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Tuesday, 22nd August 2017
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No dole for Roma. 
Councillor Stephen Geary is becoming a national hero for his patriotic stand.  

Less dole under Leo!

It appears that the Limerick councillor, Stephen Geary,  spoke on economic rather than racial grounds , if you examine his argument closely.

And we have to examine all such allegations of racism closely - indeed such allegations should be put to the courts for examination in depth.

And there is already a precedent for paying a different social welfare rate where half the dole is paid to young people. But that happens so as to help pay the immigrants!
So differing welfare rates could be the answer here where welfare rates corresponding to those available in an immigrant's own country could be paid. 
But any proposals must be based on economic and financial grounds. And nobody should have an automatic entitlement to the full dole package unless they have worked in the past at some stage or other in this country. That is the situation in countries like Spain and Portugal in opulent Western Europe.

Indeed in many EU countries you don't get any welfare unless you have sufficient employment stamps. To receive the full dole surely an applicant must have worked some time in some EU country? Surely that should be the relevant qualification?

The Irish have never just gone over and collected the dole in the UK, contrary to popular belief that has never happened. Irish applicants got a much smaller rate of "National Assistance". And they never got any council houses either! Also there's no dole to collect either on landing at Kennedy in the USA. Australia won't let you in if they suspect you're there for the dole, in fact you have to have thousands in the bank to get in. Canada and New Zealand are the same.

And we know an Irishman escorted to the border by the Polizei in Germany for collecting the dole there for three months. He was ordered out by the German dole office, to his amazement. That would never happen here, but try and get the dole in other countries and see what happens - it's an education in itself.

In fact we understand that according to the regulations the dole must not be paid for the first two years a person is in this country, that is the law.

So we think that this "storm in a tea cup" can be sorted on the basis of existing social protection legislation. In fact it's really up to the officials who seem to be generous to a fault in spending our money in this matter.

The bottom line is that we have to realise that mass immigration is costing this country four billions a year, and much as our officials may want to help, this figure has to be brought down significantly , and Leo Varadkar obviously realises this, if we are not to face another financial crisis.

The new Taoiseach is noted as a parsimonious fellow who does not believe in the dole. His recent actions concerning the dole show this to be the case. But then he is highly experienced in social protection, more than any other Taoiseach has been on assuming office. Drinking the dole every week, as we see going on around us every dole day, is no longer acceptable either. As Leo says, they'll have to get up early in the morning now that he's at the helm.

We can tell you here and now that there are going to be big changes under Leo in social welfare in this country. You no longer have a liberal like Enda Kenny concerned for his own popularity, you have a serious conservative at the helm now and it's no harm at all if this country is to get back to living within its means. 
Nobody will starve under Leo - but there's going to be a lot less dole cash around if he has his way. And who can disagree with that?

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has been urged to condemn “racist” comments made by a Fine Gael councillor.


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