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Thursday, 17th August 2017
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Tuesday, 15 March 2016 19:35

The Nation and the State.

In this centenary year of 1916 the Kilkenny Journal went out around Kilkenny and asked some school children the difference between the Nation and the State. Incredibly not one in a dozen knew! 

They all thought that the Nation and the State mean the same thing. We are now wondering about the quality of basic education here as none of the students we asked were intellectually challenged  or anything like that - they were all intelligent young people. 

You can't blame the youth when their teachers have failed them. In his day Pearse saw this - he called it The Murder Machine  -  and that is why he opened St. Enda's. 

So how did they get the question so wrong? We put it down to the political correctness of the way in which they are taught and indeed what they are taught and what they are not taught. 

And it transpires that they were not even able to answer our question of the difference between the Nation and the State. How did things get so bad? To vote you should know the difference, say, between Fianna Fail and Fine Gael and most people do.  But most people - we asked some adults in the streets too - do not know the difference between the Nation and the State. 

In the Proclamation, as read out by Padraic MacPiarais, you have the clause, "that all the children of the nation be cherished equally" and this is so often quoted in politics.  But to understand what it means you have to know the difference between the Nation and the State . And it does not mean that "all the children of the State be cherished equally" as it is deliberately taken today, but all the children of the Nation, as this is what Pearse and company meant and fought for. 

The Nation is, of course, the Irish people, The State is the government and the institutions of government. You can make the State what you like depending on how the people vote - but you can't do anything about the Nation. This is the biggest lesson to take from the message of 1916 if you want to achieve something for the good of Ireland today. It is of course the basis of nationalism, the potent force that drove the rebellion of 1916 - but that is not allowed to be mentioned , but rather glossed over, by the political correctness that dictates everything in the Ireland of today. 

And this is why so many otherwise bright school children in the Ireland of today do not know the difference between the Nation and the State - because they are not allowed to know. As the Germans say, it is verboten to know or to learn anything about nationhood and all it entails. 

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