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Kathleen Funchion with the new man in her life, Cllr. Sean Tyrrell. She has been holidaying in the USA after another uneventful year in Kilkenny politics - though they enthusiastically agree that the pay and expenses are absolutely fabulous.

Kathleen seems to be a believer in involving her lovers in politics - doubling up on all the money of course.

Her husband is Deputy David Cullinane of Waterford, also of course a devoted Shinner rolling in the money.

They have been seen during the year down at Kilkenny court obviously sorting their parting out, Kathleen accompanied by her solicitor, Grace of Callan.

Since she split with Cullinane she has been with Sean who she had selected as a county councillor in her place when she left the Council for the Dail.

Kathleen looks forward to another lucrative political partnership, a shrewd woman she follows in the footsteps of the many other successful political partnerships in Irish politics that wax wealthy on government cheques on the double every month.

Such is an excellent example of how political fortunes are made. Isn't Ireland the greatest little country in the world for politicians , and especially for politicians who double and even treble up for all the money.

Pity none of them are any good, though. Kathleen is the second poorest speaker in the Dail, Sean is excused as a starter on the Council, Cullinane is the best operator though the sourest of the trio.

Shinners Ltd is the best business in Ireland at the moment and republicanism is the royal road to power and riches. Kathleen now occupies plush offices on New Street where Phil Hogan once presided on his own way to fame and fortune. All the happy couple have to do is follow in Big Phil's footsteps and they can't go wrong.

Doesn't Sean look a bit like John Lennon and Kathleen a bit like Cilla. So here's to them with the Beatles screaming out "Money, that's what we want!"

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