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Tuesday, 26th September 2017
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The Jury has spoken. Kilkenny has spoken.

It;s all over, bar the shouting, for Labour.

The jury has found against Burton and Labour now, how much lower can they go? 
And it's not just on the water charges, Labour is roaring for more mass immigration to be forced on Ireland, Labour has ceased representing the local labour force - houses are handed away and hospital wards chock-full because of Labour's bad planning in the last government, schools are bursting at the seams and we have to pay four billions a year to finance all the mass immigration they caused. Irish workers are being forced out in droves, while wages and standards collapse.
The Labour Party is become a curse on Ireland offering only hardship to the Irish people. 
News this lunchtime is that Italy wants to stop mass immigration, Europe and Ireland can't take any more and yet Labour doesn't learn and at this rate they never will. All Howlin can do is call everybody racists, that's no way to represent people in the national parliament.

Happily here in Kilkenny city Labour is wiped out without a single representative and more happily they don't look like coming back. Former Labour politicians would want to make up their minds on their futures today, now that the jury has spoken. Nobody in KIlkenny will make it in Labour after their two county councillors are gone.

It's the same for the couple of Labour activists left, they have no future in politics now. Going since 1912 the party looks finally over. This is the final cap on a stunning defeat, it's all over, bar the shouting, for the Irish Labour Party.

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