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Monday, 25th September 2017
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Fesival Director Fegus Cronin Fesival Director Fegus Cronin Fergus Cronin , Ranelagh, Dublin

Kilkenny Arts Festival funds trousered.


"The best music of the Kilkenny Arts Festival is the sound of the fiddle".

Deputy editor Sean Keane tries in his usual flippant manner to paper over the cracks in a report that is pure P.R.

The Alternative Kilkenny Arts is NOT the Kilkenny Arts Festival and is indeed ignored by the main Kilkenny Arts festival, receiving no recognition, finance , subsidy or resource of any kind .

The main Kilkenny Arts Festival gobbles up hundreds of thousands in grants from the Arts Council and KIlkenny County Council as well as hundreds of thousands in ticket sales and this is all privately trousered.

Not a cent goes to art or artists, it is all trousered. It is all one massive con job on the city and the people of Kilkenny.

They hire in the cheapest acts and pay 150 quid a night for St. Canice's cathedral - where they take 30,000 a night throughout the festival. All of this , after the cheap acts are paid, is trousered.

Mr. Keane suggests that business makes 5 millions, there is no proof of this - but the old arts week before it was taken over by the present crew was always great for business anyway. In fact the former Kilkenny Arts Week could have brought even more money into the city, compared to today's festival where all the grants and ticket sales go into private pockets.

The Kilkenny People newspaper profits from advertisements from these private arts festival promoters , so there's your explanation for Mr. Keane's extravagant claims.

As regards the visual arts we get only the efforts of local artists in venues like "cardboard city" on the Parade where the artists were swept out of it by torrential rain. Some shops, hotels and pubs help out but not a red cent is received by the fringe from the private operators who now own the Kilkenny Arts Festival for their own pockets.

Councillor Noonan is trying to build up a new political bandwagon for himself out of the AKA Fringe, as politicians will do - but he never founded or had anything to do with the AKA up to recently.

And now Cllr. Noonan together with Deputy Editor Keane tries to confuse the AKA as having something to do with the Kilkenny Arts Festival proper , as if that were the case. It is not. The AKA gets NOTHING from the Kilkenny Arts Festival operators, often it looks like they don't even want the AKA though there's nothing they can do about it. In any case the operators are happy to trouser some hundreds of thousands between them , so you can run all the fringes you like!

To be honest, to artists like Ramie Leahy the Kilkenny Arts Festival ( that he founded over forty years ago) is today just one big fiddle - but the Kilkenny People hides this as a matter of policy because of the rich vein of advertising revenue they reap from the Festival , while Noonan tries to cull votes from it , so to be honest he stands to gain the least.But he does confuse the two events that run alongside each other over the ten days and he's probably useful to the promoters thus.

Keane is wrong about the original aim/objective of the Kilkenny Arts Week. It was never to make money for pubs - well and good if that happened. The aim was to highlight the arts in Kilkenny, to bring in the best of art and artists to the city and to re-invest any proceeds in the arts, artists and arts resources of Kilkenny.

It was never about filling hotel beds, but well and good iif that happened, it was for art and artists. But all of that worthy objective was well and truly ignored once again over the past fortnight while the maxiumum profits were screwed out of the main events above in St. Canice's cathedral and trousered by the present directors, as well as all the money in from the Arts Council and County Council grants!

As a result there is no money left in either kitty to finance the arts and artists in Kilkenny. The city is being milked annually of all those monies that could go to arts and artists, to fund a local art gallery for instance, maytbe a gallery of photography too.

The pity of it is that now again this year all the money is gone out of Kilkenny for yet another year as the arts in Kilkenny city and county are once again straved of any resources at all. All the arts money is gone, we have nothing for arts in Kilkenny, we haven't had since our Arts festival was taken over approximnately seventeen years ago by legal trickery.

The Kilkenny People should at least be decent enough to remain silent rather than spin a whole line of propaganda to cover all this fiddling of Kilkenny's resources that should be going to the promotion of the arts and artists here.

Further we have fallen tragically behind in the arts festival scene - Galway Arts Festival, which is an honest arts fesrival unlike the one here, has the greatest of international visual artists. We have fallen so much that even the operators of the arts festival here have admitted that we're not a patch on Edinburgh- how the hell could we be when the entire profits of the Kilkenny Arts Festival now lie in private bank accounts as we write.

The main director of the Kilkenny Arts Festival is also Chairman of the local radio station KCLR, so that's wrapped up and you're not going to hear a murmur from there either except false praise as we get from the Kilkenny People - because they all have their gobs in the trough.

The greatest music of the Kilkenny Arts Festival is the sound of the fiddle!

Running simultaneously with the Arts Festival, The Alternative Kilkenny Arts (AKA) provided two weeks of exhibitions, plays, poetry, literature, talks and debates, music and community engagement. By adopting a simple principle to provide a platform…
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