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Thursday, 17th August 2017
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Two Garda  assail peaceful citizens in Kilkenny today - and rob them!

- Grotesque, Unique, Bizarre and Unprecedented police action.

These two burly-looking officers actually rob and take away private property in city centre in broad daylight!

Meanwhile animal killers and gangs who assault the elderly in Kilkenny are allowed to roam free.
Kilkenny Gardai assailed pro life activists in the streets of Kilkenny and took their referendum advertising material away. This was a high-handed action without the slightest provocation or legal cause.

Yet in the same week the same gardai refuse to deal with animal killers and torturers and fail to defend an elderly man attacked in broad daylight in the middle of the city by a gang of a dozen youths crazed on drink and drugs.

What is the world coming to when decent people, whether they be pro-life or pro-choice, no matter which, are prevented by the police from pursuing their legal political activity while criminals are at the same time allowed to operate freely without let or hindrance in our city?

What are the Gardai there for at all? In fact the animal rights activists are now saying that the gardai are afraid of the thugs who kill and maim animals and attack people in the city streets - and here we have the Gardai assailing innocent and decent citizens and depriving them unlawfully of their legal property for no reason whatsoever./

The Kilkenny Journal will be closely following up this bizarre behaviour by Kilkenny Gardai and will report further on this matter as we get more news and information in.

It's Garda bullying and State censorship gone mad!

Youth Defence

WATCH: Gardai seize and remove our pro-life boards in Kilkenny today despite a letter from the Director of Public Prosections saying we have a right to show the...

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