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Monday, 25th September 2017
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Simon Coveney has been caught at a Bilderberg conference , as reported elsewhere here, in the company of his mentor the Goldman Sachs chairman Peter Sutherland. Sutherland is the UN Commissioner for refugees, stating time and again that he wants to push more and more refugees into Ireland and the UK where he now lives.  

Coveney as Taoiseach would unleash more hordes of immigrants on Ireland with a million here already.  Coveney is a big landlord who has a vested interest in filling his properties with tenants, whether immigrants or otherwise. Coveney would be even worse as a Taoiseach than Enda Kenny was.  Thus, though you may object to him being married to a man, Varadkar is the better choice. Varadkar has stated that he wants to pay immigrants six months welfare to leave and go home, or elsewhere. He is also not in favour of abortion.  Yes, he is half Indian but Irish through and through - his father is an upper-caste practising Hindu. He has a normal family background in Castleknock, Dublin, with a couple of sisters.  After all, Dev's father was a Spanish Cuban Jew while Sean Lemass' ancestors were French Huguenots.

And despite the fact that the editor of the Kilkenny Journal , Michael McGrath , voted NO in the gay marriage referendum and took a lot of pretty vicious flak for that online  , he doesn't see where a person's sexual practice or orientation matters in politics or in business or in any other walk of life. Thus he supports Leo Varadkar for Taoiseach.  Leo is easily the more capable and at least he remains loyal to the country. Coveney is a boor who has sold Ireland out even before he starts. By attending the Bilderberg meeting , Coveney was seriously acting the traitor - we can't put it more gently than that. He doesn't deserve to be Taoiseach, in fact he doesn't even deserve to be in Dail Eireann. We would not trust Simon Coveney as far as we could throw him. 

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