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Monday, 25th September 2017
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Out to smash the border with EU help.

Editorial by Michael McGrath.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and his foreign minister Simon Coveney are utilising the massive power of the EU to smash the British border in Ireland.

And in doing this they will take masses of young votes away from Sinn Fein, as well they know.

Either of these men is a formidable politician in his own right, together they must be nigh on invincible.

And if they keep pressing the British on getting Ireland a favourable Brexit there will be no stopping Fine Gael in the next general election here.

At local level they could even grab three seats in Carlow-Kilkenny, with either ex-mayor Patrick O'Neill or Council Chairman David Fitzgerald shading the third seat.

But they simply have to make noise on the housing front and here in Kilkenny we have offered the Sion House Project for minister John Paul Phelan's attention - a bold stroke like that could land the third seat , allied with a significant move on the Brewery site by David Fitzgerald.

Varadkar and Coveney must be careful to proceed without humiliating Britain in any way, they must be careful about that in their EU negotiations. Then they have everything to win as they place the final pieces of the jigsaw towards the virtual disappearance of the border in their onward quest for Irish unity.
They have been playing a blinder in Europe so far!
Simon Coveney is easily the most successful minister in this government.

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