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Monday, 25th September 2017
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Simon Coveney has been caught at a Bilderberg conference , as reported elsewhere here, in the company of his mentor the Goldman Sachs chairman Peter Sutherland. Sutherland is the UN Commissioner for refugees, stating time and again that he wants to push more and more refugees into Ireland and the UK where he now lives.  

Coveney as Taoiseach would unleash more hordes of immigrants on Ireland with a million here already.  Coveney is a big landlord who has a vested interest in filling his properties with tenants, whether immigrants or otherwise. Coveney would be even worse as a Taoiseach than Enda Kenny was.  Thus, though you may object to him being married to a man, Varadkar is the better choice. Varadkar has stated that he wants to pay immigrants six months welfare to leave and go home, or elsewhere. He is also not in favour of abortion.  Yes, he is half Indian but Irish through and through - his father is an upper-caste practising Hindu. He has a normal family background in Castleknock, Dublin, with a couple of sisters.  After all, Dev's father was a Spanish Cuban Jew while Sean Lemass' ancestors were French Huguenots.

And despite the fact that the editor of the Kilkenny Journal , Michael McGrath , voted NO in the gay marriage referendum and took a lot of pretty vicious flak for that online  , he doesn't see where a person's sexual practice or orientation matters in politics or in business or in any other walk of life. Thus he supports Leo Varadkar for Taoiseach.  Leo is easily the more capable and at least he remains loyal to the country. Coveney is a boor who has sold Ireland out even before he starts. By attending the Bilderberg meeting , Coveney was seriously acting the traitor - we can't put it more gently than that. He doesn't deserve to be Taoiseach, in fact he doesn't even deserve to be in Dail Eireann. We would not trust Simon Coveney as far as we could throw him. 

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Thursday, 18 May 2017 13:17


Simon Coveney laid down some good guidelines for the online sale of animals when he was Minister for Agriculture. This is to his credit. he is an obvious dog lover. But we need more info one where he stands on human mass immigration into Ireland, now virtually uncontrolled. 

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Housing Minister Simon Coveney is a landlord


Minister for Housing Simon Coveney – who now presides over Ireland’s housing crisis – is a landlord – one of at least 30 politicians who must declare they earn more than €2,600 a month in rent.

Mc Guinness rents out three properties in Dublin, three in Kilkenny, a property in Limerick, a property in Tipperary, and an interest in a nursing home.

Minister Coveney is tasked with controlling the housing market in Ireland which has seen rents spiral to record levels in Dublin.  While thousands of Irish families are homeless.

He has had to declare  he owns a rental property in Harty’s Quay, Rochestown, Cork city.

The revelation has emerged at the same time that one of the biggest landords in the country has admitted the rental market in this country is reaching its “limit.”

1 – Kerry Deputy Michael Healy RaeAt least 8 properties:   2 farmhouses, a property in Kilgarvan, Co Kerry,  a rental apartment in Killarney, Kerry, houses in Kenmare, Castleisland and Killarney, and student accommodation in Limerick.

2 – Fianna Fáil’s John Mc Guinness:  At least 8 properties and an interest in a nursing home:  3 rental properties in Dublin, 3 in Kilkenny, a property in Limerick, a property in Tipperary, and an interest in a nursing home.

3 – Social Democrat, Stephen Donnelly:   2 properties:  Rental property in Beacon South Quarter in Dublin and in Clara, Co Offaly.

4 – Former ceann comhairle and Fine Gael TD, Sean Barrett:   Shareholder in 1 property:  Barrett states he is a shareholder in a company that owns an office block and which is leased to a tenant.

5 – Minister for Housing Simon Coveney:  1 property:   Harty’s Quay, Rochestown, in Cork.

6 – Agriculture Minister Michael Creed:  Interests in 3 properties:  Money invested in three addresses in Macroom, Co Cork.

7 – Fianna Fáil’s Dara Calleary:  2 month’s rental income from a property that he once lived in on Distillery Road in Dublin but sold it in July 2015.

8 – Fine Gael Galway East TD, Ciarán Cannon:   An executive director in a property company.

9 – Fine Gael’s Marcella Corcoran Kennedy:   27 acres at Ferbane, Co Offaly that has been rented out.

10:  Waterford TD, John Deasy:   1 rental apartment in Citywest in Dublin.

11:  Pat Deering:  1 rental property in Rathvilly, Co Carlow.

12:  Chief whip Regina Doherty:  2 properties:  One in Ashbourne Business Park and City Campus in Limerick.

13:  Fianna Fáil’s Timmy Dooley:  2 properties:   One in Charlotte Quay, Dublin and one in Rathfarnham, Dublin.

14:  Charlie Flanagan:   1 property:  He lets a holiday house in Co Sligo part of the year.

15:  Sean Fleming: Rented a former post office in County Laois for part of last year.

16:  Independent Noel Grealish:  2 properties and land:  He let out a house in Galway and a apartment in Dublin.  He also owns a 8,800 sq ft commercial unit in Briarhill, Galway.

17:  Martin Heydon:  1 rental property in Co Limerick.

18:  Paul Kehoe:   2 properties:  Renting a property in Enniscorthy, Co Wexford, and an apartment on Haddington Road, Dublin 4.

19:  Fianna Fail Cork TD, Billy Kelleher:  Rents out an apartment in Glanmire, Co Cork.

20: Fianna Fáil’s Brendan Smith:  1 rental apartment in Dublin.

21:  Robert Troy:  2 properties:  1 in Mullingar and 1 inDublin.

22:  Wexford’s Mick Wallace:  2 properties:  Both are rented out in Wicklow.

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