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Kilkenny Mosque Kilkenny Mosque

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The site for the Kilkenny Mosque has been chosen and bought for 300,000 Euro. The site is located across from St. Kieran's cemetery opposite the Aldi supermarket off the Hebron Road, Kilkenny.

Great praise is due to the local Islamic community in Kilkenny for raising the money themselves, with amounts of twenty grand flowing in from the wealthy professionals to lesser contributions from their own money from Moslems throughout Kilkenny.

The mosque itself has yet to be designed and could cost two or three million euro.

So far there have been protests against the mosques in Clonskeagh in Dublin, Cork and Killarney but this Kilkenny mosque is located in an industrial estate out of the city and off the beaten track so it should hardly bring any such controversy and construction should proceed normally after the granting of planning permission which seems likely to be granted in such an out-of-the-way area outside the city.

The area itself is in the vicinity of Pockocke House down from the Pockocke Bridge, named after Bishop Richard Pockocke who coincidentally travelled around and concerned himself mostly with the Middle East.

It will be a traditional mosque with minaret tower or towers for the calling to prayers five times throughout the twenty-four hours, with separate accommodations for the women as is the practice in all mosques. It should look quite majestic amid the Pockocke Valley.

The community says that the present house used as a mosque on the Freshford Road is too cramped for their growing community in Kilkenny , swelled by mass immigration and natural causes.

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