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The people don't want Enda Kenny back in government.

We think that former Councillor Alcock is right. In fact we see a second election coming even faster than he does. We believe that people did not vote to see Fine Gael under Enda Kenny go back into office as the government and we therefore understand Fianna Fail's reluctance to support such an arrangement. as they would only be risking their new-found high standing with the electorate by doing so. 
Fianna Fail seems to have the most to gain in another election now.The Independents won't be as many and a lot of them will no longer have the funds or organisation to run so quickly or succeed again We think that the AAA/PBP could lose a couple of seats as well and that is to be desired for the sake of the country. We think that Sinn fein might hold with about the same amount of seats, though they have an expensive election coming up in the North. .We feel that Fianna Fail would pick up most of these Independent seats as we think that a large section of the electorate does not want Fine Gael back in government under Enda Kenny.

Fine Gael's best bet, if they want to avoid a second election,is to go into opposition and elect a new party leader. Our esteemed local Kilkenny TD and good friend John Paul Phelan seems to think this way too. We think further that because of the time, energy and money that Sinn Fein will have to pour into the Northern election they might lose out a bit down here, maybe dropping three or four seats in a runoff election her, but at least they won't increase and we think they have reached their outer limit here in the Republic.

It all adds up to a second election mainly benefitting Fianna Fail with Micheal Martin emerging clearly as the favourite for Taoiseach - we have met the man and feel that he is indeed personable and decent enough and well able to do the job if called upon. John Paul Phelan is right in bringing up the idea that opposition could be good for Fine Gael. He is very realistic in this and for the best interests of his party in the medium run of the next three or four years when they could re-emerge as strong as ever. He is a promising young TD with time on his side.
Therefore we forecast a runoff election in May and we see no problem in this at all. Look at France for instance where a runoff is actually the way they do things in their elections all the time and it works well for them.

We would like to hear from the famous number crunchers, like for instance Senator Pat O'Neill, on this. And solicitor Michael Lanigan's opinion too on the Fianna Fail side, as well as Sinn Fein of course as their minds become focused as well on how they will do in the North.

Talks are continuing today on the formation of the next government.


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