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Tuesday, 26th September 2017
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They are protesting about nothing to nobody at County Hall right now!

Once again at one o'clock today Sinn Fein proves that it is really only a group of protesters, walking around with placards and giving out about this that and the other, as they protest against bin charges increases.

But this time at one o'clock today they doth protest too much outside Kilkenny County Council offices at lunchtime - because there are no bin charge increases by Kilkenny County Council!

This is the only way that their local deputy Kathleen Funchion can maintain a presence as she can't speak effectively in the Dail, can't represent Carlow-Kilkenny effectively in Parliament , so she has to walk around with a placard against one thing or the other all the time.

As regards policies Sinn Fein is very poor, just as poor as the semi-literate Gino Kenny TD from Tallaght. They can't go into government because they would not know what to do. All they can do is protest, protest, protest - even when there is no cause to protest like this lunchtime at the County Hall . Thus anybody to join them there would be a bigger fool.

You only have Deputy Funchion and her Dad there and the former Petty Officer , Cllr. David Kennedy, who should be inside the Council offices serving his constituents rather than parading around behind the Funchions on a non-issue outside.

At one o'clock there is nobody inside the building to protest to anyway!

As the man said, this could only happen in Ireland. And only with Sinn Fein , we add.

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