Elinor Mountain RIP, a great enigma.

Elinor was a lifelong Marxist Trotskyist Communist - and she would have been proud to see us describe her as such. 
She was an English woman who came here with the specific intention of networking such internationalist leftist ideology among the Irish, she would have been aided financially by George Soros, Peter Sutherland, Chuck Feeney and their international coterie of bankers and the non-governmental agencies they spawn. She had an easy degree in sociology and no success against suicide though she tried hard as an unqualified psychotherapist, basically a quack.

Thus she is greatly admired and missed by the likes of Councillor Malcolm Noonan, The Green, who genuinely is saddened by her death. She helped in his work of "cultural diversity" in forcing more and more immigrants in on top of our Irish society with the aim of breaking its back.

In death , as in life, Elinor remains a mystery. There is no obituary, there are no funeral arrangements announced, indeed most of us never knew her , she has no address, not even in the newspaper death columns today.

Elinor threw her energy into welcoming as many of her fellow immigrants into Ireland and packing as many into Kilkenny as she could. There is praise from Councillor Noonan on account of some mental health work she is supposed to have done, though we can't find any actual details of such supposed work beyond her running a clinic in McDonagh Centre as a quack psychotherapist, unqualified her degree was in sociology.

We do believe Noonan's description of her as an "activist" and "campaigner" - but for what? Marxism? Trotskyism? Mass Immigration? Climate Change? Perhaps all of them, we honestly do not know and indeed we do not even know anybody who knew her outside of Councillor Noonan who is of similar bent. She may even have been a Green? An English Green. This woman remains an enigma , even in death. 
We think she may have been some sort of a Wiccan in the spirituality that Councillor Noonan mentions in his gushing obituary of her. She seemed to be a force behind the scenes, always behind the scenes, and now even in death remaining unknown to most of us.

She certainly achieved much of her goals with Trotskyist internationalism having a significant presence here now, especially amongst our local Greens. She seems to have been a person who did not realise that spiritual environmentalism in Ireland is best sought in the wisdom of our ancient druidry and not in any communist one-world English wiccanry. 
It's obvious that otherwise she was a smart woman, a leader from behind the scenes who retreated back beyond the Irish mists to depart as mysteriously as she came and lived here.

Yes, we were right, Elinor Mountain was a globalist in our midst working for banker-globalists Soros, Sutherland and Feeney in the transformation of |Ireland from a Celtic Nation into a coffee-coloured world , and as such she is deeply mourned and missed by Councillor Noonan and his globalist Green party.

Wasn't it the poet John Donne who remarked that every death diminishes us. However Elinor Mountain's demise must be an exception to that as the Irish Nation will sigh with relief at the passing of one such dedicated to our destruction in her promulgation of globalism and mass immigration into Ireland. 
Here are such particulars of Elinor Mountain as we could find :

She's being described by locals as a networker; an enabler, a campaigner and an activist
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