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- Joycean Society President Gabriel Murray. 
"Joyce drank in the Marble City Bar!"

Kilkenny filmmaker and historian Gabriel Murray has made the astonishing claim that James Joyce visited Kilkenny regularly. This would have been at the turn of the Twentieth century when his sister "Poppie" was a novice in the Convent of Mercy in Callan.

According to Mr. Murray, who is President of the Kilkenny Joycean Society, Joyce worked here as a reporter for The Farmers Journal and stayed just over the Butter Slip in a room at High Street.

Gabriel makes the fabulous claim that Kilkenny is the third Joycean city in the world after Dublin and Paris that Joyce visited and reported from.

Did Joyce drink in the Marble City Bar, was he a regular in The Hole in the Wall? Indeed Joyce mentions the "Kilkenny People" newspaper in Ulysses, so he was probably read the local newspaper. Did he attend the theatre in Kilkenny? Did he stroll along the canal as he wrought his literary art?

Gabriel Murray and his society are planning a series of Joycean events including a play about Joyce, as they explore 'the lost city of James Joyce', none other than our own sweet city by the Nore, Kilkenny.

This would bring huge prestige for Kilkenny as a centre of the highest culture anywhere. So we therefore wish Gabriel and his indefatigable research every success in proving Kilkenny to be the third city in the world that James Joyce lived and worked in. His valuable research findings could help Kilkenny one day become the European City of Culture. In any event he deserves to be supported in this his latest literary endeavour far and wide.

[pictured: James Joyce with Sylvia Beech]

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