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Tuesday, 26th September 2017
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With the retirement of Taoiseach Enda Kenny this evening it appears at this moment in time that there will be two main challengers for the leadership of Fine Gael and Taoiseach of the country. 

In a few words Varadkar is a publicly practising homosexual in a partnership with a young medical doctor  while Coveney is a Bilderberger in league with the UN Director of mass immigration Peter Sutherland, the former Irish attorney general who wants to force more mass immigration in on his native country. Varadkar is of Indian extraction , his father being Indian. 

Thus so far Fine gael presents itself with an unenviable political choice in leadership terms, a homosexual half Indian or a Bilderberger sworn to sell his country out to the international bankers and globalists and overcome the natural Irish population with a million more immigrants as the Irish are driven out. 

Phew, with such a horrible choice, a veritable Hobson's choice, we thank God we are not Fine Gaelers!
It's not the first time the country was faced with such a choice - Eamonn De Valera's father was a Cuban Spanish Jew of New York .  Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowan presided while the country was sold out to the bankers, the globalists and the hordes of immigrants were allowed to flood in costing more billions again. 

Varadkar is the media darling , some would say the media puppet , while Coveney was caught on film in Copenhagen in 2014 for the annual Bilderberg meeting that took place in that city in that year.  The hated Sutherland , a banker turned into a real enemy of the Irish people, would have massive say in any government led by Coveney. 

So it would be much to the benefit of the Fine Gael party, the country and the people  if a compromise candidate were to emerge. We think that that candidate should be John Deasy TD of Waterford who has challenged Kenny in the past and held that there is no principle left in Irish politics. If forced between Varadkar and Coveney, we would choose Varadkar as the lesser danger to the country. Ideally, in a decent world, it would be John Deasy. 


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