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Tuesday, 26th September 2017
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Animal lovers called racists by councillor.

He levels accusations of racism against animal lovers because of their reactions.

Malcolm Noonan has issued a massive press statement, which we have read, on the horse maltreatment and killings recently to occur in Kilkenny.

It is a long and winding statement noted for its side-steps and prevarications.

Amid it all it appears that Malcolm does not accept that it is members of the travelling community in Kilkenny, and that community only, that is mistreating and killing the dogs and horses.

Related not an excuse ..

Instead, Councillor Noonan levels general and widespread accusations of racism against concerned animal lovers in Kilkenny. 
And although Malcolm is related by marriage into the traveller community he should never have allowed this fact to sway his judgement and colour his remarks.
We too here on the Kilkenny Journal have always supported the travelling community - over the past half century in fact, but we have never allowed that to affect our impartiality and objectivity in the face of public controversy.

Racists under the bed!

However we agree that great care must be observed in issuing statements of criticism and we must be circumspect with our language to ensure that innocent people - and the majority of the traveller community are innocent - are not blamed in the wrong. 
Widespread allegations of racism in retaliation - and from a councillor who should know better - are, we appreciate, intolerable to the animal lovers and horse defenders, but the Green Party has always seen racism all around and everywhere. And Councillor Noonan is no exception in this.
Better check under the bed, Malcolm!

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