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Monday, 25th September 2017
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ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY refugees are scheduled to be brought to Kilkenny in the very near future. This is on top of the 25,000 plus immigrants already crushed into our city adding to the enormous pressure on our local hospital and health procedures/operations services. And that's not the end of it - all their relations are fully entitled and authorised to join them to live here as well. There is going to be economic anarchy. 

There are 3,500 on the housing list of Kilkenny County Council, as John McGuinness informs us, he already calling this impossible, yet here they are crushing in more !  Auctioneers tell us that there are hardly a dozen properties left for rent across the city, that the situation is dire.yet here we are with more being pressed in upon an already desperate situation in Kilkenny where now the immigrants are surpassing the locals in giving birth to more born here too that will have to be catered for in future years .

What is going to become of Kilkenny, that we now endearingly call, "Our Little Baghdad by the Nore", how are people going to live here at all in the future, and in the near future too? 

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