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Monday, 25th September 2017
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Here is the exposure of Coveney with his patron, Goldman Sachs banker Peter Sutherland, as they attended the secret conference of the Bilderberg Group in Copenhagen in 2014. 
You will see that Coveney as Taoiseach will go along with Sutherland and hand the country over to THEM: 


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With the retirement of Taoiseach Enda Kenny this evening it appears at this moment in time that there will be two main challengers for the leadership of Fine Gael and Taoiseach of the country. 

In a few words Varadkar is a publicly practising homosexual in a partnership with a young medical doctor  while Coveney is a Bilderberger in league with the UN Director of mass immigration Peter Sutherland, the former Irish attorney general who wants to force more mass immigration in on his native country. Varadkar is of Indian extraction , his father being Indian. 

Thus so far Fine gael presents itself with an unenviable political choice in leadership terms, a homosexual half Indian or a Bilderberger sworn to sell his country out to the international bankers and globalists and overcome the natural Irish population with a million more immigrants as the Irish are driven out. 

Phew, with such a horrible choice, a veritable Hobson's choice, we thank God we are not Fine Gaelers!
It's not the first time the country was faced with such a choice - Eamonn De Valera's father was a Cuban Spanish Jew of New York .  Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowan presided while the country was sold out to the bankers, the globalists and the hordes of immigrants were allowed to flood in costing more billions again. 

Varadkar is the media darling , some would say the media puppet , while Coveney was caught on film in Copenhagen in 2014 for the annual Bilderberg meeting that took place in that city in that year.  The hated Sutherland , a banker turned into a real enemy of the Irish people, would have massive say in any government led by Coveney. 

So it would be much to the benefit of the Fine Gael party, the country and the people  if a compromise candidate were to emerge. We think that that candidate should be John Deasy TD of Waterford who has challenged Kenny in the past and held that there is no principle left in Irish politics. If forced between Varadkar and Coveney, we would choose Varadkar as the lesser danger to the country. Ideally, in a decent world, it would be John Deasy. 


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The best man for rural Ireland. 
Great American political training and experience.

John Deasy TD is the most principled and outspoken TD in Dail Eireann. He is fearless. He is the one TD that does not think first of his own safety. More important , he has his head screwed on, he is a practical politician and he is right. He can be counted on never to have any truck with Sinn Fein/IRA.

He would restore principle and integrity to Fine Gael and back into the government. More important he would restore Ireland's pride - and he is a better businessman than any minister in the cabinet. He is shrewd and hard-working and is ready to give it a lash as a young, tough and fearless leader of his party and for his country above all.

Unlike Leo, John Deasy does not play up to the media. Unlike Simon Coveney he doesn't play up to Peter Sutherland and the Bilderberger bankers. He is unsullied by power , he is up for the challenge. He would take no messing from Brussels but would be a strong man for Ireland on the Council of Ministers. he is beholden to nobody.

John Deasy is a powerful and passionate speaker, a true son of Fine Gael , yet the most outspoken politician in that party in years. He has a compassionate side that would concern himself with the homeless, he's the most down-to-earth politician there is. He is the maverick that could turn Fine Gael around and make the party great again!

Above all he is a genuinely decent man. He's young and full of fire and ideals for his party and his country. Fine gael need look no further than Deputy John Deasy at next weekend 's party Ard Fheis.…/John_Deasy_(Fine_Gael_politician)…/

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Wednesday, 17 May 2017 17:23



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Separate Sex and Politics!


John Deasy is the most outspoken TD in Dail Eireann. And most of that bluntness has been directed against his party leader Enda Kenny over the past dozen years and more.

Deasy is now expected to join in the fray to hasten Kenny's departure. And he is one of the most qualified politicians in Dail Eireann, having started his career with a Washington political apprenticeship. He may well emerge as a compromise candidate for the conservative wing of Fine Gael - that now threatens to desert en masse to Fianna Fail should Varadkar become Taoiseach as they will not serve under him as leader.

None of the conservative wing will ever say this openly - they're saying it to one another - but they will do all possible to stop Leo. They feel that he would be an embarrassment to the party and to the country - particularly in any dealings with the US and the Trump-Pence Administration. "For God's sake, Pence might even try to 'cure' Varadkar", a Kilkenny Fine Gael member remarked to The Kilkenny Journal. Another prominent city Fine gaeler told the Kilkenny Journal that they want to "separate sex and politics, but Leo's election would only encourage more mixing of sex and politics."

To come back to Deputy John Deasy, he has been condemned to the back benches for all of this century by Kenny even though he is a most capable politician. He makes a formidable foe and has threatened to run against Kenny before, ten years ago back in 2007. There has been a festering sore between them since Kenny dropped Deasy back in 2004 for smoking in the Dail bar.

John Deasy is son of a former Fine Gael great, the legendary Austin Deasy who was a minister for agriculture in former Fine Gael governments. As such he has a traditional support around the country that he will not hesitate to mobilise now against Kenny.

Deasy is the hope of all traditional Fine Gaelers around the country to win their party back from the forces of pink liberalism that has affected the party under Kenny in recent years. These conservatives oppose abortion that Kenny is bringing in under the cloak of the "Citizens Assembly" well known to be packed with abortionists. They want to take the party back from the liberals and the left and make it a great conservative bulwark for traditional values again - in fact John Deasy is an outspoken admirer of President Trump and as such he would foster closer US-Irish co-operation in all spheres of economic activity and public life.

There would also be a rowing back from the mass immigration project that is bedevilling Ireland as it is destabilising Europe, under Deasy and the conservative traditionalists. In fact Deputy John Deasy would be the only candidate for party leader that would have a distinct policy and a patriotic mission on behalf of the Nation.

As such his candidature for the Fine Gael party leadership would be broadly welcomed all over the country by the silent majority who are voiceless with the mainstream Irish media driving people to extremes with their trotskyist programme and marxist message. John Deasy would be a welcome relief to the country to steer us away from all of that madness that has taken hold of the liberal elite in Irish society. His entry into the Fine Gael leadership race would be timely and most welcome.

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ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY refugees are scheduled to be brought to Kilkenny in the very near future. This is on top of the 25,000 plus immigrants already crushed into our city adding to the enormous pressure on our local hospital and health procedures/operations services. And that's not the end of it - all their relations are fully entitled and authorised to join them to live here as well. There is going to be economic anarchy. 

There are 3,500 on the housing list of Kilkenny County Council, as John McGuinness informs us, he already calling this impossible, yet here they are crushing in more !  Auctioneers tell us that there are hardly a dozen properties left for rent across the city, that the situation is dire.yet here we are with more being pressed in upon an already desperate situation in Kilkenny where now the immigrants are surpassing the locals in giving birth to more born here too that will have to be catered for in future years .

What is going to become of Kilkenny, that we now endearingly call, "Our Little Baghdad by the Nore", how are people going to live here at all in the future, and in the near future too? 

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Cardiac care for South East to be discussed at public meeting in Thomastown

The Irish Red Cross (Carlow Kilkenny) on The Parade, Kilkenny

It’s been organised by Kilkenny/Carlow Red Cross


Setting up a new Red Cross branch and positive ways to improve your health are among the topics up for discussion at an event locally this evening.

You’re being invited along to the Health and Wellbeing Evening in Thomastown Community Centre, which is being organised by the Kilkenny Carlow Red Cross.

Guest speaker, and retired consultant surgeon, Dr Patrick Condon will also be talking about the urgent need for 24/7 cardiac care in the South East.

Speaking to KCLR, Dr Condon says there are fears the 9 to 5 service that is available in the South East will soon be no more.


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CLLR. Patrick McKee says he hopes Kilkenny Fianna Fáil members will give him another chance.

Will even one councillor change his mind?

RENUA's Patrick McKee pictured during the KCLR Election debate in February 2016. Photo: Ken McGuire/KCLR

This week they declined his application to rejoin them


Patrick McKee can still rejoin Fianna Fail as an ordinary member providing he resigns his council seat and promises not to go for election ever again. 

But only if party Headquarters approve his application.

This week the Fianna Fáil group on Kilkenny county council declined his application to rejoin them at this time.

The now Independent Councillor says he respects their decision but remains hopeful that the party will still allow him to join up again. Basically the young councillor is begging the local party in Kilkenny. 

In an incredible show of public humility he says he hopes they will give him another chance.
However such humility cuts no ice with the likes of hardened ex-Army man G.I. Joe Malone. But to be fair to Councillor Malone if he was readmitted then Councillor McKee would be running against him for re-election in two years time in the Kilkenny West ward as a fellow Fianna Fail man.  So no matter how good the tea that McKee brews, GI Joe won't have him back in Kilkenny West , especially as their vote was so close last time out in 2014. This is the nub of the problem. 

Then Joe is a close McGuinness henchman, and proud to be so, and McKee represents a danger to the McGuinness succession in the Dail in the far off future when John McGuinness retires - and that is yet another reason for the refusal of the local FF to take the bright young politico back into the fold. 

Finally McKee is not wanted by the Alyward camp either , having opposed Bobby as a candidate in both the by-election and the general election, and as decent a man as Bobby is his brother Liam Aylward , the family capo, will have none of it from McKee. 

Though it was a secret ballot we believe that councillors Pat Fitzpatrick and Pat Millea , though staunch McGuinness men, voted for McKee's re-admittance to the party. Councillor Mick McCarthy probably voted to bring him back as well. Maybe Chap Cleere too, even though he seems to be the choice as Bobby Aylward's successor these days, though Bobby is fully recovered and in great health again, TG.  Cathaoirleach Matt Doran would have voted against McKee too as he is also elected for Kilkenny West where McKee is planning a big comeback, and Matt is identified as being an Aylward man.  

We wish to point out that there is nothing wrong with Patrick McKee. In fact he is amongst the bright new councillors elected last time out. It is simply because of the way the electoral chances fall down that Fianna Fail won't readmit the personable young working-class councillor from St. Patrick's Parish. Patrick has a better republican heritage than any of them. He has been an excellent chairman of the Police Authority, brilliant at political and local authority law. 

It is indeed petty of Fianna Fail to reject him on the basis of the ins and outs of local political opportunity, especially as he was a dedicated member of the party for  a dozen years , even running the party as a young WIT student and then in Cork Uni too. Fianna Fail was his life until he was tempted to be their  Dail candidate by Renua before they collapsed and left Patrick isolated and alone in Kilkenny politics. It takes only one councillor to change his mind and give Patrick a chance, so maybe that might happen, especially now as he is so genuinely contrite. Watch this space.


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