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Tuesday, 26th September 2017
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Separate Sex and Politics!


John Deasy is the most outspoken TD in Dail Eireann. And most of that bluntness has been directed against his party leader Enda Kenny over the past dozen years and more.

Deasy is now expected to join in the fray to hasten Kenny's departure. And he is one of the most qualified politicians in Dail Eireann, having started his career with a Washington political apprenticeship. He may well emerge as a compromise candidate for the conservative wing of Fine Gael - that now threatens to desert en masse to Fianna Fail should Varadkar become Taoiseach as they will not serve under him as leader.

None of the conservative wing will ever say this openly - they're saying it to one another - but they will do all possible to stop Leo. They feel that he would be an embarrassment to the party and to the country - particularly in any dealings with the US and the Trump-Pence Administration. "For God's sake, Pence might even try to 'cure' Varadkar", a Kilkenny Fine Gael member remarked to The Kilkenny Journal. Another prominent city Fine gaeler told the Kilkenny Journal that they want to "separate sex and politics, but Leo's election would only encourage more mixing of sex and politics."

To come back to Deputy John Deasy, he has been condemned to the back benches for all of this century by Kenny even though he is a most capable politician. He makes a formidable foe and has threatened to run against Kenny before, ten years ago back in 2007. There has been a festering sore between them since Kenny dropped Deasy back in 2004 for smoking in the Dail bar.

John Deasy is son of a former Fine Gael great, the legendary Austin Deasy who was a minister for agriculture in former Fine Gael governments. As such he has a traditional support around the country that he will not hesitate to mobilise now against Kenny.

Deasy is the hope of all traditional Fine Gaelers around the country to win their party back from the forces of pink liberalism that has affected the party under Kenny in recent years. These conservatives oppose abortion that Kenny is bringing in under the cloak of the "Citizens Assembly" well known to be packed with abortionists. They want to take the party back from the liberals and the left and make it a great conservative bulwark for traditional values again - in fact John Deasy is an outspoken admirer of President Trump and as such he would foster closer US-Irish co-operation in all spheres of economic activity and public life.

There would also be a rowing back from the mass immigration project that is bedevilling Ireland as it is destabilising Europe, under Deasy and the conservative traditionalists. In fact Deputy John Deasy would be the only candidate for party leader that would have a distinct policy and a patriotic mission on behalf of the Nation.

As such his candidature for the Fine Gael party leadership would be broadly welcomed all over the country by the silent majority who are voiceless with the mainstream Irish media driving people to extremes with their trotskyist programme and marxist message. John Deasy would be a welcome relief to the country to steer us away from all of that madness that has taken hold of the liberal elite in Irish society. His entry into the Fine Gael leadership race would be timely and most welcome.

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