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McGuinness for Jobs and Enterprise ministry ? 

Talking just now to a top McGuinness insider in Kilkenny Fianna Fail the Kilkenny Journal learned that John McGuinness TD is in favour of going into a full partnership government with Fine Gael in which Enda Kenny would go as taoiseach for the first two years and the Fianna Fail nominee rotate as Taoiseach after that for the following two years. All minister and junior minister posts would be equally shared, according to the McGuinness proposals, all committees shared as well. Deputy McGuinness hinmself looks forward to a ministry preferably in the business sector so would look forward to taking over from the present minister Richard  Bruton in Jobs and Enterprise.  Thus John withdrew his name from the FF Ceann Comhairle list today as he has decided that he wants to take a leading part in securing a full term Fianna Fail-Fine Gael working government for Ireland. 

The McGuinness confidante told the Kilkenny Journal that John expects to be on the Fianna Fail negotiating team for government with Fine Gael,  that this is another reason that he has dropped out of the Ceann Comhairle race, that such a government would last for four years and would have to immediately tackle homelessness and housing and also health. Regarding the water charges they could meet halfway with Fine Gael, keeping in mind that the Kilkenny city water supply is in need of immediate rehabilitation and that John wants this to be done now before anything else.  

Bobby Aylward too would be perfectly happy serving alongside his friend John Paul Phelan of Fine Gael in government and ideally both local TDs would deserve junior ministries - Kilkenny would do well out of this, the McGuinness insider informed us just now. 

The Fianna Fail Comhairle Dail Cheanntair would have no problem with the prospect of joining in with Fine Gael for a joint government to get the country going again and for the sake of the Irish people, the McGuinness confidante assured us , pointing to how well both parties are co-operating together already in running Kilkenny County Council.  Nor do they see much prospect of a strong opposition emerging amongst the "whingers" that would be left on the opposition benches - " we have to save the country from the likes of poor TDs such as Gino Kenny, Brid Smith  and the local Shinner that this election unfortunately threw up", the Fianna Fail insider assured us.  

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Tuesday, 08 March 2016 12:32


Today is International Womens Day, so don't forget to burn your bra and tear up your tights, make sure to wear no knickers to work - and those damned high heels can go too , all the fashion tools of oppression that those wicked men have forced on women for their own nefarious purposes. 

In fact why stop at No Knickers, why not cast off your skirt or dress at work as well as a hated symbol of male oppression - boy wouldn't all those frustrated evil men simply love that!

As a result of all this feminism today's woman looks like a cross between  a nineteenth century Russian peasant and a premiership soccer manager togged out in his training gear .   

So what is it all about, where did Womens Day and all this feminism come from originally? It came from the socialist plan to create "victim classes" in society - like blacks, gays and women - that they could propagandise are discriminated against and thus campaign on behalf of them and in that way keep the political protest movement fuelled, up and running.   Today anything is an excuse to get out on the street with your placard against and so on it goes. 

Oh and don't burn your expensive lace panties -  designed by some scheming  lecherous man no doubt  - donate it to the local charity shop where some smart lady will snap it up for a song and score in it with a selfie on the Internet. 

Here's what it's all about:

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