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Cllr. David Fitzgerald - bridge protesters cost Kilkenny 3 millions. Featured

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Kilkenny anti bridge campaign Kilkenny anti bridge campaign photos by Michael McGrath


General election candidates Kathleen Funchion of Sinn Fein and Malcolm Noonan of the Green party led this lengthy protest so costly to Kilkenny. Their judgement has therefore now to be seriously questioned especially as their protests did not achieve anything at all.

Cllr. David Fitzgerald is the Fine Gael candidate for the general election based in Kilkenny city....
That 3 millions would have built several houses, for instance, with something left over for better library services . Luckily the 5 millions that Phil Hogan arranged for the Millennium Mile came our way, otherwise we would not have been able to refurbish the city centre as is being done. Our finances are on a knife edge now as a result as to whether and to what extent that projects can be funded, services provided and the amount of rates charged by the County Council levied.

It's all such a pity as in hindsight a protest campaign that didn't cost the county anything could have been devised by a more intelligent and discerning leadership, especially as regards the design of the new bridge - that incredibly the protesters never tackled at all.

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