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Thursday, 17th August 2017
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Thursday, 07 November 2013 09:40

The Manifold Blunders of the Kilkenny Greens.

The blunders of the Irish Green Party. If you don't know the story you must read "A Deal with the Devil - the Green party in government" by Mary Minihan. In brief, the Irish Green Party, lured by the prospect of power, and a chance to implement green policies, entered into a coalition with Fianna Fail, and ended up imposing savage neoliberal cuts on the Irish People, which are causing huge damage to Irish society. As a result, activists left the party in droves and the Irish electorate, quite rightly, destroyed the party at a general election in 2011.

What did the Irish Greens gain from all of this? Er.... not much more than a watered down stag hunting bill. What is really scary about Minihan's account is that it describes the staggering capacity for self-deception in the Irish Green TDs, Councillors and party big wigs like our own Green party councillor Malcolm Noonan here in Kilkenny -  the ability to think you are doing good when you are actually doing the opposite, and gaining nothing useful in the process. The Greens even stayed in a rotten and reviled government long enough to push through an immensely damaging finance bill out of some kind of loyalty to Brian Cowen! Clearly the Green MPs, including the new party leader Eamon Ryan, were hopelessly naive, both economically and politically. Whilst Rome burned around them they kept on fiddling around with their hopes for a climate change bill.

As a result there are no funds left for anything, the 44 millions to complete the Kilkenny ring road is not there, and won't be there, and yet today the Irish Green party still insists on perpetuating their capacity for self-deception and its extension of deceiving the public by actually campaigning for the completion of the ring road though that is now impossible, thanks in large measure to themselves when they were in government!  Are Kilkenny people who campaign for this completion of the ring road really and truly aware of the animal that they are listening to in the shape of the Green party and its deputy leader, Councillor Malcolm Noonan of Kilkenny?

Ireland is still suffering , and Kilkenny  still feels that pain , after that brief interregnum of the Irish Green party. Yet many local Kilkenny people are acting as if it never happened and not honestly confronting the sources of that suffering that was was thrust upon us, but still listen to Green leaders like Noonan.  And everybody knows that you will not build anything of lasting value or greatness on a lie. And that lie is now nailed, that three obviously very ordinary old houses in Vicar Street, conveniently in the way of the central access road and bridge, were in any way historic. In fact they are in such a dilapidated state that they are an eyesore, probably dangerous, and a blot on the city landscape and should be therefore demolished anyway.  But the people still listen to a Green like Noonan who was partly responsible for dreaming up this falsehood and all the propaganda that has ensued ever since.

The money simply is not there, it's been borrowed and spent unwisely yet again on things like financing mass immigration to the tune of billions that Noonan and his Greens also sponsor. Can't people see that it is these Greens like Noonan that are still dragging the country down.  Thus we have no money left, not a cent, for anything or anybody else, after paying all the welfare, health, education and housing accommodation costs for the incoming hordes, now over a million of them and still rolling into Ireland. And spending all these billions on mass immigration is not helping any of the migrants either because most of them are now coming in from England, where they first arrived from all over the world,  where they are well looked after anyway but pouring in here to Ireland for the dole that in cash terms is over twice that of England - though the British welfare offers more costly accommodation to welfare tourists, but sin sceal eile.

Right now there is a fine scheme, the CAS or Central Access Scheme proposed for Kilkenny that will help this city to get up off its knees and prosper again, and that's what Ireland, this is what the Irish people need, an end to austerity, a way to get up off our knees and start living again. And with its proposed new Abbey Creative Quarter  for the brewery site that will eventually provide three thousand good jobs, the CAS is the only thing for Kilkenny city, it's the only way out of the woods on offer, we have nothing else.  Or do you want a Green party to lead us into disaster and destitution all over again? The new schemes may not be as pretty in bridges and buildings as we'd like but It's your choice, folks, because basically it's now shit or bust time for Kilkenny!


I have great time for the devoted and passionate work of Councillor Malcolm Noonan specifically in assisting the Irish travelling community and getting them housed. Though he would want to be more careful after the crowd he housed in Emmet Street in Kennyswell slashed one of their women all over her body with a broken bottle as well as burglarising two elderly neighbours and frightening them. And lately he has married the officer in charge of housing the travellers and looking after them in her job on the staff of Kilkenny County Council and that can only be a match made in Heaven. I too believe passionately in helping our Irish travellers and ensuring they receive their rights every bit as much as the settled community does, for they are of our own flesh and blood if we go back far enough. I have had great lifelong friendships with the travellers and indeed as a professional photographer I photographed many a traveller's wedding and enjoyed it all to the full. I believe that it is never to late to try to assimilate the travellers back into Irish society , I only fear that with all the impoverished inflowing  immigrants  into Ireland, many destitute, the travellers may get left out as there won't be enough houses for them now - that only stands to reason. Oh and you don't shove young travellers in beside elderly folk in Kennyswell who have been there for 64 years and more. Travellers want to be housed together, as they are over by the cemetery. Thus official Ireland has got it wrong about the travellers, including Malcolm Noonan - the problem is that he is gone too old himself to admit he is wrong - councillors get like that and it's a good reason to change them from time to time.


But I therefore take my hat off personally to Malcolm Noonan for his idealism on behalf of  the Travellers of Kilkenny, if only he would listen and get it right - but not as a politician, not as a Councillor and most definitely not as deputy leader of the Green party that took part in the deliberate sell out of the sovereignty of Ireland along with their senior partners in Fianna Fail. And , now, still, after it all , the Green party and Noonan are encouraging hundreds of thousands of more immigrants into Ireland , wanting to give them everything we have and that we have earned hard as a nation since Independence, whilst hundreds of thousands of Irish people are driven out of Ireland into exile in what can only be viewed as population replacement, replacing the native Irish as the British did here in the ruinous Plantation of Ireland. You would have to be a racial traitor, as many politicians of all parties are now, not only the Greens, to sell out your own country and your own people like this, as we see happening before our very eyes.

But the people will now get their chance again in May when the likes of Noonan come begging around our doors for our votes on false pretences. The so-called nationalists or republicans of Sinn Fein, or whatever they propose to be, are just as bad at selling out. But then not a single member of Sinn Fein here in Kilkenny today comes from a republican family background. The are mostly misled by latter-day opportunists who don't know the meaning of patriotism or concern for one's country or people. And the local Sinn Fein councillor in Kilkenny city has no republicanism in her background at all, her dad being a former paid local trade union official in his time.  Nor can we see that Cllr. Kathleen Funcheon , who lives over twenty miles away in South Kilkenny, has done anything for the city or anybody here - in fact Noonan has done more, albeit for the travellers. She has a poor attendance record and is frankly not interested in anything but the money she gets for being a councillor.

The latest version of Sinn Fein, which as an old Republican myself I do not see as legitimate as they come from the Northern wing only and have spread from there back into the Republic in recent times , are all now back into their former Marxist way of thinking again and who needs Marxism with an economy as critical as Ireland's right now, that would be the final kiss of death, we need it like a hole in the head! 

Sinn Fein too are embracing the Politically Correct lifestyle just like the Greens. I see Adams on Youtube out at the gates of Leinster House welcoming a contingent of black immigrants agitating for more social welfare money. They're all at this game now, trying to pass themselves off as members of the Liberal Elite. Haven't Robinson and Higgins in the Park done very well out of all this PC for themselves, and anyway it's only the Bail Out money they're handing out go fluirseach to all comers - but that's all coming to a halt as we exit the Bail Out and there's nothing left in the kitty but a million immigrants here expecting all the Moolah to continue to flow generously . There's going to be a right shock coming up there for immigrant and Irish alike who haven't seen the real depression yet! As for Sinn Fein they are simply not capable of government, they're not able.

And now, to end up on a suitablly hilarious note , remember that 14-year-old mystery girl has turned out to be a 25-year-old Australian con artist with a record as long as your arm - and the Liberal Elite have just wasted 350,000 of the State's money in services to her, mostly legal.
What a shower we have in power, they wouldn't spend a cent on one of our own in genuine need!

There may be racists in Ireland now , but they would be unimportant and powerless,  but not anywhere as many as the racial traitors in the government and the media and indeed in control of all the political parties of the State now. Yes, I know, to call anybody a racial traitor is a serious and a hard thing to do. But it's true , and especially of those who lead our media. The die is cast against the native Irish in their own country now, they haven't a snowball's chance in Hell as the country is taken over now into the firm grip of the internationalists  who want to make us all into a one world of willing wage slaves for cheap labour in a world where only bankers,  media moguls and their political servants, the racial traitors, matter.

So what is the cure? It is to get to Hell out of the EU now that there's no more Bail Outs and we're being kicked out of the Bail Out scheme.  And as most of that Bail Out money was transferred back to private European bankers at the behest of the EU/EBC it can be cancelled. Likewise an Irish law then introduced that only people who are ten years in Ireland who emntered legally in the first place are eligible for Health, Welfare, Medical Cards and Free Education and the rest given six months ' notice that there's no more free money to be had in Ireland.  Then you would see a half million immigrants voluntarily leave Ireland and at least that would be much better than seeing our own forced into emigration. And all who agree with this central change in Ireland's policy and status join together into a new party of Freedom to re-launch the Irish Republic and regain our sovereignty in the world. 
There would be an immediate end to mortgage slavery! That is the single most important step the country must recover as a good decent country to live in once again. The government's recent abortion laws would be put to a referendum of the people as well.  Schools, universities and hospitals would be freed up for Irish people as would local authority housing. Government jobs would be strictly for the Irish people and the one hundred thousand so-called new citizens created out of nothing would all have to be put for verification to referendum of the Irish people. There are many other great measures and everybody must have their say in the re-creation of the Irish sovereign State.


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General election candidates Kathleen Funchion of Sinn Fein and Malcolm Noonan of the Green party led this lengthy protest so costly to Kilkenny. Their judgement has therefore now to be seriously questioned especially as their protests did not achieve anything at all.

Cllr. David Fitzgerald is the Fine Gael candidate for the general election based in Kilkenny city....
That 3 millions would have built several houses, for instance, with something left over for better library services . Luckily the 5 millions that Phil Hogan arranged for the Millennium Mile came our way, otherwise we would not have been able to refurbish the city centre as is being done. Our finances are on a knife edge now as a result as to whether and to what extent that projects can be funded, services provided and the amount of rates charged by the County Council levied.

It's all such a pity as in hindsight a protest campaign that didn't cost the county anything could have been devised by a more intelligent and discerning leadership, especially as regards the design of the new bridge - that incredibly the protesters never tackled at all.

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The Central Access Scheme in Kilkenny is now on track to be completed before the end of next year. Yesterday Kilkenny Council-members were given an update on…|By KCLR96FM News & Sport


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Thursday, 22 December 2016 14:39



by a top Nobel laureate scientist.

It is costing us 2.40 Euro per bag of coal to heat ourselves because of the carbon tax imposed by FF and Green Party government to combat this non-existent climate change theory.

Our elderly are cold in their homes because of this tax imposed by the Greens and FF in their disastrous government that broke Ireland's back.

Yet Green party leaders , like the one pictured, have never explained their pet theory that the rest of us have to pay for on every ESB bill, bet you didn't know about that. It's titled as the PSO Levy on your bill, though cleverly not quantified there , that is you pay through the nose but you don't get to know what you are paying for . Same with the fuel for your car, all amounts to a lot of money taken from us for a theory never proved.

I call that stealing! Stealing from the people on a massive scale.

Here's the truth by one of the world's top scientists:

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Tuesday, 11 July 2017 06:08



What Ned Cash could do 51 years ago in Liverpool , surely Kilkenny traveller leaders can do today ?

by Michael McGrath.

Cllr. Malcolm Noonan has recently circulated a press release calling an indeterminate number of Kilkenny citizens racists. This is serious anti-social behaviour on the part of the Green Party councillor.

He also published that lengthy press release, condemning an indeterminate number of citizens as racists on his own Facebook site.

Neither councillor Noonan nor any other councillor or politician is allowed to indulge in such reprehensible behaviour towards fellow citizens, whatever their differences may be.

The lawful path to take is to make a complaint to the Gardai under the Incitement to Hatred Act 1989 and not to take matters into his own hands as Councillor Noonan has done.

Were everybody to do like him we could have civil uproar on our hands. It was totally irresponsible of him no matter how much he disagreed with statements from the defenders of the rights and lives of horses and dogs in Kilkenny.

He has no right to call an indeterminate number of citizens racists - councillors who misbehave like that should not receive the vote anymore.

The editor of the Kilkenny Journal has been a supporter and friend of the travellers since before Councillor Noonan was born!

Yet the Kilkenny Journal calls on the responsible leaders of the travelling community to hand over the culprits to the gardai. I remember a time back in 1966 when my late great friend Ned Cash handed over traveller transgressors to the Liverpool Constabulary on Everton Brow. Ned was the leader of 200 trailer loads of people there, and I helped him negotiate with the Inspector of Police on the spot the handover of several criminals on the site that the Police wanted.

I see no reason why this cannot be done in Kilkenny today if a legendary King of the Travellers could order it over fifty years ago in Liverpool. So let's get on with it here in Kilkenny in 2017 and stop the ill-treatment and unnecessary deaths of the horses and dogs. It's giving Kilkenny a dreadful name , not to mention the awful cruelty suffered by the poor animals.

And then maybe Malcolm can give up calling people very nasty names, Thank You Malcolm!

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33 people reached
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Back in 2009 when he was Mayor of Kilkenny, Cllr. Malcolm Noonan called constituents KNOBHEADS publicly.

Now he has called an indeterminate number of Kilkenny people Racists!

Will his policy of housing certain people in old Council estates in Kilkenny, like Kennyswell, go against him now that serious crime has predictably followed such housing allocations where a young woman has been slashed all over her body, two old folk threatened in their own homes in attempted burglaries, with serious fighting and disorder breaking out, and a young horse whipped within an inch of its life in front of terrified youngsters? 
And now the killing of horses and dogs that he seems to belittle as of no consequence.

Do councillors like Noonan know more than David Cameron, Angela Merkel and former French President Sarcozy, all of whom have publicly stated that Multiculturalism/Diversity has failed. Sarcozy even expelled the Roma from France and now the UK leaves the EU over it. Europe is in turmoil and as a result we have Brexit threatening Ireland's economy.

Does Noonan not see any of this or is he too stubborn as a politician? Does he have a right to be so judgemental in calling an indeterminate number of local people names just because he feels that the pronouncements of some don't suit him, and isn't this the height of arrogance and even contempt for the local electorate?

Or is he right? Are the Kilkenny electorate knobheads and racists? After all they do elect politicians like himself.

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Fire investigation required - Noel Walsh just announced.

He went in and told the Bord Pleanala Inspector he was in favour of it, doing a U-Turn on the Walkin Street residents who had placed their faith in him.

Though he attended the residents' private meetings and assured them that he was against this development , Malcolm Noonan went in and stated the opposite to An Bord Pleanala, stating that he was in favour - subject to a few small conditions - of the Walkin Street high rise development.

Kathleen Funchion TD also said she was with the residents, attending their private meetings, but was nowhere to be seen when the chips were down.

John McGuinness attended the residents meetings but to no avail either. At least he didn't betray the residents' confidence like the other two. Andrew McGuinness fought honestly for the residents.

The residents fought sincerely and bravely and deserved at least to have the top floor chopped off this four storey that will be incongruous to the lovely surrounds of an old Kilkenny beauty spot.

Many of the apartments are required for immigrants and travellers so it was a hard one to tackle from the start, as they must be looked after as a priority, according to Noonan's Green Party and Funchion's Sinn Fein.

Local legal eagle Noel Walsh, the Peace Commissioner, did his level best for his fellow residents of this lovely old area of St. Mary's Parish. Alas it was not to be as the Inspector cited the massive housing needs of the city to support his decision.

Noel G. Walsh has commented that after the high rise tragedy in London you would have thought that An Bord Pleanala would have learned something, describing the development as a dangerous fire hazard, adding that he himself would only live on the ground floor.

And Noel has a point. We don't need to go the high rise direction in Ireland like the UK did as we have plenty of land for housing here and we should be stretching out the city rather than going up as in Walkin Street.

In view of this it's astonishing to see a Green Party councillor do a U-Turn in favour of high rise for this city as Councillor Noonan has now publicly done. Noel Walsh is right, we should be going out and not up in housing provision for Kilkenny.

A candidate for public office, the genial peace commissioner has stated that he wants a complete fire chief's report on the development from the high rise point of view. He told the Journal the residents are not finished yet, that the proposed high rise would constitute a serious fire hazard in their neighbourhood.
Well, you don't want to be in bed up on the fourth floor while yer man on the ground floor staggers into his pad on the first floor at one in the morning and tries drunkedly to put on the chip pan, do you...

Residents made numerous submissions opposing development, and handed in a petition


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