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Patrick McKee to consider his future with Renua

RENUA Ireland's Patrick McKee pictured during the KCLR Election debate in February 2016. Photo: Ken McGuire/KCLRRENUA Ireland's Patrick McKee pictured during the KCLR Election debate in February 2016. Photo: Ken McGuire/KCLR

Kilkenny Renua Councillor Patrick McKee says he’s going to take some time to consider his future with the party.

Renua failed to get any of the 26 candidates they ran elected to the Dáil in the weekend’s General Election.

Party-leader, Lucinda Creighton, also lost her seat and is now looking to hand over the reigns to another member. In Kilkenny we were particularly sad to see such a gentleman as former Kilkenny army officer Billy Timmins, the deputy leader of Renua,  lose his seat. 

In Carlow/Kilkenny, Councillor McKee managed to secure just two and a half thousand first preference votes.

When asked  whether or not he thinks his future lies with Renua, Councillor McKee was reluctant to give a definitive answer. However he was fulsome in praise of the Fianna Fail comeback  so we think that he will now rejoin FF and renew his legal career as well. He would bne well advised to so do. We wish Paddy well, he still has a great career ahead at 27 years of age. 

He left Fianna Fail in 2015 and was announced as the Renua candidate for the Carlow/Kilkenny by-election a short time afterwards.

We think that Renua was not sufficiently opposed to such things as the water charges and welfare tourism,  prescription charges and other such issues important to the working class voters and that they were not sufficiently different to Fianna Fail and Fine Gael . But they can regain their place and regroup at the next election with the right approach. 

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