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Thursday, 17th August 2017
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Noted Irish artist Ramie Leahy may have a valuable painting hanging in Kilkenny Garda Station, but that cut no ice with the police who moved him on from the Parade in the centre of Kilkenny city today at the behest of a local County Council official.

Ramie Leahy has reported that he and his fellow artists were forcibly moved on by a Kilkenny County Council official backed up by Gardai today.

This shows what we are saying all along here in the Kilkenny Journal is true, that the Council only cares for the moneymaking classical music side of the Festival above in Canice's cathedral but discriminates against the ordinary artists of Kilkenny.

Notice that there is not a TD nor a councillor in sight to protest against this high-handed action by officialdom.

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Ramie Leahy
9 hrs · Kilkenny · 

For my contribution as founder of Kilkenny Arts Festival painting on the Parade was asked to move by a staff member of Kk Co . When refused he called the Guards . ART IN KILKENNY ?

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