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Thursday, 17th August 2017
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At last today in Brussels the EU seems to have taken the longstanding advice of the Kilkenny Journal . At its summit on migration , attended by Taoiseach Enda Kenny and the full Irish delegation, the EU decided to stop the flow of migrants across the Med from Turkey to Greece. 
Turkey has been offered some few billions more for keeping the migrants - but now the great news is that Turkey will accept all the migrants that the EU will deport back and that is a tremendous development such as we have been looking for all along here. 

Pakistanis and Afghans , for instance, will be sifted out and sent back. Only genuine Syrian refugees will be allowed to remain in Greece, and even then the Syrian migrants will be assessed to see if they are genuine refugees or not, and of course if they are the types that grope and rape or not. 

Thus all the Know-Alls here in Ireland, indeed here in Kilkenny,  who have abused and attacked The Kilkenny Journal, the traitorous pseudo-intellectuals who want to swamp Ireland under mass immigration, are today shocked, silent  and indeed defeated as we emerge victorious in our struggle for the preservation of Ireland and the Irish people. 

There is a new realisation at the top of the realities as citizens across Europe suffer anti-austerity measures while big budgets are allowed for migrants out of our taxes.. That day is now gone. Those migrants who made it here should be glad as there is not enough to go around, certainly no houses and little accommodation here in Ireland. School class sizes were exploding and hospital beds at a premium, with all the people on trollies and all the homeless on the streets too. It was becoming unmanageable  so much so that migrants already here expressed alarm at leftist proposals to bring thousands more in on top of them . The country was on the verge of collapse, as we warned time and again, but now we have great hopes of a real recovery that will reach everybody . 

We now hope that a caretaker government for a year or two can be formed, probably a Fine Gael government with the nod of Fianna Fail if not their outright acquiescence. 

(pictured Eamonn Ryan TD, leader of the green party which along with Sinn Fein and the AAA/PBP  party want  to flood the country with more immigrants. The same parties have been badmouthing the Kilkenny Journal with personal attacks and abuse against the editor, but we have stood steadfast and survived all such demonization and villification campaigns at local and national level in the service of our city and our country.) . 

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Monday, 07 March 2016 16:45


Jennifer Murnane O’Connor vows she will run for Dáil again. 

Fianna Fáil's Jennifer Murnane O'Connor pictured during the 2016 Election Debate at KCLR in February 2016. Photo: Ken McGuire/KCLRFianna Fáil's Jennifer Murnane O'Connor pictured during the 2016 Election Debate at KCLR in February 2016. Photo: Ken McGuire/KCLR

A Fianna Fail Councillor who narrowly missed out on winning a seat in Carlow-Kilkenny says she will run again for the Dáil.. 
Paraphrasing the legendary General Douglas McArthur when he was kicked out of Korea, Jennifer today vowed, " I shall return" -McArthur most certainly did and won. 

Jennifer Murnane O’ Connor admits she was devastated at losing out in the election after coming so close.

Speaking this morning she thanked everyone who voted for her and vowed she will be back.
She is a good public speaker and a great community worker and Fianna Fail will have to better manage their vpote next time in Carlow-Kilkenny to get the three in. It can be done. 

She said she has gone through a range of emotions in the past week but she was delighted that so many thousands of people had been so good as to vote for her so she promised them all that she 'll fight another day. 

To our mind Jenniefer was the best candidate in the constituency. 

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