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Tuesday, 22nd August 2017
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At Africa Day in the Castle Park yesterday several Africans led by their spokesperson Benjani from Sierra Leone told the Kilkenny Journal representative on the spot reporting that, "We can't let any more immigrants into Kilkenny or Ireland."  
The Africans fear that if any more are allowed in that there won't be enough in cash or houses left to go around.

"Look at this great event , man, there's plenty of us people here already , many needing help. 

This proves the Kilkenny Journal right in its approach to treat those here already in a humane fashion but to control further immigration that is at the million mark in such a small population and small country as Ireland. It's costing us 4 Billions every year already that we have to borrow and the bubble is going to burst again putting everybody in jeopardy. Our approach, now backed by the Africans, is to limit mass immigration to the million already here. 

And in fact to apply Leo Varadkar's solution, that he mentioned in 2008, to pay immigrants six months welfare to go home or to go elsewhere where they would probably do better than they are doing in Ireland on the dole.  

And we agree, if someone is become long-term unemployed here in Ireland then it's better for the country if they go home or go elsewhere where they could become productive and contributing citizens once again. The Africans we spoke to at Africa Day agree wholeheartedly with this logical approach as we spoke to them in the Castle Park. 

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