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Thursday, 17th August 2017
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Ombudsman Peter Tyndall who backs the disgraceful HSE. 
Tyndall and his principal officer Elizabeth Dolan corruptly support the HSE.
KIlkenny HSE FOI at Kilcreene pretended to send out letters that they never wrote in the first place, the Kilkenny Journal has proof of this that would satisfy a court. Yet Tyndall and Dolan support them knowing this.

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Michael McGrath
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The HSE in Kilkenny is pretending to have sent out letters that in fact it never wrote in the first place. FOI requests to the HSE in Kilkenny are granted - and then mysteriously reversed and you have the Office of the Ombudsman Peter Tyndall standing over this! 
Today we have evidence of the corruption of the Ombudsman's senior investigator Elizabeth Dolan - who enjoys over 100,000 a year as the wage of a Principal Officer in the Civil Service. She and Tyndall are obviously only in it for the salaries and thus want a comfortable relationship with the HSE.

And for this all she does is go round and round about "the public interest" without ever defining it , that;s her ploy . The woman is all waffle, she is like a female Sir Humphrey out of "Yes, Minister" - surely we expect more than that from a woman on a hundred grand a year plus in her luxury office in Leeson Street, Dublin?

It's no wonder that they got rid of John McGuinness out of the PAC because he was closing in on the tails of such useless bureaucrats that this country is top heavy with. It's no wonder that you have all the people dependent on health services so frustrated , and now you have the Ombudsman Tyndall and his senior staff such as Dolan covering up for the HSE. She is just a fancy mouthpiece skilled at writing pages to explain it all away to the unfortunate appellants to the Ombudsman's office and apologising for the system which , as we can prove, is now totally corrupt .

Since Emily O'Reilly departed the Ombudsman's office is become just another apologist for the system. The Ombudsman Peter Tyndall himself was appointed by Brendan Howlin TD who proved along with his Labour party to be a grave disappointment to the country in the last government , and when Howlin went his appointees such as the Ombudsman should have went with him just as happens in the USA with regime changes. Tyndall isn't a patch on Emily O'Reilly, he has accordingly achieved little if anything at all . We need a national cleanout of such cosy coteries as the Ombudsmans Office and the HSE. They are a disgrace.

But we need look no further than Kilkenny city here where the HSE FOI staff at Kilcreene Hospital are the most corrupt of all. They are totally corrupt in the office suites there. It's not just the smell of the slurry you get, it's mostly the smell of corruption from the Kilcreene HSE offices out there wafting in across the city. They have been playing the game over the last couple of years of pretending to have sent out letters that never existed.

The Kilcreene HSE are in cahoots with the county home in Thomastown where the elderly have been dying at a faster rate when compared with other homes and hospitals - a Kilkenny Journal writer exposes it all here. Something is very rotten in the State of Ireland right now.

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