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Thursday, 17th August 2017
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John Wilson - "Eastern European Gangs operating in Ireland without any fear"

In this Video , Garda Whistleblower John Wilson says in 2004 , Ireland became a dumping ground for Eastern European Criminals . Today Russian and Eastern European Mafia operate in Ireland without any fear of being caught by the Gardai . 
Speaking at a National Party Event In Dundalk on the topic of mass Migration , law and order and Extremism he says  

In Ireland we must accept everybody , we must accept every scrounger , every criminal , every murderer , every robber , every rapist and by the way thats not an exaggeration , some very evil people have travelled into this country over the last number of years , any attempt to debate these issues are shut down by our media , nobody wants to engage in any proper debate , when somebody does raise the issue they are labelled racist , for such a well educated people we are very very stupid and dumb in this area  

In relation to syrian refugees , he says that despite reassurances from the Minister for Justice that these people will be properly vetted , there is actually no way the gardai can know if these people have extremist tendencies and added that the Gardai have no idea of whats going on within the muslim community or polish community here in Ireland . 

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