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BREAKING: Victim, who made Freshford her home, remembered as 'a kind and lovely woman'. 


More murders as mass immigration of other cultures kicks in. 

Mary Codyeshford this evening. Picture by Pat Moore

 'A caring and calm woman' who 'adored her daughter' is how a young mother who died earlier today is being remembered by those who knew her adopted home of Freshford.

The woman, who is believed to be from Latvia, was described this evening as a 'kind and lovely person' by those who knew her in the village.

"She was always with her young daughter, you would often see them in the Millennium Park playing together. She was a wonderful mother and a lovely person," remarked one neighbour.

Local councillor Michael McCarthy told the Kilkenny People that the thoughts and prayers of the community were with the woman's family and friends.

A man in his thirties, believed also to be a foreign national, has been arrested and remains in custody at Kilkenny Garda Station where he is being interviewed by detectives. Gardai are treating the death as suspicious.

A post mortem is expected to be carried out later today.



Man arrested following death of woman in Freshford, Kilkenny

Gardaí were called at 2.45 this afternoon


A man has been arrested following the death of a woman in Freshford, Co Kilkenny.

Gardaí were called to a house on Bridge Street this afternoon after the woman, who’s in her 20s, was removed to hospital at around midday with serious injuries.

She later died in St Luke’s Hospital.

A man in his 30s was arrested this afternoon and is being held in Kilkenny Garda Station under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act.

The scene at the house is sealed off and is undergoing a forensic technical examination.

The office of the State Pathologist has been notified and a post mortem examination will be carried out on the body of the woman.

SF-IRA support for tyranny - SF-IRA support for the Nazis


The IRA during the Holocaust

Nazis and Nazi supporters in Ireland

Irish memorials to Nazi collaborators

Frank Ryan

Sean Russell

Seán McCool

Sinn Fein hypocrisy

The true heroes of WW2: The Irish who fought for the allies


IRA support for the Nazis - original documents

Ireland in World War 2

Dan Breen



The IRA supported the Nazis in WW2

Sinn Fein / IRA, being hard leftists, like to call their opponents "fascists". And indeed there is some truth in it, as regards the hard-core loyalists at least. But SF-IRA are not the people to criticise.

The IRA supported the Nazis in WW2 (the real ones, not just rhetorical ones). They ran safe houses for Nazi spies, aided Nazi intelligence, and even helped Nazi bombers. They planned to bring about a Nazi German invasion of Ireland, and would no doubt have been installed as a quisling government had Germany occupied Ireland.



Introductory reading - secondary sources

Many people refuse to believe the information on this page. Here are some gentle introductions:

Introductory reading - primary sources

If you still refuse to believe me, then see this page:

These are primary sources - screenshots of original documents. Not secondary sources.

Nazi Collaborators - The IRA.
The Military Channel, 2011.




The IRA supported the Nazis, and the Nazis supported the IRA. The IRA helped the Luftwaffe bomb Belfast and Derry.

Hitler would of course have done to Ireland what he did to every other country. In the Wannsee Conference notes of Jan 1942, Ireland's 4,000 Jews were listed for extermination. No doubt Irish quislings would have helped in this, as quislings helped in every other country.

Luckily, the IRA failed in their plans, and the Jews of Ireland were not exterminated. The IRA has still not apologised for this.


  • Fascism


  • Ireland in World War 2


  • "The Emergency" (WW2 in Ireland)
  • The IRA's collaboration with the Nazis
  • Irish Nazi collaborators


  • Operation Green - Hitler's plan for the Nazi invasion of Ireland.
  • Plan Kathleen / The Artus Plan - The IRA plan for the Nazi invasion of Northern Ireland. The IRA wanted the Nazis to "liberate" Northern Ireland from the British.


  • The Belfast Blitz - 200 German aircraft bombed Belfast in 1941. 1,000 dead, and half the city wrecked. And the IRA helped them.


  • [Hanley, 2005] has shocking wartime quotes from the IRA and Cumann na mBan.
    • In the illegal War News, the IRA's main publication, "Satisfaction was expressed that the "cleansing fire" of the German armies was driving the Jews from Europe. ... War News condemned the arrival in Ireland of "so-called Jewish refugees", along with unspecified numbers of "Albanian, Abyssinian, Mongolian [and] Tartars"."
    • Hanley points out that a Nazi invasion of Ireland would have killed vastly more Irish than were killed in the conflict with Britain. In a single night: "the Germans killed more Irish civilians in the bombing of Belfast than had died at the hands of the British during the War of Independence." A Nazi invasion of Ireland would have killed at least 100,000 Irish.


  • Articles
    • IRA plotted with Nazis to invade Northern Ireland, Telegraph, 19 Oct 2001.
    • Nazis "planned NI invasion" with IRA help, BBC, 14 November, 2003.
    • Secret files shine light on IRA/Nazi contacts, Reuters, 14 Nov 2003.
    • Hitler and the IRA, Gary Gratton, Belfast Telegraph, 14 Nov 2003.
    • As Frank McGahon says about the IRA's support for the Germans: "England's difficulty would certainly have been Ireland's opportunity: Ireland's opportunity to live under the Nazi jackboot."
    • A past we'd rather forget by Henry McDonald, 7 January 2001, sums it up: "In the 1940s, the IRA was allied to one of the most evil regimes in human history. Had they succeeded in their goal of uniting Ireland on the back of a Nazi victory, every man, woman and child would have become vassals of the Nazi empire. And, as Micheal Burleigh emphasises .. Hitler planned to eliminate the Jews of Ireland as part of his maniacal project to destroy entirely the Jewish people. Yet this collaboration with Nazism is rarely mentioned in the traditional nationalist narratives of the twentieth century."


  • SDLP figure Paddy Devlin was in the IRA when young. He said that during the war they supported the Nazi side: "Paddy Devlin admitted that during the war there was a great degree of sympathy for the Nazis inside the IRA in Belfast. Devlin recalled that while in Crumlin Road jail he and his comrades enthusiastically plotted the advance of the Germans into the Soviet Union on a map in their prison cell. Each time news came through the radio about Nazi victories he and the other IRA inmates would cheer to the rafters."



  • SF-IRA supported the Nazis. The unionists fought the Nazis. Explain that, Sinn Fein.
SF-IRA supporters react in various absurd ways to the information on this page. 
One guy says it was all long ago. (And this from people who bang on about 1916, Cromwell and the Famine!) 
Another guy (who uses the handle of Nazi collaborator Tom Barry) says that the IRA collaborating with Nazi Germany in fact proves their anti-Nazi credentials!



The IRA was allied to the Nazis during the Holocaust

The IRA did not break off its alliance with Nazi Germany when the Holocaust started.

The Holocaust began in earnest with the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941. Nazi Germany began the systematic extermination of the Jews of Europe, first with mobile death squads, later with gas chambers.


The IRA stayed allied to Nazi Germany during this period. The IRA Army Council re-affirmed this alliance in April 1942.

Mass execution of Jewish women, Nazi-occupied Soviet Union, in 1941
This is photo 2725/1 in the Yad Vashem Photo Archives
See also photo 2725/11.

Jewish women and children lined up for execution in the massacre at Liepaja, Latvia, in Dec 1941
This is photo 2573/24 in the Yad Vashem Photo Archives.

In the Wannsee Conference notes of Jan 1942, Ireland's 4,000 Jews were listed for extermination. (See "Irland" in list B.) 
In Feb 1942 the IRA was helping Nazi spies in Ireland.

In April 1942 the IRA Army Council passed a formal resolution supporting co-operation with Nazi Germany.
From p.223 of The Secret Army, J. Bowyer Bell, 1997 edn.
Chief-of-Staff of the IRA at this time was Seán McCool.
The IRA would be the Vichy regime if the Holocaust came to Ireland.



Nazis and Nazi supporters in Ireland

  1. Andrija Artukovic, Nazi war criminal given refuge in Ireland after the war.
  2. Norman Baillie-Stewart, wartime Nazi propagandist who settled in Ireland after the war.
  3. Tom Barry, famous guerrilla leader, Chief-of-Staff of the IRA 1937, and Nazi collaborator. [12]
  4. Charles Bewley, Irish ambassador to Nazi Germany, Nazi propagandist. [1]
  5. James Brady, Irishman who fought for the Nazis.
  6. Dan Breen, extremist republican, and Nazi spy and collaborator. [16]
  7. Caitlín Brugha, widow of Cathal Brugha, and Nazi collaborator. [2]
  8. Helmut Clissmann, Nazi spy. [11]
  9. John Codd, Irishman who fought for the Nazis.
  10. Paddy Devlin, IRA man and Nazi collaborator. [10]
  11. Louis Feutren, French Nazi collaborator who settled in Ireland after the war. He taught French at St Conleth's College until 1985.
  12. Mick FitzpatrickChief-of-Staff of the IRA 1937-38, and Nazi collaborator. [4]
  13. Oliver J. Flanagan praised Hitler for attacking the Jews. [17]
  14. Albert Folens, famous Irish schoolbooks publisher, and wartime Nazi collaborator.
  15. Hermann Goertz, Nazi spy. [18]
  16. Liam S. Gogan, poet, and Nazi collaborator. [3]
  17. Iseult Gonne, wartime Nazi collaborator. [19]
  18. Maud Gonne, Irish revolutionary, Yeats' muse, and wartime Nazi collaborator. [19]
  19. Sean HarringtonChief-of-Staff of the IRA 1941-42, and Nazi collaborator. [4]
  20. Stephen HayesChief-of-Staff of the IRA 1940-41, and Nazi collaborator. [4]
  21. Stephen Held (and here), IRA man and Nazi collaborator.
  22. Eduard Hempel, Nazi Germany ambassador to Ireland in WW2.
  23. Alan Heusaff, French Nazi collaborator who settled in Ireland after the war.
  24. William Joyce, wartime Nazi propagandist.
  25. Pearse KellyChief-of-Staff of the IRA 1941, and Nazi collaborator. [4]
  26. Charlie KerinsChief-of-Staff of the IRA 1942-44, and Nazi collaborator. [4] [5]
  27. Célestin Lainé, French Nazi collaborator who settled in Ireland after the war.
  28. Kathleen Lynn, Sinn Fein TD and wartime Nazi collaborator. [19]
  29. Adolf Mahr, pre-war director of the National Museum of Ireland, wartime Nazi propagandist.
  30. Hugh McAteerChief-of-Staff of the IRA 1942, and Nazi collaborator. [4]
  31. Sean MacBrideChief-of-Staff of the IRA 1936, and wartime Nazi collaborator. [6]
  32. Seán McCoolChief-of-Staff of the IRA 1942, and Nazi collaborator. [4] [7]
  33. Joseph McGarrity, head of Clan na Gael and Nazi collaborator. [13]
  34. Charlie McGuinness, Irish adventurer and Nazi collaborator. [8]
  35. Eoin McNameeChief-of-Staff of the IRA 1942, and Nazi collaborator. [4]
  36. Pieter Menten, Nazi war criminal who lived in Ireland after the war.
  37. Helena Moloney, Cumann na mBan activist and wartime Nazi collaborator. [19]
  38. Seamus O'Donovan, IRA man and Nazi collaborator. [14]
  39. Eoin O'Duffy, first leader of Fine Gael, and Nazi collaborator.
  40. John J. O'Kelly hated the Jews, and supported Hitler. [15]
  41. Fant Rozec, French Nazi collaborator who fled to Ireland after the war.
  42. Sean RussellChief-of-Staff of the IRA 1938-40, and Nazi collaborator. [4]
  43. Frank Ryan, the "anti-fascist" turned Nazi collaborator.
  44. Gunther Schuetz, Nazi spy who lived in Ireland after the war.
  45. George Bernard Shaw supported Hitler. [9]
  46. Francis Stuart, author, Nazi collaborator and propagandist.

This all means that, incredibly, these organisations were founded by Nazi collaborators:

  1. Fine Gael was co-founded in 1933 by a Nazi collaborator (Eoin O'Duffy).
  2. Amnesty International was co-founded in 1961 by a Nazi collaborator (Sean MacBride).
  3. Amnesty International (Ireland) was co-founded in 1962 by a Nazi spy (Helmut Clissmann).
  4. The SDLP was co-founded in 1970 by a Nazi collaborator (Paddy Devlin).
Sean Harrington, Chief-of-Staff of the IRA 1941-42, was a Nazi collaborator. 
The above is from The Guy Liddell Diaries (MI5 diaries), Volume 1: 1939-1942.

Charlie Kerins, Chief-of-Staff of the IRA 1942-44, was a Nazi collaborator. 
The above is from the Morning Bulletin, Rockhampton, Australia, 1 Feb 1943.


  • Some guy (apparently) called "Ru Ni Digs" disputes my page:
    • He denies that Sean Harrington, Chief-of-Staff of the IRA 1941-42, and Charlie Kerins, Chief-of-Staff of the IRA 1942-44, were Nazi collaborators. So the items on Harrington and Kerins above are a response to him.
    • The fact is that every Chief-of-Staff of the IRA from 1937 to 1945 was a Nazi collaborator. It was policy. Every IRA leader supported this policy. If "Ru Ni Digs" claims some IRA leader broke with policy and did not support the alliance with the Nazis, I think it’s up to him to provide proof of this extraordinary claim.
    • "Ru Ni Digs" claims I use Stormfront as a source, which is simply a lie.


George Bernard Shaw supported Hitler, and denied the Holocaust happened. 
Clip from The Soviet Story.



Irish memorials to Nazi collaborators

The statue of Sean Russell is the best-known such memorial. But there are others.


Memorial to the Nazi collaborator Charlie Kerins, opposite the Bon Secours Hospital, Tralee.
See street view.

"Charlie's" bar in Tralee is named after a Nazi collaborator.

Memorial to the Nazi collaborator Tom Barry
Fitzgerald Park, Cork. See street view
From here. See more.


  • Nazi graffiti daubed on grave of Tom Barry, Mar 2013:
    • Tom Barry is buried in St. Finbarr's Cemetery, Cork.
    • Republican graves at St. Finbarr's, including Tom Barry's, were vandalised in Mar 2013. Nazi graffiti was daubed on them. Disgraceful. Anyone who does this should be jailed.
    • Nelson McCausland of the DUP seems to be alone in spotting the possible irony that Tom Barry was a Nazi collaborator.
    • Evidence so far though points to an attack by an unstable person with legal problems, rather than a political attack.


There may be all sorts of good reasons why they did so, but the Irish state commemorated a Nazi collaborator with a postage stamp. 
Nazi collaborator Sean MacBride appeared on an Irish stamp in 1994. 
Nazi supporter George Bernard Shaw appeared on a stamp in the same set. (Shaw has appeared on Irish stamps multiple times.)



Frank Ryan

Viva la Quinta Brigada, song by Christy Moore celebrating Frank Ryan's fight against Franco in the Spanish Civil War. 
Christy Moore doesn't mean it to be, but unfortunately this is another memorial to a Nazi collaborator.


  • Christy Moore's simplistic view of the Spanish Civil War:
    • Even if we just stick to the Spanish Civil War, this song is terribly simplistic. Christy Moore describes the war as: "Truth and love against the force of evil; Brotherhood against the fascist clan." Franco was a fascist dictator and ally of Hitler who committed atrocities. But the Spanish Republicans included communists and allies of Stalin who committed atrocities such as killing 7,000 clergy. I would not support either side.
    • Christy Moore attacks the Irish who fought for Franco"Many Irishmen heard the call of Franco; Joined Hitler and Mussolini too. Propaganda from the pulpit and newspapers; Helped O'Duffy to enlist his crew. The word came from Maynooth, "support the Nazis". The men of cloth failed again; When the Bishops blessed the Blueshirts in Dun Laoghaire; As they sailed beneath the swastika to Spain." Yes, the church was wrong to support fascists, but missing is the fact that the fascists' enemies were torturing and killing priests and nuns, and burning churches. The "anti-fascists" burned synagogues and churches, castrated priests, raped nuns, banned religion.
    • Notice how Christy Moore makes out that the other side were fighting for Nazi Germany. In fact, the only Irishmen who actuallyfought for the Nazis were the IRA republicans, including .. Frank Ryan. Unfortunately for Christy Moore, Frank Ryan's later behaviour makes this song a tribute to a Nazi collaborator.


  • Christy Moore's support for communist tyranny:
    • Christy Moore has very dodgy politics. In 2001 he covered "Companeros", a tribute to the Cuban communist dictatorship. See lyrics.


  • New memorial to Nazi collaborator erected: Memorial to Frank Ryan erected at Limerick City Hall, Sept 2014. Shameful.



Sean Russell

  • There is a statue of Nazi collaborator Sean Russell in Fairview Park, Dublin.
    • This disgusting statue was erected in 1951. See account in "United Irishman", Oct 1951. See also Special Branch report(and here). 1,000 people - IRA, Sinn Fein and Cumann na mBan - marched to the unveiling. The ceremony to honour the Nazi collaborator began with a decade of the Rosary in Irish. The IRA man and playwright Brendan Behan was one of the attendees.


  • In 2003, Mary Lou McDonald made a speech honouring Sean Russell at the statue.


  • Attack on Sean Russell statue, Dec 2004.
    • I don't approve of action outside the law like this. The statue should have been demolished by proper legal means.
    • Anti-fascists behead statue of Russell, 2 Jan 2005.
    • Nazi IRA man's statue beheaded by David Lister, January 13, 2005.
    • The Simon Wiesenthal Centre called for it to be left unrestored as a symbol of Ireland's "shame". They said: "It's a blot on the history of Ireland, but blots have to see the public light." They described the incident as "an opportunity for Ireland to confront its past". They said: "We're not iconoclasts but I think the destruction of something like this has a meaning, and we would ask for it to be left there as a lesson of what Irish neutrality was all about."
    • Sadly, this did not happen. A new statue to the Nazi ally was erected by the National Graves Association in 2009. Shame on them.


  • Attacks on the new statue:
    • Attack on the new Nazi statue, early July 2009. "HITLER'S FRIEND" and "NAZI SCUM" is sprayed on the statue.
    • Further attack, late July 2009. Nazi flags painted on statue.
    • I don't disagree with the sentiments, but proper legal methods should be used to demolish this statue, not vandalism.


  • Eichmann would get a statue if he'd had an Irish grandmother, Kevin Myers, July 10, 2009.
    • Talking about Hitler in 1939, he says: "Over the next six years, thousands of Irish volunteers were to die opposing him. Just one - Sean Russell - died in his service. Yet he is the only Irish victim of the Second World War to have a statue in his honour in Dublin."
    • He cannot believe that a new statue was made: "Who approved this in Dublin City Council? And what is the prevailing aesthetic which can rule that the destroyers of Nelson's Pillar in Dublin may permanently affect the streetscape of the capital, but that a statue to a Nazi fellow traveller should be restored?"
From the unveiling of the Sean Russell statue in 1951
What kind of a Nazi collaborators' day out would it be without a good old decade of the Rosary?

The shameful statue of the Nazi collaborator Sean Russell, Fairview Park, Dublin. 
Here in July 2009 it has been vandalised, with Nazi flags painted on. Photo from here
Henry McDonald, 9 May 2004, says: "Dublin remains the only city in democratic Europe where a figurine still stands in homage to a man who openly collaborated with the Nazis." 
Even worse, as Tony Allwright points out, this is "the only statue in Dublin to an Irish volunteer killed during World War 2" - a stooge who died on a Nazi U-boat! 
This statue should be removed by the state and destroyed.
Note I do not support non-state action against this statue (or any other Irish memorial to a Nazi collaborator). I believe in the rule of law, not the rule of direct action.



Seán McCool

In response to the listing here of Seán McCool as a Nazi collaborator, Ruairi McCool at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. sent me the threatening email below in Nov 2009.

Seán McCool was from Co.Donegal, where he was involved in the GAA. Ruairi McCool is presumably a relation of his. Anyway, the X-Originating-IP: field in the email header shows he connected to the Internet through 86.46.154.CENSORED which is Eircom in Sligo. Instead of providing evidence that his relative did not in fact collaborate with Nazi Germany, he writes:


Mr Humphrys,
How dare you label great warriors of Ireland Nazis! You don't deserve to live you Jewish bastard! 
Eat shit! I'm a hero if I murder 100 Palestinians, am I?!

While one might understand an emotional reaction to having a relative criticised, a death threat is completely out of order. I have referred the above email to the gardai.

He seems to deny that his relative was a Nazi collaborator. But this is fact, not opinion:

  1. The Secret Army, by J. Bowyer Bell, states that Seán McCool helped Nazi spy Günther Schütz in 1942.
  2. From pp.220-222 of 1997 edn of The Secret Army: When Seán McCool became Chief of Staff of the IRA in 1942, "McCool and McNamee were tireless and even took up the German thread again. On February 28, 1942, German Sergeant Gunther Schuetz escaped from Mountjoy. ... he disappeared down the old Republican pipeline to appear .. at Mrs Caítlín Brugha's house. ... McCool established direct contact with the Brughas and plans were begun to get Schuetz out of the country on a fishing boat with a shopping list of IRA needs." (McCool was captured in the middle of these plans.)
  3. Of course, it is no surprise that McCool helped Schütz and had contact with Nazi Germany. Every single Chief-of-Staff of the IRA from 1938 to 1944 collaborated with Nazi Germany. They only stopped because the Nazis lost the war, not because anybody thought collaborating with the Nazis was wrong.
I also had republican relatives who supported the Nazis and may have even collaborated with them. It was said that one of my relatives spent the day in tears when Hitler died. But unlike Ruairi McCool, I feel no need to defend them. They made their own decisions, and it is their shame not mine.
Seán McCool's collaboration with Nazi Germany in 1942. 
From p.221 of The Secret Army, J. Bowyer Bell, 1997 edn.



"What do you think of the war now the Russians are making great headway. It's hard luck that their successes are helping to save the cursed Empire once again apparently. Still a lot of things could happen before the end of it all is reached. So here's hoping." 
- Seán McCool, letter of 28 Mar 1944, disappointed that the war is not going to finish off Britain. 
From Sighle Humphreys papers, UCD Archives, P106/893(1).



Sinn Fein hypocrisy

Modern Sinn Fein regularly calls its opponents "fascists", attacks Fine Gael as "blueshirts", and so on. This nauseating hypocrisy from the only party that supported the Nazis is amusingly easy to answer.
Nauseating Sinn Fein hypocrisy. 
"Horrors of IRA collaboration with Nazis must be forgotten", more like. 
SF-IRA, the party that collaborated with the Nazis in WW2, and threatened people who fought the Nazis with death, now lectures us about the Holocaust.

Mary Lou McDonald of Sinn Fein, the person lecturing us about the Holocaust above, made a speech in 2003 honouring the Nazi collaborator, IRA leader Sean Russell
From here.

More fun with Sinn Fein hypocrisy on Twitter, Dec 2014 - Jan 2015. 
Fine Gael Minister Charlie Flanagan attacks Sinn Fein. 
Sinn Fein TD Padraig MacLochlainn unwisely links Fine Gael to the Blueshirts. 
A perfect chance for me to dump something like the above in the thread. 
Answer that, Sinn Fein!

My tweet is mentioned in the Belfast Telegraph, 5 Jan 2015.

Sinn Fein Councillor blocks me for mentioning IRA support for Nazis. 
In Aug 2016, I noticed anti-Israel Sinn Fein Councillor Paul Donnelly blocking various pro-Israel critics. 
So I tweeted a link to my page: "IRA support for the Nazis - original documents"
One tweet, to a page of primary sources, not opinion.
He responded by blocking me.



The true heroes of WW2 - The Irish who fought for the allies

  • 70,000 Irish volunteers fought for the Allies against Nazism.
  • John Bruton estimates 10,000 Irish volunteers were killed.
  • Kevin Myers estimates 7,000 Irish volunteers were killed.
  • There is no statue or serious memorial to them in Dublin, only a number of low-key wall plaques and memorial stones.
  • Kevin Myers above points out that: "Irish lives lost in WWII probably exceed the death toll for all domestic political violence in 20th century". And yet there is no real memorial to them.


  • Irish World War II Victoria Cross recipients
  • Apparently, fully two-thirds of the Irish Army of 1939 joined the Allies.
  • Shockingly, Ireland punished them after the war. They were denied pensions and barred from state employment.


  • The campaign to pardon Irish soldiers who fought for the Allies:
    • Irish Soldiers Pardons Campaign
    • I commented on an Irish Independent article on this, January 26, 2012.
    • Success! Minister for Defence (Alan Shatter) announces pardon for the Irish who fought for the Allies, Dail announcement, 12 June 2012. "On behalf of the State, the Government apologises for the manner in which those members of the Defence Forces who left to fight on the Allied side during the Second World War, from 1939 to 1945, were treated after the war by the State. ... Those who fought on the Allied side also contributed to protecting this State's sovereignty and independence and our democratic values."


  • Fine Gael were the most pro-allied party, but they went along with FF in staying neutral.
  • A true Irish hero: James Dillon of Fine Gael was almost the only politician in Ireland saying we should join the Allies against Nazi Germany.
  • I'm not aware of any left-wing Irish politician who said this. If you know of any, tell me here.
Not content with collaborating with the Nazis in WW2, the IRA even bombs those who did the right thing and fought the Nazis. 
In 1987 in Enniskillen the IRA bombed a memorial service to the allies in WW2, killing 11 people.
Search for videos here and here.

A true Irish hero: Paddy Finucane, leading RAF fighter pilot in WW2.
And search for images.

Freedom fighters: The US military, the UK military, and their allies land in France, 1944, to liberate Europe from the Nazis. 
From here
When the brave US troops landed in Northern Ireland in 1943 to prepare for the coming liberation of Europe, the IRA threatened to kill them. The Nazi collaborator Hugh McAteer, Chief-of-Staff of the IRA, denounced the American military presence in Northern Ireland as an "invasion of our rights" and warned that US troops could expect to be targeted by the IRA.




IRA support for the Nazis - original documents


"Oh here's to Adolph Hitler, 
Who made the Britons squeal, 
Sure before the fight is ended 
They will dance an Irish reel."
- The IRA's War News23 Nov 1940, applauding Nazi Germany's conquest of Europe.



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By Ross Nicholls. 

Sinn Fein TD Kathleen Funchion has attacked Michael McGrath , the editor of the Kilkenny Journal as a Nazi. Before she goes any further she would well do to read the following piece by Mark Kenny.  
Then she would see that Sinn Fein/IRA has always been the same as Nazi Party/Stormtroopers of Ireland mass murdering 1800 people over 30 years.  
Michael McGrath maintains that he is an Irish nationalist and socialist but never a Nazi.  He has been a journalist and photographer since 1964., that is well-known and documented.
He asks all his family, friends, supporters and readers of the Kilkenny Journal not to vote for either Deputy Funchion or Sinn Fein ever again in Kilkenny.  Michael  believes that would be only just and fair, especially as Sinn Fein has also publicly  sneered at him for his sincerely held  Irish druidic beliefs. He worked as a journalist on the Kilkenny Journal newspaper , then on the Munster Express and the Kilkenny Standard as well as practising as a professional photographer for many years. 

If Sinn Féin TDs want to talk about Nazis, they should look to their own party's history


Sinn Féin's Martin Kenny (no kin) is evidently not a subscriber to this thesis, as he introduced the Nazi parallel last week in Dáil Éireann in the context of the distressful situation around the Tuam mother and baby home. The Sligo-Leitrim TD said he had "often wondered about Hitler, the Germans and what happened to the Jews and how he was able to do what he did. If you sit and think about the kind of Ireland we had, it is very easy to understand how people were able to do these things."

If Mr Kenny really did "wonder" about Hitler, the Nazis and the Third Reich, he could have done so by dipping into the archives of his own party, Sinn Féin, which, historically, is replete with examples of his historical predecessors who behaved as though they were much in sympathy with Hitler's Reich.

He might have discussed this with his colleague Mary Lou McDonald, the keynote speaker in a 2003 tribute to IRA-Sinn Féin chief of staff Sean Russell, who died in 1940 in the middle of an operation aimed at fomenting a pro-Nazi rising in Ireland. Russell forged links with the Nazis in 1938, visiting Berlin on several occasions, with a view to enlisting the Reich in the IRA's bombing campaign against England. The Reich had its own bombing plans via the Luftwaffe, but they weren't averse to the IRA's more amateur efforts with home-made terrorist attacks.

Mr Kenny could further inform himself by reading David O'Donoghue's meticulous biography of Jim O'Donovan, 'The Devil's Deal', which documents in faultless detail the links between the IRA and Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 40s. Jim O'Donovan, who died in 1979, was an ESB employee, explosives expert and chief liaison officer between the IRA and the Third Reich. He masterminded the bombing of Coventry in August 1939, just before the war against Hitler's Germany broke out. Instead of using a vehicle, as present jihadist bombers favour, O'Donovan used a bicycle bomb which killed five people and injured more than 70, in a bid to create a United Ireland - under the Nazi jackboot.

One of O'Donovan's IRA liaison officers in the English midlands was Dominic Adams, Gerry's uncle.

There are other similar characters worthy of research.

There is the enigmatic and genuinely tragic figure of the Frank Ryan, sometime editor of the Sinn Féin newspaper 'An Phoblacht', who fought on the Republican side in the Spanish Civil war - Christy Moore wrote a song in tribute to his brigade - and after being captured and languishing in a Spanish prison, was mysteriously handed over to Nazi Germany by General Franco. There, Frank Ryan resided in a Berlin flat where he found companionship and support in the sometime company of the late Helmut Clissmann and the late Francis Stuart, who would broadcast for the Reich on a special wavelength aimed at Ireland (documented in another of David O'Donoghue's books, 'Hitler's Irish Voices'.)

That Berlin flat must have been fascinating at times, while plans were afoot to despatch Ryan, the IRA-Abwehr liaison agent, in a U-boat to Ireland, so as to rescue the Irish people from British oppression, or any threat of British invasion. But Ryan died in 1944 before he could embark on his mission - either from TB, or from the effects of prison in Spain.

Another visitor to Berlin during the 1930s was Sean MacBride, sometime chief of staff of the IRA. Like Martin McGuinness after him, MacBride ultimately became an advocate of world peace, but as a young man he had adhered to the well-tried doctrine that "England's difficulty is Ireland's opportunity", and anyone who was giving the Brits a headache might be used for Ireland's national cause.

As a strategic point of view, perhaps many Irish nationalists might have justified that idea. Mao Tse Tung declared "My enemy's enemy is my friend". Russell, O'Donovan and Ryan were, it might be said, just following that strategy through.

But on the substance of hostility to the Jews, Mr Kenny (right) need only take a short walk from Dáil Éireann to the Irish Jewish Museum, at 3 Walworth Road, off Dublin's South Circular Road, where he may peruse Sinn Féin pamphlets from the 1930s on display. Anti-Semitic attitudes are openly expressed in Sinn Féin publications proudly boasting of work-places where "no Jews are employed" and exhorting Irish business to "employ Irish labour only - no Jews". Jews are portrayed as exploiters of Irish workers, money-lenders and particularly nefarious in the tailoring trade.

So go on, Martin: if you "wonder" about history, take a walk over to the Walworth Road and do the research.

I imagine that most Irish people are distressed, and indeed ashamed, of what occurred at the mother and baby homes run by the religious orders, and it behoves us to ask if our own family's attitudes made any contribution to the cruel conditions.

But there is no evidence that anyone planned to murder mothers and babies, or, indeed, a whole race of people (not forgetting the gypsies, who lost three million in the Reich's concentration camps), or homosexuals. In short, nothing compares to the Nazis.

And Sinn Féin deputies, of all people, should be aware that when they attempt to make any comparison, they are skating on their own very thin ice.


Gardai are investigating an incident in Freshford today where a woman was discovered with serious injuries.

The woman is being treated at St Luke's Hospital in Kilkenny.

Gardai have not confirmed whether they are treating the incident as suspicious.

The Kilkenny Journal believes that a foreign national is involved, thus all the "hush hush". 

While mass immigration is bringing the Irish Race to an end it is pertinent to examine how the Jewish State of Israel purports to survive. Straightaway , of course, Israel is not in the EU so it can control its own destiny. And it does, basically with the toughest of immigration controls anywhere on Earth. Thus there is still a Jewish State of Israel but there is no longer an Irish State of Ireland. 

‘The Jewish State of Israel’


As the Israelis and Palestinians are presently negotiating in an effort to end a nearly seven decades-old conflict, Prime Minister Netanyahu has made recognition of the Jewish right to a homeland in Israel “the most important key to solving the conflict.” The 1947 UN Partition Plan called for the establishment of a Jewish state and a Palestinian state and this fact was not lost to the 160 countries that have since recognized Israel, but none were required to recognize it by name as the Jewish state. Why, then, is Netanyahu making this requirement sine qua non to resolving the conflict with the Palestinians?

There is no doubt that the Jewish right to a homeland in Israel is central to preserving the Jewish national identity of the state and providing a safe and secure haven for the Jews to ensure their survival.

The Jewish people have for millennia endured persecution, discrimination, and expulsions, culminating in the unimaginably horrific Nazi Holocaust. Only when seen in the context of survival itself is one able to grasp why the vast majority of Jews in and outside Israel are committed to the survival of the state and its Jewish identity.

That said, the irony is that current and previous Israeli governments have regularly embraced policies and taken measures that directly undermined any prospect of preserving Israel as the state for the Jewish people.

The problem here is while a sustainable Jewish majority is central to permanently securing that objective, there are many indicators that clearly demonstrate the diminishing Jewish majority in Israel, and little is being done by Netanyahu to reverse the trend.

Instead, Netanyahu is demanding that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state, as if such recognition will eternally guarantee the national identity of the state regardless of the changing demographic composition of Jews and Arabs in Israel.

Writing in Commentary magazine in May 2009, historian Michael B. Oren, who shortly thereafter became Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, identified “the Arab demographic threat” as one of seven “existential threats” facing the existence of Israel.

“Israel, the Jewish State, is predicated on a decisive and stable Jewish majority of at least 70 percent,” wrote Oren. “Any lower than that and Israel will have to decide between being a Jewish state and a democratic state. If it chooses democracy, then Israel as a Jewish state will cease to exist.”

Here are the startling demographic trends that if continued unchecked will reduce Israeli Jews to a minority and endanger the very purpose why Israel was created.

First, the Arab citizens of Israel constituted 20.7 percent of the total population in 2012. In 2011, the birth rate among Israeli Jews was 3.0 births per woman verses 4.38 per Palestinian woman. Some reports state that the Israeli Arab population will grow from the current number of 1.658 million to 2.4 million by the year 2030. This could represent nearly one quarter of the Israeli population.

Ironically, in his speech in 2003 at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya, Netanyahu spoke of the demographic threat. “We have a demographic problem,” he said, “but it lies not with the Palestinian Arabs, but with the Israeli Arabs [who will remain Israeli citizens].”

He continued to say, “If Israel’s Arabs become well integrated and reach 35-45 percent of the population, there will no longer be a Jewish state [emphasis added].” Therefore, a policy is needed that will balance the two. Paradoxically, Netanyahu’s policy is in fact gradually realizing his own ominous prediction.

Second, there is an alarming number of Israelis who are emigrating from Israel. Statistics show that up to one million Israelis (13 percent of the population) are living abroad, and very few are planning to return to Israel.

Many have left because they are seeking better job opportunities; others because they are weary of the continuing conflict with the Palestinians. Many have concerns about security, while others flatly admit that they want to shield their children from compulsory military service.

Third, immigration to Israel is hardly balancing emigration from Israel. In the year 2012, 16,577 Jews immigrated to Israel verses the 16,000 who emigrated from Israel. It is projected that by 2030, between 440,000 to 623,000 will immigrate to Israel and perhaps as many will leave Israel if current trends continue.

The largest reservoir of Jews outside Israel is in the U.S. with 6-6.7 million, followed by Europe with 1.4 million. Given the continuing conflict with the Palestinians and the growing disenchantment of young American and European Jews with the Israeli occupation, the likelihood of a huge influx of newcomers from these two major Jewish centers is diminishing.

Many Israelis, led by a prime minister who warned of the coming demographic threat, are doing nothing to reverse this trend by taking the necessary measures to increase the Jewish population.

On the contrary, Netanyahu is making matters worse by his expansionist policies in the West Bank and his discriminatory treatment of Israeli Arabs, which can only further exacerbate relations between them. Thus, instead of becoming a positive component of the Israeli social fabric, they may well become a fifth column.

What will it take then to ensure that Israel maintains its Jewish national identity while still preserving its democratic nature, given the gloomy demographic picture?

First, Israel must resolve the conflict with the Palestinians based on a two-state solution, which would remove Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza from the demographic equation that Israel faces today.

The continuing occupation and the expansion of settlements run contrary to the need to establish a Palestinian state in order to prevent the creation of a de facto one state, which will obliterate Israel’s Jewish national identity. This would also enhance Israel’s security and serve to make it a more attractive destination for Jews worldwide.

Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s warning in a 2007 interview with Haaretz remains as valid today as it was six years ago when he said, “If the day comes when the two-state solution collapses, and we face a South African-style struggle for equal voting rights (also for the Palestinians in the territories), then, as soon as that happens, the State of Israel is finished.”

“The Jewish organizations,” he continued, “which were our power base in America, will be the first to come out against us because they will say they cannot support a state that does not support democracy and equal voting rights for all its residents.” This will certainly dry up any prospect of immigration of American Jews in any significant number.

Second, Israel must discourage emigration of Israeli Jews to Western countries by providing job opportunities and better prospects for the future. It was inequality and rising prices that brought hundreds of thousands of Israelis to the streets in the summer of 2011.

Meanwhile, the government is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on building new and expanding current settlements at the expense of poor Israelis who are living hand-to-mouth, driving many from raising their families in Israel.

The answer to this dilemma is a new economic policy that diminishes the socioeconomic gaps in Israel while sparing no effort to establish a comprehensive peace with the Arab states. This would open up new markets on Israel’s borders, enabling new business opportunities to flourish in what President Shimon Peres used to call “a new Middle East.”

Third, although the pool of Jews who wish to immigrate to Israel is limited, cultural and religious ties are still a magnet that will bring Jews to reside in Israel. These potential immigrants will be encouraged to make the move provided that they believe Israel offers new and exciting opportunities for growth and serves the purpose that was intended by its founders: a secure and democratic Jewish state at peace with its neighbors.

Fourth, Israel should institute policies that encourage a greater birthrate among secular Jews by providing appropriate subsidies, especially affordable housing. The divide between Israel’s religious and secular communities is often portrayed in the animosity driven by the significant subsidies offered to the rapidly-growing religious community.

A campaign to reach all Israelis and offer appropriate assistance for higher education and housing is essential if Israeli citizens are to have the confidence that they can provide for larger families.

Fifth, as beloved as Israel may be in the eyes of American and European Jews, they are weary of Israel’s tarnished image resulting from its discriminatory policies toward the Palestinians by bending democratic principles and perpetuating the occupation, which is akin to apartheid.

Never before has Israeli democracy been so clearly under attack. Bills introduced in the Israeli Knesset in 2011 under Netanyahu’s stewardship sought to limit free speech by cutting funding from left-wing non-governmental organizations, curtailing the power of the judiciary, and explicitly declaring Israel as a Jewish state in a blatant measure to isolate its Arab citizens.

Even former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reportedly likened Israel’s undemocratic legislation with the mullahs of Iran in her 2011 address to the closed-door Saban Forum, hosted by the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC.

Clinton’s comments came days after former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta implored Israel to institute civil measures and American Ambassador Dan Shapiro joined his European colleagues in conveying to Israeli officials the US’ concerns regarding the state of Israel’s democracy.

Israel must decide what kind of nation it seeks to become: an undemocratic apartheid state or a democracy at peace with its neighbors that enjoy strong relations with allies in the West. It has never been clearer that Israel cannot have it both ways.

Recognizing Israel as a Jewish state by the Palestinians, as demanded by Netanyahu, is of no value or consequence, not any more than the four countries identified by their religious majority: the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

Perhaps Netanyahu should call for renaming Israel “the Jewish state of Israel,” but then he must remember that only a sustainable Jewish majority will make it so.

It is time for the Israelis to ask their prime minister where Israel will be in 15 to 20 years down the line should he pursue the same illusionary policy. I am prepared to venture that his answer will be “I do not know.”

The absurdity of linking peace with the Palestinians to their recognition of Israel as a Jewish state is glaringly clear because this will neither mitigate the challenging growth of the Israeli Arabs nor advance the peace process. Moreover, it will neither retain the democratic principle of the state nor will it ensure Israel’s Jewish national identity.

Therein lies the danger to Israel’s existence as a Jewish state, regardless of by what name Israel is recognized and by whom.


Saturday, 13 May 2017 16:56



Kilkenny's CAS bridge set to open next week, name to be decided on Monday

The new bridge over the Nore.

The new Central Access Scheme bridge in Kilkenny City is expected to open to traffic next week, with an official ‘ribbon cutting’ date to follow about a week after.

The council is hoping the bridge will be open to general traffic on Wednesday, May 17. An official opening ceremony for the scheme is expected the following week.

The name of the bridge will also be decided and announced at Monday’s meeting of Kilkenny County Council. Eight names have been shortlisted for the new structure. They are:

Berkeley Bridge; Cathedral Bridge; Chancellors Bridge; Edmond Smithwick Bridge; Edmund Rice Bridge; William Marshall Bridge; St Francis Bridge; and Strongbow’s Bridge.

Kilkenny County Council will select the ‘most appropriate’ name using the criteria in its naming and commemorative memorial policy. Word is that the name "Edmund Smithwick Bridge" has won.

Edmond Smithwick was the great local champion of Catholic emancipation who re-launched Smithwicks brewery. He was the popular four times Mayor of Kilkenny who made substantial financial contributions to the building of St. Mary's cathedral . We have a record of him attending meetings for emancipation in the old diocesan chapel of St. James that was there before the cathedral where the Mother of Fair Love School is today.  A great friend of Daniel O'Connell, he was a typical Smithwick who favoured the monarchy but with an Irish parliament to promote world trade for Ireland and naturally for their beers.  

Saturday, 13 May 2017 15:07


A death pathway system is now in operation in the palliative care suite of St. Columba's hospital, Thomastown, the old county home. The death pathway system is the norm for some years in the UK and the model is now in operation for Kilkenny people in Thomastown on the top floor of St. Columba's where elderly patients are being eased out of this life before their time by morphine pump administered without the regulatory Oxygen supply. 

St. Columba's is under the medical supervision of Dr. Paul Cotter of Bennettsbridge , consultant in geriatrics who is the director of elderly care in the Kilkenny HSE.  It is backed up by the HSE at Kilcreene including the head of the FOI office there, Liam Quirke. The FOI refuses access to the medical records of the deceased to their loved ones as a matter of policy , obviously to cover up the untimely deaths and the nature of such eased exits out of this existence.  Thomastown has no resident medical doctor.  Consultant Cotter is Cambridge educated in the UK where they practise such euthanasia as a matter of course.

Even the gardai can't gain access to vital records.  the Kilkenny Journal were told this by  a local detective who is concerned about the practices in the palliative care suit at the hospital and he had a concern for elderly people dying of morphine administered without the necessary Oxygen, as well as  a standard practice  cover-up by the HSE of the medical records. But the higher-up officers do not seem to have a concern so far, according to our garda informant. 

Such records are never to see the light of day. Of course if you're wealthy enough to afford Aut Even you need never worry about what's going on places like the county home where the fate of working class patients is determined. As Vincent Browne says , longevity belongs to the rich in Ireland. 

Prince Charles tries his hand among Kilkenny hurling royalty

Royal stresses ‘special’ connection to Ireland as crowds come out to see couple’s visit

On day two of their visit to Ireland Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall visited a number of locations in Kilkenny and Kildare, including the UN Training School at the Curragh Camp. Video: Lensmen


Prince Charles squeezed on to a small sofa with his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, in the hipsterish surroundings of Oscar-nominated animation company Cartoon Saloon at lunchtime on Thursday.

The prince had not stopped for a snack since arriving in Kilkenny that morning, so after watching a clip of the upcoming Angelina Jolie-produced film The Breadwinner, he made a plaintive plea to eat cake.

“Do you mind if I take this with me?” he asked, wrapping a slice of fruit cake carefully in a yellow paper napkin, as the Duchess finished off her tea.

Earlier, after a brief coaching session in the grounds of Kilkenny Castle with former All-Star “King” Henry Shefflin and manager Brian Cody, the prince found himself with a hurley in his hand.

He stooped to pick up a sliotar and a relieved-sounding cheer went up from aides and protocol personnel after he struck it low and found the net, as traditional musicians played the banjo and fiddle in the background.

The prince appeared delighted not to have made an exhibition of himself, saying he was glad “not to have disgraced myself entirely by missing the goal and hitting a member of the press corps between the eyes.”

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla Duchess of Cornwall during their visit to Kilkenny Castle. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish TimesPrince Charles and his wife Camilla Duchess of Cornwall during their visit to Kilkenny Castle. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times

The royal couple went on to embark on an unhurried walk on a red carpet in Kilkenny Castle’s impressive Long Gallery.

So many local politicians had lined up to shake the prince’s hand that he joked to one: “Am I interrupting a meeting of the council? Excuse me.” He made a lovely subtle hit in one sentence at the many councillor hangers-on that we have tried to do in a thousand words!

The city’s sporting royalty was out in force, and the prince showed appropriate deference after being introduced by Shefflin to the chairman of the GAA county board, Ned Quinn.

“Does it cost a lot to buy all these players?” the prince asked, gesturing around.

“They cost nothing and we pay them nothing,” was the chairman’s smiling response. And rightly so after they lost the All-Ireland last year, we could add. 

Prince Charles said he had always longed to come to Kilkenny, having heard so much about it all his life, and hoped and prayed to have the chance to visit as many Irish counties as possible “before I drop dead”.

The relationship between Ireland and Britain was very special and he had every intention of making it even more so if he could.

The prince said he was was happy to see a familiar face – the Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan – who he met in Donegal last year and said he was pleased to find still in the same job. Maybe a royal hint at who he would like to see running the country in succession to Enda. 

Security in the city was discreet but tight. The public litter bins outside the castle were wrapped in a clear plastic, on which a thin blue line bore the legend: “An Garda Síochána evidence do not tamper”.

‘Dragon’s Fire’

Media representatives were wrapped in a thin blue cordon, watching from afar as the couple wandered through the farmers’ market in the sunshine.

There the prince was offered what he later described as “the most fiendish-looking drink I’ve ever seen in my life”.

He found the liquid’s name, “Dragon’s Fire”, ominous, and said it contained such a large amount of garlic that he declined to try it.

The size of the good-humoured crowds that lined the Kilkenny streets took observers by surprise. The occasional Union flag was unfurled as the couple began a walkabout after arriving by helicopter, but the Kilkenny flag was dominant. The duchess wore a green coat and the prince what appeared to be a light Prince of Wales check suit.

There was no mention of the BBC’s controversial royal drama, King Charles III, dramatising a painful transition of power, which had been broadcast the night before.

But the prince was enthusiastically squired about by a man who will soon relinquish his own crown: Seán Canney, Minister of State at the Office of Public Works. Canney’s fellow Independent Alliance TD Kevin “Boxer” Moran will ascend to the throne when the pair adhere to their agreement to rotate the junior ministry on June 2nd.
The Kilkenny Journal proved right that there was no need at all for all the barricades and street closures and that Charles and camilla would have been perfectly safe to walk freely amongst the people and enjoy the city a lot more.  That has now been proven a fact so they can return and walk normally around kilkenny just like anybody else the next time . 
We my Rory McCarthy , a ferocious- looking former member of 5th Para in the Falklands  , recipient of the George Cross,  now living in the city who the prince had invited personally to the castle.Even at 7.00 this evening people still queued up to enter city lounges to drink the royal couple's health. Sacristan of St. Mary's cathedral Jack Cody of Fatima Place  was proud that Prince Charles went through the grounds of his old CBS school to reach Cartoon Saloon base, and we agreed that as pupils there a half century ago we could never have foreseen that happen.

John Duggan enthused that Ireland and England were back together in spirit "just like the good old days" as religious differences were put aside once and for all, finally and for good,  by everybody of the thousands cheering the Royal Couple along the main streets of Kilkenny  - and the royal couple basked in  the great feeling of warmth that enveloped them in the marble city on such a gorgeous day. All the troubles were forgotten as the Irish loved the English royal couple . Charles was at his happiest and his best. 

You could see visibly that the power of the hierarchy was gone and that the Irish were back to being the best hosts that the royal family could possibly have anywhere. Pity though that the crown prince of England had to leave Kilkenny half -starved - the Tipperary stonethrowers will never let us forget that!  But today in Kilkenny you could get high on the fresh air. As he got into his car, a smart black BMW , the price was positively beaming as he waved back to the cheering crowd. It was sad to see him go, many wiped a silent tear away. 

Next time we must have a right royal bed in the castle for them to stay as long as they like!

Clodagh's family wanted killer husband's remains removed from grave since after funerals

  • 'At least now they can finally rest in peace' - says Clodagh's sister
  • Family's relief as killer's body exhumed from grave this morning
  • Clodagh's family seeking to have remains removed since funerals
  • Exhumation took place at 5.30am this morning
The Hawe family grave and (inset), the Hawe family3The Hawe family grave and (inset), the Hawe family

Cathal McMahon and Conor Feehan

May 10 2017 8:01 AM

The Hawe family can "finally rest in peace", a family member said as the man who killed his wife and three children before taking his own life has been exhumed from the family grave.

Alan Hawe (40) killed his wife Clodagh (39) and children Liam (14), Niall (11) and Ryan (6) in a shocking murder-suicide at their Cavan home last August.

He then left a note on the back door telling whoever called to the house to call the Gardai, and killed himself inside the house.

The family were all buried together side by side in the same plot in the small graveyard in St Mary’s Church in the town of Castlerahan.

The Hawe family grave in the graveyard in Castlerahan, Co. Cavan33The Hawe family grave in the graveyard in Castlerahan, Co. Cavan

It has now emerged members of Clodagh Hawe's family sought to have Alan Hawe's remains removed from the grave a short time after their funerals last August.

However the decision to exhume his body rested with his next of kin. has learned that the order granting remission for this to happen was given in March.

Ms Hawe's family had requested that the body be removed ahead of her 40th birthday on Easter Sunday.

September 3, 2016: The five hearses carrying the remains of the Hawe Family, Alan and Clodagh and their three children as they made their way to St Mary's Church, Castlerahan near Ballyjamesduff. Dad-of-three Alan Hawe murdered his wife Clodagh and three children before killing himself. His mother-in-law called emergency services when she read a note on the home's back door warning her not to enter the home. Photo: Frank McGrath33September 3, 2016: The five hearses carrying the remains of the Hawe Family, Alan and Clodagh and their three children as they made their way to St Mary's Church, Castlerahan near Ballyjamesduff. Dad-of-three Alan Hawe murdered his wife Clodagh and three children before killing himself. His mother-in-law called emergency services when she read a note on the home's back door warning her not to enter the home. Photo: Frank McGrath

However this did not happen and efforts were ramped up in the last number of days to expedite this process. This led to the exhumation of his remains this morning.

Under HSE guidelines, the remains of a deceased person must be reburied or cremated within 48 hours of exhumation.

Gardaí attended the scene in Cavan this morning.

Since their deaths the Clodagh's family have gone through a number of life events without them.

A source said: "Niall should should have done his confirmation in April. Liam should be preparing for his Junior Cert, all his class are doing it in a couple of weeks.

"And Clodagh should have celebrated her 40th last month."

Her sister Jacqueline Connolly and friends are planning to run the Women's Mini Marathon next month to raise funds for the Cavan Lighthouse.

Jacqueline told this morning: "Our beautiful Clodagh, Liam Niall and Ryan should still be alive. At least now they can finally rest in peace."


There were initially plans to exhume the grave some weeks ago but the ground was too wet.

It was hoped to carry out the grim task during a mid term break when there would be no children in the school opposite the cemetery, but work was carried out at first light this morning in the hope of having the job completed before the school opens.

The family were buried side by side, so removing Alan Hawe’s coffin, which was positioned on the left of the plot, was relatively straightforward and did not involve disturbing the graves of Clodagh and the children.

The inquest into the family’s death is expected to take place later this year.

Since the incident, Clodagh's family have fundraised for Women's Aid. The family said they were hoping to help others.

Clodagh's sister Jacqueline Connolly said: "We are in the very early stages of setting up a committee with a view to doing the Women's Mini-Marathon in June in memory of Clodagh, Liam, Niall and Ryan. We hope to raise funds from this, with a view to setting up a refuge in Cavan."

Ms Connolly said there was no facility in Co Cavan for victims of domestic abuse.

"One woman a day from Cavan is turned away from other refuges due to lack of accommodation and facilities," she said.

On the funding page created earlier this year, the family wrote;

"Clodagh was strong and beautiful inside and out and was so loving.

"She was warm, loving, bright and capable and she was bringing her boys Liam, Niall and Ryan, up to have those same qualities. They will live on and her strength will live on.

"We want their deaths to help other women who are living in fear and isolation in their own homes. So please support our fundraising appeal for Women’s Aid.

"One in five women in Ireland experience domestic abuse and many women are isolated and alone.

"Women’s Aid runs the 24hr National Freephone Helpline 1800 341 900 which is a confidential service for women affected by domestic abuse.

"Their work makes a life-changing difference and we hope the donations made in Clodagh’s name will help them be there to listen, to believe and to support women. Every single time."

You can donate to Cavan Lighthouse here

If you have been affected by any of the issues mentioned in this post, please feel free to contact Samaritans at 116 123 or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or contact Women's Aid on freephone 1800 341 900

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