It has since emerged that almost all of the protesters who took to John's bridge and to the streets of Kilkenny, as reported here, were not from Kilkenny at all. 

They are a sort of as flying picket parachuted in, and to be deployed all around the country during the coming campaign - 

And they stand for Abortion on Demand. They are completely militant but ignorant of the medical facts surrounding abortion as well as the legal issues. 

They are extremely hostile militants who scream out at the top of their voices , they are trained and choreographed to protest to the maximum. 

They are very badly dressed and it's said that many of them do not pay much attention to washing themselves regularly or to personal hygiene of any kind. They are also known to be very libertine in their sexual habits. They are paid out of a fund to which the likes of George Soros contributes. He is interested in abortion in Ireland so as to contribute towards reducing the white Irish native population of this country as the incoming immigrant population from the third world is massively built up. Feminism too is being deployed as a force to make women less attractive so as to reduce copulation amongst the Irish and looking at these women you can see how most men would be put off having anything to do with them. It's all part of a campaign to reduce irish births drastically and it is succeeding at this primary objective. In the end the idea is to destroy the white irish population much as the South African white population is being steadily eroded. Thus this abortion campaign has little regard at all for the lives or the health and safety of Irish women, it is rather an integral part of the programme for the repopulation of Ireland with so many Irish being driven out in waves of mass migration to Australasia in particular.  It's a campaign to overall destroy the indigenous Irish people and therefore Ireland as we know it. 

As such we must resist such evils as abortion and mass immigration as they go hand in hand in a well-planned strategy to eventually destroy us and ours in time. It's a horrendous campaign that preys on our human weaknesses and vulnerabilities , and above all on our Irish womanhood. Thus women must be the ones to resist this evil strategy as men are powerless against it. 

And now Facebook has joined the ranks of the abortionists where those faithful people who resist abortion are being restricted. This is why we now recommend everybody concerned to set up your own websites and abandon Facebook which is penetrated by the money and evil of the likes of  George Soros who now openly finances abortion as well as mass immigration for Ireland. This man is a greater enemy of Ireland than even Cromwell was. Born ugly-looking himself this has led him to hate the white European peoples to an extreme extent , that is our psychological evaluation of this monster , thus we must resist all his works and pomps and recognise at all times that it is his evil forces that are at work upon the earth. 

This is how you have the Trotskyist communist party, the People Before Profit party, a front of the Socialist Workers party international,  as the foremost organisation out on our streets pushing abortion , mass immigration and all of the other evils on Ireland , as they are central controlled and financed by Soros and the EU.  You can do your bit by refusing to vote for or support this People before profit crowd in any way whatsoever. We have to fight back for Ireland's sake, for our own sakes, for the sake of our children and their children.Above all we must preserve Ireland as a decent place to live in and help Irish women resist the terrible pressures that are being forced on them under the false name of feminism. 


Story by Michael McGrath. 

Photos by Martan O'Faolain.

About 50 pro-abortionist demonstrators from all around the country assembled on John's Bridge with a black banner this lunchtime and afterwards marched through the city centre chanting, "We want a referendum" etc.

There were the usual few from Kilkenny there led by Conor MacLiam of the AAA/PBP/Socialist Party anti-water charges grouping , also Margaret O.Brien , the noted city social activist who opposed the CAS Bridge and the toxicity of the brewery site.

Mr. MacLiam appealed to all LGBT people to come out for abortion though the logic in that is difficult to see. It seems that there is "Identity" politics in play where people are separated off into separate cubby holes in society that are held to be discriminated against, and then they are all organised together for common causes such as abortion. But because a person is gay it certainly does not follow that one is for abortion - Kilkenny's leading pro-life activist Paddy Manning, the gay celebrity politician, is obvious proof of that! Thus we believe that Conor has got it wrong in his obvious enthusiasm.

Though small, the demonstration was so vocal that the chanting could be heard across the city centre. This was a really determined group bent on getting their way against the much larger society that vastly outnumbers them . They were almost all women, few men and no immigrants at all, which is noteworthy in itself.

They may be small starting out , but they have put it up to the pro-life forces in Kilkenny that they mean business across the country. It's a democracy and these young women are putting it up to the rest of us in society as is their God-given right.

[Photos by Martan O'Faoilain]

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