the volume of our calls to get the Brits out of Ireland at long last .

He says that votes do not matter to him when the Cause of ireland is at stake and that he is proud to show his determination as a patriotic Irishman to the British Crown Prince. However he is saddened to think some of the rest of them on the Council will be pushing and shoving to get to shake hands with Charles first, mostly the councillors of Fianna fail, Fine Gael and Labour  and he views such behaviour with quiet contempt . Sean states that he is not in it for the photo opportunities and the votes as they are. He believes that his Sinn Fein colleagues on the Council will take a similar stand to him. 

He is turning out robed for the occasion as he has a duty to represent the Council and his constituents and he is doing that as is required of him, and not staying at home sulking because Charles is coming, but he will stand there with his colleagues and regard the British prince unflinchingly in silent protest on behalf of Ireland. He believes that this would be much more effective in the full view of all the cameras than simply staying away. He will  be there to "man up" to Charles.and to tell him that it's time for him and his mother to disengage from Ireland while they are disengaging from Europe. He will be entirely respectful; of Charles as a tourist visiting Kilkenny, as "Mr. Windsor" in fact with an address at Buckingham Palace, London. He will do nothing to upset the reception but he will not let it go without the British hearing that they are not welcome in Ireland until they finally withdraw. 

"There must be no hard border, in fact there should be no border at all" , Kilkenny's newest young councillor shot at the Kilkenny Journal reporter as he departed.  


HRH Prince Charles is paying a visit to Kilkenny city on May 11th next. 


Loreto students do themselves proud in Action Aid competition

Loreto students do themselves proud in Action Aid competition

Two students from Loreto Kilkenny were among the seven runners-up in Action Aid’s National Speech Writing Competition this year.

Emma de Bruin and Ella Brennan narrowly missed out on the top prize, after a lot of hard work.

The competition final was held in the Royal Irish Academy (RIA) this week. Nine finalists delivered their speeches in front of a panel of judges: Alan O’Neill, CEO, Men’s Development Network; Winifred Ikhine Akinyemi of Irish Aid; Elaine Prendeville, Editor, The Magazine at The Sunday Business Post; and Seona McLoughlin, Coordinator of the Irish Consortium of Gender Based Violence.

“This is my third year being involved in the ActionAid Speech Writing Competition and again I am truly impressed by the standard of speech writing and delivery of all the participants,” said Rodney Rice, ActionAid Ireland chairman.

“Emma and Ella both showed a very high degree of skill and analysis and very narrowly missed out on being announced winners.”

Over 100 students entered the competition, aged 14 to 17, from over 30 schools across the country. Emma and Ella narrowly missed out on the winning prize. Their speeches focused on women’s rights in development.

Kilkenny bred horse wins Grand National

Sean Keane0
Kilkenny horse wins Grand National

One For Arthur wins Grand National

John Dwan from Bennettsbridge yesterday continued Kilkenny's love affair with the world's most popular horse race.

He bred One For Arthur winner of the Aintree Grand National at his farm in the village of Bennettsbridge. The sire was Milan and the dam Nonnetia.

The most famous horse to win the race was Red Rum who triumphed three times in the mid 1970s. He was  bred in the Kilkenny village of Kells by the McEnery family not far from Bennettsbridge.

Michael O'Leary slams climate change as 'complete and utter rubbish'

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary. Photo: Colin O'Riordan1Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary. Photo: Colin O'Riordan

Sasha Brady

April 8 2017 4:26 PM

Ryanair chief Michael O'Leary has dismissed climate change concerns as "complete and utter rubbish".

Speaking to RTÉ Radio One's Countrywide programme, Mr O'Leary said he believes that people's fears about global warming are unfounded.

He dismissed climate change as "complete and utter rubbish".

“This kind of nonsense that we all need to cut back on beef production or that we all need to eat vegetables or go vegan and all start cycling bicycles is not the way forward. I think it’s complete and utter rubbish," he said.

"You had these people standing round the market square 2,000 years ago saying the end of the world is nigh. In the 19th century in London, they thought they were all going to die from smog. There is always some lunatic out there who points to a load of rubbish science; science changes.”

Mr O'Leary expressed his desire to see nuclear fuel being considered as a viable future energy source.

"If you're concerned about these issues, the obvious one is more nuclear fuel, but you ask the likes of Mary Robinson, the climate change justice mob, and they recoil in horror because it's not trendy or liberal."

Mr O'Leary said he doesn't believe that beef consumption and carbon emissions are the primary driving forces of climate change.

The Ryanair boss said he believes "human ingenuity will find ways of improving the way we breed beef and they way we consume fuel".

When asked if accepted that climate change is happening, Mr O'Leary said that the cooling and warming had been "going on for years" and he didn't accept it was linked to carbon usage.

"I don't accept that climate change is real. I don't accept the link between carbon consumption and climate change."

A murderous attack by driving a brewery truck into people in a busy central Stockholm street occurred this afternoon on a pattern becoming all too familiar in Europe. 

When will the EU, when will our governments ever learn, that you do not allow these people into our countries in the first place? 

It looks like the perpetrator of this foul deed has escaped. We are now all sitting ducks and it's all due to these crazy policies of allowing millions into Europe - and thus  into our own countries. These people are no good anyway,, they are no addition as they are unskilled and are simply a heavy burden on the State. What sort of logic, what sport of so-called brains is behind all this sham liberalism that has such crazy policies in the EU ands in our own country? 

Here in Ireland we have plenty of a workforce available and never needed immigrants in the first place, in fact a half million of our own citizens have been driven out over the past decade, a million since all this immigration craziness began. Now we are reaping the whirlwind. And with their burkas we don't even know who is passing us in the street - could easily be a terrorist.

All we can do now is hope and pray for those wounded in Stockholm this afternoon, and pray for the families of the dead. God bless them all, hopefully our politicians who are primarily responsible for all this, will recover their brains and cop on finally. 


Kilkenny murder trial: Malone told Gardai he argued with woman hours before she was found strangled


Natasha Reid

Natasha Reid

7 Apr 2017


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kilkenny murder trial .

The trial continues at the Central Criminal Court.

A man accused of the murder of a widowed pensioner in Kilkenny in 1987 told gardai that he had argued with her over a pigeon hours before she was found strangled, his cold-case trial has heard.

John Joseph Malone is charged with murdering 69-year-old Ann ‘Nancy’ Smyth on September 11, 1987 at her home on Wolfe Tone Street in Kilkenny City. She was strangled before fire was set to her house.

The 53-year-old of Newpark in Kilkenny City has pleaded not (NOT) guilty. Details of his garda interviews were read to the Central Criminal Court this (Friday) morning on the eleventh day of his trial.

Retired Superintendent Paschal Connolly gave evidence of 11 interviews conducted with the accused a few days after the killing. He said Mr Malone had not, at first, told gardai that he had been in contact with Mrs Smyth in the early hours of that morning. However, in later interviews, he admitted arguing with her outside her home around 12.40am.

He said he’d been walking to a disco and met her at the door of her house, talking to herself. He said he told her that one of his pigeons was in her loft and that he wanted it. He said they’d argued, that he might have gone inside the gate but not inside the house.

He said the interaction lasted 30 minutes and that he then went home.

“No-one saw me go home. That’s why I’m here, he said.

The trial continues this afternoon.


Cars damaged as stones are thrown from Hebron Road Roundabout in Kilkenny

Gardaí say a similar incident was also reported there on Wednesday evening.


Gardaí in Kilkenny were called to the Hebron Road Roundabout yesterday evening after a number of people reported that stones were being thrown at their cars.

The Kilkenny Journal understands that a number of youths were seen on the roundabout itself. The halting site is nearby. 


Concerns raised as pedestrian crossing on Callan Road cordoned off

They say there’s now no place to cross that busy road safely.


Concerns are being raised by locals after the lights at the only pedestrian crossing on the Kilkenny City side of the Callan Road were shut down this week.

The crossing, which is close to the SOS Centre and the School of the Holy Spirit, has also been cordoned off – leaving many concerned that there’s now no safe place for the users of these services to cross.

Kilkenny County Council have confirmed to KCLR News that this was done as a result of the works that are ongoing on that road.

They say that the contractor has been in touch with the SOS and the school there and that caution signs advising drivers to let people cross should be in place early next week.

Until then they say that those wishing to cross that road will simply have to wait until there’s a break in traffic.

Friday, 07 April 2017 15:01



Calls for action to repair road to local famine graveyard

Locals say both the council and farmers there are at a stalemate over who should take responsibility


A local man involved in the Cherryfield famine graveyard outside Callan says the road leading up to it is destroyed and needs to be repaired.

Eddie Kennedy has been associated with the historical site there for years which he says is maintained and landscaped but the access to it is getting harder.

He says the issue is now at a stalemate between the council and landowners.

The controversial CAS bridge is expected to fully open to traffic in the first or second week of May


In the region of €16.5 – €17 million euro has been spent on the Central Access Scheme works in Kilkenny City.

The controversial CAS bridge – which as yet has no name – is expected to fully open to traffic in the first or second week of May with an official opening to follow.

The works have been causing traffic chaos for many drivers in and around the city – especially this week with the closure of the Castlecomer Road.

Speaking on last night’s "The Way It Is" , Director of Services, Tim Butler says, thankfully all these works are nearing a finish.

Though it’s not due to open fully until next month, those looking for a preview will get the chance this evening. 

The bridge is being opened for the Kilkenny City Harriers'  ‘Streets of Kilkenny’ event from 7.30pm.

See you all there for what promises to be a festive occasion this lovely evening in Kilkenny. 

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