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Thursday, 17th August 2017
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Kilkenny Mosque Ramadan Kilkenny Mosque Ramadan PHOTO: PAT MOORE, KILKENNY

Nice photo, very colourful, I can see some friends of mine in this large group.
But surely this photo shows that we have an overflow of immigrants from the Middle East as matters stand, and at a cost of 4 Billions a year on our National Debt borrowing we have to seriously pause to consider if perhaps we can afford any more new arrivals, if it is economically viable anymore to bring in such huge numbers here, many unskilled, mostly young men when we have a report today of great concern from the National Youth Council at the great number of our young people unemployed in Carlow-Kilkenny.

Emigration to the USA is dried up so we are now experiencing the unemployed remaining here at home. Australia is no longer keen on admitting large numbers either. And with Brexit looming we have a Great Unknown situation looming ahead. 
Perhaps it's time that Fine Gael stopped the mass immigration programme it commenced with Labour under Alan Shatter six years ago in view of the new impending situation of complete uncertainty that this country now faces on the economic front. 
Lovely photo, as we say, nice to have our friends here, but even some of those friends we see in the photo are telling us that enough is enough as they face fierce competition for housing, business and jobs themselves.

Hundreds of members of the local Islamic community gathered to celebrate the end of Ramadan on Sunday morning. After thirty days and nights of fasting it was time…


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