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Thursday, 17th August 2017
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CLLR. Patrick McKee says he hopes Kilkenny Fianna Fáil members will give him another chance.

Will even one councillor change his mind?

RENUA's Patrick McKee pictured during the KCLR Election debate in February 2016. Photo: Ken McGuire/KCLR

This week they declined his application to rejoin them


Patrick McKee can still rejoin Fianna Fail as an ordinary member providing he resigns his council seat and promises not to go for election ever again. 

But only if party Headquarters approve his application.

This week the Fianna Fáil group on Kilkenny county council declined his application to rejoin them at this time.

The now Independent Councillor says he respects their decision but remains hopeful that the party will still allow him to join up again. Basically the young councillor is begging the local party in Kilkenny. 

In an incredible show of public humility he says he hopes they will give him another chance.
However such humility cuts no ice with the likes of hardened ex-Army man G.I. Joe Malone. But to be fair to Councillor Malone if he was readmitted then Councillor McKee would be running against him for re-election in two years time in the Kilkenny West ward as a fellow Fianna Fail man.  So no matter how good the tea that McKee brews, GI Joe won't have him back in Kilkenny West , especially as their vote was so close last time out in 2014. This is the nub of the problem. 

Then Joe is a close McGuinness henchman, and proud to be so, and McKee represents a danger to the McGuinness succession in the Dail in the far off future when John McGuinness retires - and that is yet another reason for the refusal of the local FF to take the bright young politico back into the fold. 

Finally McKee is not wanted by the Alyward camp either , having opposed Bobby as a candidate in both the by-election and the general election, and as decent a man as Bobby is his brother Liam Aylward , the family capo, will have none of it from McKee. 

Though it was a secret ballot we believe that councillors Pat Fitzpatrick and Pat Millea , though staunch McGuinness men, voted for McKee's re-admittance to the party. Councillor Mick McCarthy probably voted to bring him back as well. Maybe Chap Cleere too, even though he seems to be the choice as Bobby Aylward's successor these days, though Bobby is fully recovered and in great health again, TG.  Cathaoirleach Matt Doran would have voted against McKee too as he is also elected for Kilkenny West where McKee is planning a big comeback, and Matt is identified as being an Aylward man.  

We wish to point out that there is nothing wrong with Patrick McKee. In fact he is amongst the bright new councillors elected last time out. It is simply because of the way the electoral chances fall down that Fianna Fail won't readmit the personable young working-class councillor from St. Patrick's Parish. Patrick has a better republican heritage than any of them. He has been an excellent chairman of the Police Authority, brilliant at political and local authority law. 

It is indeed petty of Fianna Fail to reject him on the basis of the ins and outs of local political opportunity, especially as he was a dedicated member of the party for  a dozen years , even running the party as a young WIT student and then in Cork Uni too. Fianna Fail was his life until he was tempted to be their  Dail candidate by Renua before they collapsed and left Patrick isolated and alone in Kilkenny politics. It takes only one councillor to change his mind and give Patrick a chance, so maybe that might happen, especially now as he is so genuinely contrite. Watch this space.


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