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Thursday, 25th May 2017
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Friday, 07 April 2017 14:45


The owner of a Kilkenny business says she’s going to do what she can to help the eighty Syrian families who have been moved to Ballaghaderreen in Mayo.

Rita Brennan of Lorimat Jewellers on Kieran’s Street is calling for donations of items like men’s runners, flip flops and clothes for those who are now making their home there.

The hotel where they’re staying is being managed by Rita’s cousin.

Rita says she’s hoping to bring donations up with her in the next week or so.

And all the thousands of Irish homeless...

Sinn Fein under Gerry Adams sold out the Republic, but the majority of the IRA remained loyal.
This is the result of  a three-year investigation by the Kilkenny Journal conducted by a journalist who was a youngster in the IRA back during the Border campaign of the Fifties when he joined the  Fianna Eireann  youth wing in Kilkenny.  Our intrepid reporter Liam is still alive and well and living in Dublin ever since. He is still in the IRA so can't be named by us publicly.

Liam admits he was fed up with the Peace process as it went over the heads of the ordinary volunteers and it did not produce any real step towards a United Ireland. In fact he maintains that it copper-fastened the Six County statelet as a recognised political entity fully recognised by the former republicans of Sinn Fein. He says that this was the greatest betrayal . He tells us that Martin McGuinness was enticed by power and money , that Adams always saw himself as the Nelson Mandela of Ireland. He was greatly disappointed in McGuinness though not in Adams who was always on the verge of peace-making at any cost and selling out, as he eventually did. The others at the top who sold out were almost all Sinn Fein party Executive ( Ard Comhairle) members who sat on the Army Council ex officio - but they hadn't been volunteers for years, they had grown fat off the land. Adams was never in the IRA himself, he attended Army Council meetings ex officio as party president and fully took part in all IRA decisions. He is telling the truth in that regard - strictly speaking Adams was never a member of the IRA. He was a politician who found it easy enough to justify selling out. 

Liam started out selling "The United Ireland" outside Nowlan park. He was present as a messenger the night the local IRA in Kilkenny joined in the attempted assassination of the late Princess Margaret and her consort Anthony Armstrong Jones in the De Vesci estate in Portlaoise. Liam supports the dissidents today as the legitimate  IRA, though he's too old himself to take an active part anymore. 

He is sickened too at how a million foreigners have been brought in to Ireland to replace the million Irish who have been forced out of their native land over the past twenty years of forced mass immigration against the Irish people. he is particularly concerned about the foreigners being granted council houses in preference to the local Irish, he says that the best of jobs are now being handed over to the foreigners while the Irish working class are being destroyed and he blames Sinn Fein for participating in this. He says that this is a result of Adams seeing himself as ireland's Mandela and supporting Africans in particular for jobs and houses . He says that 90 per cent of Sinn Fein members are new, were never republican and definitely not nationalist, are mostly frustrated young women who would better fit in to some party like People before profit as they are only full of anger at everything, and are One Worlders which was never the nationalist republican policy. All they want, he says, are things like abortion and signalling their virtue by supporting mass immigration - even though it's destroying Ireland and the Irish. He says that this is worst in "Red Dublin" where people who never did well at school regard themselves as intellectuals - it's all founded on a social snobbery where patriotic people are frowned on as "coming from the Stone Age" etc. Sean South and Fergal O'Hanlon who both died in battle with Crown Forces in the Border campaign   would have been from the Stone Age in the minds of  today's so-called republicans , Liam avers - and he knew them both personally!

Liam says that Sinn Fein lower themselves getting involved in purely monetary causes like the water charges. To be fair to Adams, Liam says, he realised this at first. It takes from the original great vision of a United Ireland for the Irish People that Sinn fein has almost abandoned, he declares. It's , as Yeats wrote, the politics of "fumbling in the greasy till" . 

Today Liam is a devoted member of the 32-County Sovereignty Movement. He genuinely denounces Sinn Fein as a traitorous organisation pretending to be nationalist while sponsoring every nationality bar the Irish in Ireland today. He accepts that refugees must be assisted, but not by pouring a million foreigners into ireland they way it's been done - at the behest of traitors like Peter Sutherland and his friend George Soros - these are the people that the Sinn Fein party supports today - the very bankers that they pretend that they oppose!

Thus , Liam concludes, Sinn Fein today speaks with forked tongues , "and Gerry Adams is especially good at that"! The man is a traitor , and so was Martin McGuinness!  Bobby Sands would have shot the two of them for betraying the country."

Thursday, 06 April 2017 14:30


The complete 2016 census figures published today can only be seen now as an indication of the true state of affairs regarding the population of the country.  

If we try to apply some realism to the figures presented it can be seen that there are 850,000 immigrants here from all over the world , excepting the UK.  We have a quarter of a million people in here from the UK - but they are from all over the world as well , with very few of them originally natives of the UK. Most are from darkest Africa and there are hordes of Pakistanis too. We are getting the most unskilled of immigrants in here and our jails are filling up more than ever now.  Ireland is becoming a cesspool allowing in all the dregs of humanity, has virtually open doors to the hordes pouring in as the police and immigration authorities fall flat on their faces without any proper political direction or control system. 

This country is a sorry state to behold as welfare tourists from all over the world flock in here, with over 100,000 foreigners now on the Irish Dole and a lot more of foreign kids on the childrens' allowance with free education in our schools that are bursting at the seams.  Add in health, hospitals and schools costs and mass immigration is costing us FOUR BILLIONS that we have to borrow every year on top of all the bail out borrowings caused by the banking crisis. In fact mass immigration is second only to the banking crisis in Ireland's woes, having cost us over fifty billions to date and rising fast . Nobody can run an economy for long on such massive borrowing, we are going to snap again. And all this in the midst of Brexit!

The census figures, therefore , are only a trend and do not count all the illegal undesirables in the country today. The real population of the Republic of Ireland is over five millions today in 2017.  Census enumerators admitted that they saw immigrants and criminals hiding in houses and apartments from them but as they had no police powers they were helpless to try and  get the forms filled properly .

None of these incomers completed a census form, indeed many of them are in here "on the run" as illegal and undesirable aliens. Ireland's immigration "system" is in tatters and the country can't economically take much more of a beating. 

But it's not only the economics, it is all the social problems that will arise, as we see already, from mixed marriages in the slumland ghettos springing up all around the country, mostly in Dublin, Cork and our bigger cities and towns. Ireland is on the brink, we are in a really sorry state. All the integration promised simply did not happen and it won't happen now. The newcomers want no part of our society except what they can get for free. We are more of a Rip Off society than ever. Our government, our political parties and almost all of our politicians are bankrupt of ideas, many of them morally bankrupt too. Mass immigration continues to destroy Ireland  as the Irish themselves are forced to flee the country and are replaced by Africans and Pakies in a plantation and re-population that cromwell and Elizabeth could only have dreamed off. 

Here is the gist of the census presented today, just an indicator, not the real figures or facts at all;.


census figures are released

  • Ireland's population increases but number of non-nationals falls
  • Counties Mayo and Donegal see decline in population
  • Number of people with no religion increases
  • Total of 37.6pc of population are married

Census 2016 results show that Ireland’s population stood at 4,761,865 in April 2016, an increase of 173,613 (3.8pc) since April 2011.

The only counties that saw a decline in population were Mayo and Donegal.

The total number of non-Irish nationals fell slightly to 535,475, or 11.6pc of the population. This is the first decline since the introduction of this question in 2002, while the number of people with dual-Irish nationality has increased by 48,879 to 104,784 people since April 2011.

The headline figures were published today by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) from the Census 2016 Summary Results Part I.

As well as detailing the overall change in the population since April 2011, Part I provides summary results on age profile, marital status, families, nationality, Irish language, foreign languages, religion and housing.

An increase of almost 200,000 people (up from 269,800 to 468,400) now declare themselves as having no religion.

And the number of people identifying as Catholic fell to 3,729,100 and comprised 78.3pc of the population. This is compared to 84.2pc in April 2011.

Regarding the Irish language, 3,382 fewer speak Irish on a daily basis outside of the education system. Now, a total of 78,803 people speak Irish on a daily basis.

On marriage, a total of 37.6pc of the population are married. There are 97.8 males for every 100 females in the country.

Deirdre Cullen, Senior Statistician, said: "Today’s publication is the first of a series of 13 reports on Census 2016 that are due to be published this year.

"As well as the two summary reports, the CSO will publish 11 thematic profile releases, each of which will explore separate topics such as housing, the homeless, religion, disability and carers in greater detail.

"Together, these will provide a comprehensive demographic and socio-economic profile of Ireland in April 2016."

An 81-year-old woman has told a cold-case murder trial that the accused admitted the killing to her in the late 1980s.

Eileen Kelly was giving evidence to the Central Criminal Court this morning, Thursday in the trial of a 53-year-old man accused of murdering a widowed pensioner in Kilkenny.

John Joseph Malone is charged with murdering 69-year-old Ann ‘Nancy’ Smyth on 11th September 1987 at her home on Wolfe Tone Street in the city. She was strangled before fire was set to her house.

Mr Malone of Newpark in Kilkenny City has pleaded not guilty.

Ms Kelly said she knew John Joe Malone well at the time of Mrs Smyth’s death. They lived near each other and he used to call into her home.

She said that he called into her one night a few months after the killing. The gossip on the street was that he was responsible and she asked him how he had harmed her.

“He said it was accident and he didn't mean it,” she said. “He said he went to her house about some trophy the husband had won.”

Ms Kelly said he told her that Mrs Smyth had started shouting at him to go away from the door and that his brother and sister-in-law had robbed her in a pub. She said he told her that he caught Mrs Smyth, shoved her in the door and squeezed her too tight.

“I didn't let him into the house after that,” she said.


The trial continues.

Kilkenny People front page proclaims "Victory!" but we here on The Kilkenny Journal are a far more careful and cautious lot.  And we see that Deputy John Paul Phelan agrees - the Kilkenny county boundary may be left unchanged for the likes of hurling purposes but the Minister speaks of administrative changes that will enable Waterford city move into county Kilkenny. In such a case where will the rates money in the contended area go, into a new Waterford city authority purse? 

Thus the Kilkenny local newspaper is we feel, premature in its urge to celebration of a "victory", perhaps to turn out to be a Pyrrhic victory after all down the road , "going forward" as Gerry Adams always says. 

For instance there could be a London-style Waterford city authority introduced, maybe one modelled on the West Midlands or Merseyside, an authority of the sort that would yield the money up to the new Waterford city authority that would straddle the disputed area of South Kilkenny. 

The Kilkenny People boasted a front page headline of a thousand houses for Kilkenny last week - and The Kilkenny Journal rightly poured scorn on that article. We calculated properly that the money allocated would amount to a mere 7,400 per house! We smelled a rat. 

And now Councillor Andrew McGuinness , otherwise famous for his love and protection of animals unlike a certain Green councillor we all know,  has laid bare the fraud being perpetrated on local Kilkenny families whose hopes of a house were cruelly raised by that headline. 

Andrew puts it down to being the fault of Fine Gael - he would - but Fine gael points out to the Journal that they never made any such announcement or claim but that someone in The Kilkenny People did! Now at least The Kilkenny People will publish the truth of the matter tomorrow morning, as Andrew explains. 

The chairman of Kilkenny's Housing Strategic Policy Committee has sounded a strong note of caution on the recent announcement of LIHAF funding for Kilkenny.

Councillor Andrew McGuinness says that it should be made clear the funding is for infrastructure such as roads — and not direct housing provision. He says that the message from Fine Gael — that Kilkenny is ‘to get 1,000 new homes by 2021’ — is misleading.

“While the news is positive to a certain degree, it means nothing to families that are crying out for local authority accommodation or the individuals that are homeless and living in emergency services in Kilkenny,” he said.

“The reality is that this is good news for developers. Not ordinary people in need of housing.

“This new infrastructure will open up land for development and while that may include a substantial amount of housing, it will be sold privately and the only obligation developers will have will be to use 10% of that housing for social and affordable purposes.

“It’s disappointing to see politics being played with this news and Fine Gael attempting to twist it into something it is not,” said the Fianna Fail councillor.

"We have been crying out for Government intervention in our housing crisis for far too long and if this is the response to countless families who have been evicted from their homes and now face homelessness, it shows how out of touch the Government is."

The one and only reason for thousands on the housing list and with nobody having much of a chance of ever being housed ius mass immigration with thousands of foreigners in here looking for whatever Council houses that might become available.  No councillor or TD, no minister or other politician will ever tell you that truth. Not one of the political parties in the Dail stands to house our own homeless and the Irish on the waiting lists first - and that includes Andrew's party Fianna Fail that started off all the mass immigration that now has a million foreigners vying for the little we have for our own people in this country. And that's the big reason why everybody should now turn and support the new political parties such as Peter O'Loughlin's identity Ireland and Justin Barrett's new National Party - if you ever want to get a house! That's why Andrew's Fianna fail party is not the answer either. 



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Tuesday, 04 April 2017 20:59


It is often overlooked amid all the rivalry that many of the owners and business people of Waterford city are either Kilkenny people or descendants of Kilkenny people.  My old editor, the late great J.J. "Smokie Joe" Walsh who owned The Munster Express,  always described himself as "a farmer from South Kilkenny", his wife was from Kilkenny . My old friend Vincent O'Toole, owner of the Maryland Hotel in Waterford , is from Maudlin Street years and years ago - Vincent always boasts that he left Maudlin Street "with the arse out of my trousers to go away to sea to make my fortune". . Former owner of The Black Cat, the late Jim Brennan, father of solicitor Seamus Brennan, had two pubs in Waterford.  Waterford city is almost like a colony of Kilkenny where the upper classes seem mostly to be Kilkenny people while the ordinary every day working-class people are the native Waterfordians. 

And now a Kilkenny man has taken over yet another big lump of Waterford city. Kilkenny advances yet again into Waterford...

South Kilkenny businessman is new owner of iconic Ard Rí Hotel

Seamus Walsh, who bought Waterford Castle hotel back in 2015, is the new owner.


A former landmark hotel overlooking Waterford city has been sold to a South Kilkenny man.

The Ard Rí had fallen into serious disrepair since its closure but it looks like its about to get a new lease of life as a 5- star hotel.

Seamus Walsh, who bought Waterford Castle hotel back in 2015, is the new owner.

The purchase price is undisclosed.

John Rohan of SherryFitzgerald in Waterford handled the sale and said “the property offers enormous potential in many ways” and wished good fortune to the new owner Seamus Walsh who he said “intends to invest heavily in this project”.

All three Kilkenny Sinn Fein politicians, deputy Kathleen Funchion, Councillor Sean Tyrrell and Councillor David Kennedy turned out early on Monday morning to demonstrate their anger against the government for not spending enough money or employing enough staff to assist treatment of children with disabilities. Yet it looks like the party wants to have its cake and eat it as refugees and immigrant children now have priority for a large proportion of the budget and Sinn Fein especially supports that too.

Mass immigration now takes a huge slice of 4 Billions annually of the country's budget, that has to be borrowed adding to the country's astronomical national debt,  so that there's nothing left for children with disabilities or anything like that, thus opposition politicians must face stark  reality and try to solve matters rather than just march at the drop of a hat to express empty anger that solves nothing.  Demonstrating is facile, it's never a solution, basically it boils down to cynical fishing expeditions for votes.  

What we want from any politicians is the ability to apportion the national budget wisely rather than to make demands that will only encourage even more excessive government borrowing. Running a country requires discipline of approach and can't be done on fatuous public demonstrations of rage and anger. We need more responsibility than that, we require answers, we need politicians that will adhere to logic , reality and common sense rather than sterile emotion and pique. 

It was no surprise then that only about twenty people , mostly Sinn Feiners and other leftist street politicians like Miss Enya Kennedy of Sinn Fein  turned out, though the organisers are to be commended for their concern. 

'This is only the start' – Kilkenny protesters call for better health services for children

3 Apr 2017

'This is only the start' – Kilkenny protesters call for better health services for children

Local parents marched through the streets of Kilkenny City this morning to highlight their ongoing grievances with the Irish health service and the Government.

The event was part of a series of ‘Enough is Enough’ protests which took place around the country over problems such as long waiting lists, interventions, and a lack of services for children and families with additional needs. Around 40 people turned out to make their voices’ heard.

The demonstration began at 10am at the HSE offices at Lacken. It followed a route through town and ended at HSE Local Health Office at James' Green, where a silent demonstration took place.

Organiser Linda Comerford said she was happy with the turnout.

“This was not a one-day thing; this is the very start of this campaign,” she told the Kilkenny People.

“One of the organisers is going to the Dail next week, and we are organising a Dublin march, where all the counties will go to Dublin. There will be more local events as well.

“Until children across Ireland are treated fairly, and until the get the services they need. Our children deserve it.

“We are not tolerating the lack of services from the HSE any more. We are not tolerating our Government turning a deaf ear any more. There was a lot of anger among parents today.”

Meanwhile, the HSE has issued a statement in response to the protest marches, acknowledging the frustrations of those parents involved.

It said it was committed to having the best possible services in place from within available resources.

“We want to assure the public that continued attempts are being made to provide a better and more timely service to those we serve in counties Carlow, Kilkenny, South Tipperary, Waterford and Wexford,” said the statement.

The HSE is rolling out the ‘Progressing Disability Services for Children and Young People Programme (PDS)’ programme. This involves a  reconfiguration of all HSE and HSE funded children’s disability services into geographically-based Children’s Disability Network Teams (Early-Intervention and School-aged or 0-18 Teams).

This programme aims to achieve a national, equitable approach in service provision for all children based on their individual need and regardless of their disability, where they live or where they go to school.

Based on the recommendations of the Report of the National Reference Group on Multidisciplinary Services for Children aged 5-18 Years (2009), the intention is to roll out an integrated care model that will allow children, whatever the nature of their disability, to be seen as locally to their home and school as possible; at primary care level when their needs can be met there and by a network specialist interdisciplinary team if their needs are more complex.

The primary and network teams will be supported as appropriate by specialist support services with a high level of expertise in particular fields.

Since 2014, the roll out of the "Progressing Disability Services for Children and Young People (0-18s)" Programme has entailed targeted investment of €14 million nationwide and the provision of 275 additional therapy staff, to increase services for children with disabilities. 

Kilkenny murder trial: Accused confessed murder to sister in law - court hears

Natasha Reid

Natasha Reid

3 Apr 2017


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Kilkenny murder trial: Accused confessed murder to sister in law - court hears

John Joe Malone

The former sister-in-law of a man charged with murdering a woman 30 years ago has told his trial that the accused confessed the killing to her.

Ann Malone was giving evidence to the Central Criminal Court yesterday (Monday) in the trial of a 53-year-old man accused of murdering a widowed pensioner in Kilkenny.

John Joseph Malone is charged with murdering 69-year-old Ann ‘Nancy’ Smyth on 11th September 1987 at her home on Wolfe Tone Street in the city. She was strangled before fire was set to her house.

Mr Malone of Newpark in Kilkenny City has pleaded not (NOT) guilty.

Ms Malone testified that she had been married to the accused man’s brother, Bernard 'Barney’ Malone.

“I was walking home with him one night from Pat Carroll's pub,” she said of the accused. “He was being really nice. All of a sudden he changed, and said he’d do the same to me, burn my house down, as he had done to Nancy Smyth.”

She said he also raised the subject around the time of her daughter’s Christening in 1991.

“He started saying things. My ex husband, Barney, told him to leave,” she said.

The prosecutor asked her what things he had said.

“Something to the effect that he had murdered Nancy,” she replied.

“Another time he came to my home in Newpark Close to have a few drinks. He repeated the same thing again,” she continued. “He said he had murdered Nancy, he had gotten away with it.”

Ms Malone will be cross examined by the defence tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.

Her ex husband was cross examined yesterday, having told the court last week that his brother had made a similar confession to him.

Colman Cody SC, defending, put it to him that one of the things he had put forward to the gardai was that his brother must have had help on the night he allegedly killed Mrs Smyth.

“Do you recollect that?” he was asked.

“Not only do I recollect it, I believe in my heart he had help,” he replied, confirming that he had nominated their father, Barney Malone Snr, now deceased.

“I believe and this is only my opinion,” he began. “If John Joe did it, he went home and told his mother. His mother would have notified his father. His father would have protected his son,” he continued. “I believe in my heart he went down and destroyed what was there.”

The trial continues before Mr Justice Patrick McCarthy and a jury.


It looks like there may be good news on the boundary front between Kilkenny and Waterford following a meeting of Fine Gael party members and councillors in South Kilkenny on Monday night.

The good news filtered out as a consolation after a disappointing weekend for Kilkenny on the hurling front. 

A little after 6pm, city councillor David Fitzgerald had suggested that the Kilkenny-Waterford boundary would ‘not change’ as per plans for an announcement by Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government and sitting Fine Gael TD for Cork South Central, Simon Coveney.

That news was confirmed later on Monday night at a meeting in the Rhu Glenn.

Minister @simoncoveney says he will "not be implementing the recommendation to change the county boundaries". 


Minister @simoncoveney says while county boundary won't be changed he must ensure Waterford city is allowed "to grow into south Kilkenny".


“The report in relation to the Kilkenny/Waterford boundary is one of four such review processes initiated by former Minister for the Environment, Alan Kelly, TD. The committees were asked to carry out a review of the boundary between the respective local authorities and to make recommendations with respect to those boundaries and any consequential matters that they consider necessary in the interests of effective local government. The reports are advisory – I am not bound by their recommendations.”

“The recommendation in the Waterford/Kilkenny report to move the existing county boundaries has caused a lot of unease and concern in the area. This has been articulated directly to me by elected representatives and citizens through the consultation process on the National Planning Framework. The issue of identity, linked to county boundaries must be an important consideration.”

“I want to make clear now that I will not be implementing the recommendation to change the county boundaries. The county boundaries will remain as they are. Kilkenny will continue to be Kilkenny and Waterford will be Waterford.”

“Having made that decision, there is a responsibility on me now to ensure we have an appropriate management structure to allow Waterford City to grow into the South Kilkenny area. Whereas I don’t intend to implement the recommendation to move the county boundaries, I do intend to ensure that new management solutions are in place to facilitate the cohesive expansion of Waterford City, which will include areas of South Kilkenny. There is an onus on both Waterford and Kilkenny Councils to be open to imaginative and new local government solutions in this regard. I will work with the Chief Executives of both authorities and councillors to that end over the coming months.”

You can view previous stories connected to the boundary issue here.


In February of this year it was revealed that over the 19,131 public submissions received by the three-person boundary committee, 19,096 opposed any change. The committee, in its findings, recomended that the “impractical boundary” between Kilkenny and Waterford be moved in favour of Waterford.

“The Committee recommends that the Minister should extend the boundary of Waterford City and County Council into County Kilkenny by including the entire Electoral Area of Kilculliheen and those parts of the Electoral Areas of Aglish and Dunkitt contained within the Area of Interest that lie south of the of the N25 bypass.”

“The population living within the proposed boundary extension area in County Kilkenny is estimated at about 4,500. The effect of transferring this area to Waterford is likely to be an increase of one councillor in Waterford Metropolitan District and a reduction of two councillors in the Piltown Municipal District of Kilkenny County Council. As this would result in the membership of the Municipal District dropping below the statutory minimum of six elected members, it would be necessary to reconfigure all of the Municipal Districts within County Kilkenny.”

Read more on the original reports findings here.


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