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Tuesday, 26th September 2017
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Editorial by Michael McGrath.

Leo reveals his bad side, that kicks people when they're down.

Leo Varadkar tries to score brownie points in political correctness at the expense of an anguished crestfallen Kevin Myers, already down in the dumps and sleepless for two nights under the weight of all the heavy criticism. 
Shame on you, Taoiseach. And shame on your Tanaiste Frances Fitzgerald who made a kick at the hapless Myers too.

At least Kevin Myers is a working journalist, he works for his money and neither Leo nor Frances Fitzgerald would know much about that. 
Leo is only an ignorant man as compared to the power of Kevin Myers as a creative writer of the highest literary merit.

Kevin said nothing to and did nothing to Leo or his party, the IRA was always his legitimate target and he put himself at great risk there - he could have ended up another Veronica Guerin! 
Though he showed great personal principle in being the only journalist ever to resign from RTE in opposition to Section 31 of the Broadcasting Act that censored Sinn Fein/IRA.

In any case it is not the job of an Irish prime minister to denigrate a citizen like Kevin who commands the creativity and the power of literary Ireland. It is a clear breach of the protocol of his office.

All of this confirms that Leo is a sneak playing to the virtue signalling gallery of the false sentimentalists here, jumping on a bandwagon that he thought existed.

Kevin has acted the glorious fool and has apologised for it publicly over the media , but he is still entitled to the respect of his peers, or are we going to degenerate into a rabble condemning each other with all the nag nag that's part and parcel of political correctness - is that the Ireland that Leo aspires to?

More important is that the Ireland that Leo Varadkar prescribes for us? 
Because if it is there are many of us - the majority I well suspect - who want no part in it. 
Kevin Myers is an honourable man, an acknowledged journalist and writer, a gentleman and a scholar, none of which Varadkar will ever be if he goes on like this.

Myers will be remembered when Varadkar and all his ilk are turned to dust.

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