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Monday, 25th September 2017
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Cllr. Malcolm Noonan Cllr. Malcolm Noonan Green Party Councillor

 Cllr.  Malcolm Noonan is too loose tongued with the R word ,  members of the public who are up in arms over  the latest upsurge in cruelty to animals in Kilkenny said tonight in reply to being tarred as racists by the local Green councillor.  

They are all horrified by the insults heaped on them by the Green councillor over on the Kilkenny People news site  as all they want is for the culprits who indulged in a spate of torturing and murdering animals to be arrested by the Gardai and dealt with by the courts and punished in the ordinary manner as prescribed by Law. 


All the "inter-agency"   talk from Cllr. Noonan is a deflection, it's a decoy, it's leading the focus away from getting on with it and arresting the criminals concerned, their spokesman told us on The Kilkenny Journal tonight.  

None of the animal lovers of Kilkenny are racists as Malcolm Noonan  charges and they take grave exception right now, as their spokesman told me in a conversation  downtown not an hour ago.  He has now called in to the Kilkenny Journal  to correct us and to elaborate that Noonan called others, though not himself, racist. 

It is not racist to want the culprits, who are known, to be brought to justice. Then at the sentencing stage the judges can take rehabilitatory requests into account in the normal course of events, but  first they must be arrested, charged and brought to court like anybody else would be.  

Councillor Noonan has got some good people in this city horribly wrong tonight, he does not seem to be concerned about the tortured and murdered animals at all. 

For him to call concerned citizens racists for speaking out against the perpetrators of these heinous crimes, to accuse law-abiding  citizens of harbouring hate is beyond belief, especially when all they want is to see Justice done.  

The animal rights spokesperson I spoke to tonight in the centre city is outraged by Noonan's horrific slander of people seeking justice for the animals, so much so that he forecast that this will cost the Green councillor hundreds of votes next time round if he keeps it up.  

He said that nowhere did Cllr. Noonan state any sympathy at all for the poor tortured and murdered horses and the mother  goat killed so cruelly , nowhere did Noonan ask that the perpetrators be brought to justice.   

He said that Noonan's accusation  of local animal lovers on social media as spreading hate with racist intent  is a blatant attempt by the Green party councillor to create a smokescreen to hide the real situation at the expense of the reputations of some of the most liberal and caring citizens of Kilkenny, that it is an outrageous attack on the animal lovers of Kilkenny.   

If Cllr. Noonan has any answer  we would be happy to carry it here, unedited as written by him, if he so wishes. We cannot do better than that. It is that serious. We agree with the animal lovers, this spate of cruelty in Killkenny has gone too far. We have a bounden duty to protect our animal friends , all of them, all creatures great and small. 

The gardai may as well know now that people expect early arrests in these dreadful cases, and not evasive action as is being attempted at this moment.  We have good time for the decent people of the itinerant community involved, they should agree to hand over the culprits to the gardai without further circuitous prevarication such as Malcolm Noonan indulges in. 

Not to mention, Kilkenny is getting an awful bad name in the circles of animal lovers everywhere.  

Malcolm Noonan is wrong on another important point too : the torture and murder of these animals has been discussed amongst people in their everyday life and condemned by people en masse throughout the city, even  more so than it has on social media!  It is by no means confined to the computer.  Everywhere people are meeting they are discussing and condemning these frightful savageries  occurring in their midst.  People are distraught, one of the horses was a lovely little pony, the other a grand horse too.  The  poor mother goat and her two little kids were set upon, savaged  killed by travellers' dogs , the culprits were seen directing the slaughter! 

It seems that as a councillor Malcolm Noonan does not have his ear to the ground as he thinks , as he obviously does not appreciate the great public outcry and anger out there on the streets of Kilkenny . Here on the Kilkenny Journal we have been friends with and supporting travellers a lot longer than Malcolm has, about twenty years more ,   but we still want the culprits to face justice as they deserve.  

This is not a case of anybody being racist or anti-traveller, far from it. The animal lovers who mourn the horses and the goats, and any of us that are human have to be saddened and even sickened by it all. We  like the travelling people too, and can say that in all honesty and sincerity. So we hope they will hand the culprits up to the Gardai, and let there be an end to any more of this cruelty in Kilkenny!


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