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Tuesday, 22nd August 2017
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Councillor Keary of Limerick Councillor Keary of Limerick

It's a pity we don't have a single councillor here in Kilkenny who will stand up for the Irish people like Limerick Councillor and Mayor-elect Geary has.  No mainstream politicians anywhere are standing up for the silenced Irish, no newspapers, no radio station, no TV, not even a magazine.

Yet the insidious project for mass replacement of the Irish people by mass immigration forges ahead, driving the Irish people out while a million foreigners now take their places, their  houses, their jobs and their hopes and dreams. 
Councillor Geary has come under predictable attack from the leftist "solidarity" traitors who sell out their own country for position and power while they lick up to the media and signal their virtue. These lefties are beneath contempt, they have no time for their own people but suck up to every foreign influence. 

Councillor Keary stands head and shoulders above such political cheapskates as a proud Irishman, caring for his people and his native land. 

Foolishly the Irish have handed away their money, their housing stock and their health and hospital services to foreigners while the Nation stands yet again on the Abyss of Poverty and Austerity. The damage is not only calculated in economic terms, as due to the immigrants the educational standard has gone through the floor. 
This country is living on borrowed time, let alone borrowed billions!  We need me heroes like Councillor Keary right now, a lot more in our political life to try to turn this country around from Disaster and Chaos.


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