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Tuesday, 26th September 2017
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What Ned Cash could do 51 years ago in Liverpool , surely Kilkenny traveller leaders can do today ?

by Michael McGrath.

Cllr. Malcolm Noonan has recently circulated a press release calling an indeterminate number of Kilkenny citizens racists. This is serious anti-social behaviour on the part of the Green Party councillor.

He also published that lengthy press release, condemning an indeterminate number of citizens as racists on his own Facebook site.

Neither councillor Noonan nor any other councillor or politician is allowed to indulge in such reprehensible behaviour towards fellow citizens, whatever their differences may be.

The lawful path to take is to make a complaint to the Gardai under the Incitement to Hatred Act 1989 and not to take matters into his own hands as Councillor Noonan has done.

Were everybody to do like him we could have civil uproar on our hands. It was totally irresponsible of him no matter how much he disagreed with statements from the defenders of the rights and lives of horses and dogs in Kilkenny.

He has no right to call an indeterminate number of citizens racists - councillors who misbehave like that should not receive the vote anymore.

The editor of the Kilkenny Journal has been a supporter and friend of the travellers since before Councillor Noonan was born!

Yet the Kilkenny Journal calls on the responsible leaders of the travelling community to hand over the culprits to the gardai. I remember a time back in 1966 when my late great friend Ned Cash handed over traveller transgressors to the Liverpool Constabulary on Everton Brow. Ned was the leader of 200 trailer loads of people there, and I helped him negotiate with the Inspector of Police on the spot the handover of several criminals on the site that the Police wanted.

I see no reason why this cannot be done in Kilkenny today if a legendary King of the Travellers could order it over fifty years ago in Liverpool. So let's get on with it here in Kilkenny in 2017 and stop the ill-treatment and unnecessary deaths of the horses and dogs. It's giving Kilkenny a dreadful name , not to mention the awful cruelty suffered by the poor animals.

And then maybe Malcolm can give up calling people very nasty names, Thank You Malcolm!

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