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Monday, 25th September 2017
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JOHN DEASY TD SAYS: "There's very little principle in Irish politics". Featured

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The best man for rural Ireland. 
Great American political training and experience.

John Deasy TD is the most principled and outspoken TD in Dail Eireann. He is fearless. He is the one TD that does not think first of his own safety. More important , he has his head screwed on, he is a practical politician and he is right. He can be counted on never to have any truck with Sinn Fein/IRA.

He would restore principle and integrity to Fine Gael and back into the government. More important he would restore Ireland's pride - and he is a better businessman than any minister in the cabinet. He is shrewd and hard-working and is ready to give it a lash as a young, tough and fearless leader of his party and for his country above all.

Unlike Leo, John Deasy does not play up to the media. Unlike Simon Coveney he doesn't play up to Peter Sutherland and the Bilderberger bankers. He is unsullied by power , he is up for the challenge. He would take no messing from Brussels but would be a strong man for Ireland on the Council of Ministers. he is beholden to nobody.

John Deasy is a powerful and passionate speaker, a true son of Fine Gael , yet the most outspoken politician in that party in years. He has a compassionate side that would concern himself with the homeless, he's the most down-to-earth politician there is. He is the maverick that could turn Fine Gael around and make the party great again!

Above all he is a genuinely decent man. He's young and full of fire and ideals for his party and his country. Fine gael need look no further than Deputy John Deasy at next weekend 's party Ard Fheis.…/John_Deasy_(Fine_Gael_politician)…/

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