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Monday, 25th September 2017
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Kathleen Funchion TD ran away! Kathleen Funchion TD ran away!


Fire investigation required - Noel Walsh just announced.

He went in and told the Bord Pleanala Inspector he was in favour of it, doing a U-Turn on the Walkin Street residents who had placed their faith in him.

Though he attended the residents' private meetings and assured them that he was against this development , Malcolm Noonan went in and stated the opposite to An Bord Pleanala, stating that he was in favour - subject to a few small conditions - of the Walkin Street high rise development.

Kathleen Funchion TD also said she was with the residents, attending their private meetings, but was nowhere to be seen when the chips were down.

John McGuinness attended the residents meetings but to no avail either. At least he didn't betray the residents' confidence like the other two. Andrew McGuinness fought honestly for the residents.

The residents fought sincerely and bravely and deserved at least to have the top floor chopped off this four storey that will be incongruous to the lovely surrounds of an old Kilkenny beauty spot.

Many of the apartments are required for immigrants and travellers so it was a hard one to tackle from the start, as they must be looked after as a priority, according to Noonan's Green Party and Funchion's Sinn Fein.

Local legal eagle Noel Walsh, the Peace Commissioner, did his level best for his fellow residents of this lovely old area of St. Mary's Parish. Alas it was not to be as the Inspector cited the massive housing needs of the city to support his decision.

Noel G. Walsh has commented that after the high rise tragedy in London you would have thought that An Bord Pleanala would have learned something, describing the development as a dangerous fire hazard, adding that he himself would only live on the ground floor.

And Noel has a point. We don't need to go the high rise direction in Ireland like the UK did as we have plenty of land for housing here and we should be stretching out the city rather than going up as in Walkin Street.

In view of this it's astonishing to see a Green Party councillor do a U-Turn in favour of high rise for this city as Councillor Noonan has now publicly done. Noel Walsh is right, we should be going out and not up in housing provision for Kilkenny.

A candidate for public office, the genial peace commissioner has stated that he wants a complete fire chief's report on the development from the high rise point of view. He told the Journal the residents are not finished yet, that the proposed high rise would constitute a serious fire hazard in their neighbourhood.
Well, you don't want to be in bed up on the fourth floor while yer man on the ground floor staggers into his pad on the first floor at one in the morning and tries drunkedly to put on the chip pan, do you...

Residents made numerous submissions opposing development, and handed in a petition


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