As I passed last night the house wasn't cordoned off at that stage though there were two units of Kilkenny Fire Brigade and several Garda cars in attendance.
The house was only recently done up by the Council and leased to a new tenant from Upper Ossory Park on transfer across the city. The new tenant is a lovely little elderly lady who was fortunately over visiting with her family at the time. We hope and pray that she is recovered from the shock of learning about the attack on her pretty city centre home. She has a large and caring family , though she's a widow and a couple of her sons already passed away. This was a vengeful attack related to a city drugs war as the lady herself is not involved in anything at all but is a deeply religious and law-abiding good living person. The Gardai would have their suspicions already and following a definite line of enquiry. True it may be near the garda station, but the small terraced house actually faces the gates of the Fair Green. Those houses were built in the mayoralty of John McGuinness, great uncle of John McGuinness TD during the years of the great War 1914-1918 and are completely modernised by the local authority since.

But this attack is to be condemned by all fair-minded citizens, for it's an outrage on a poor elderly lady who has suffered much in her life and deserves peace in her sunset years. Any judge would be shocked, and rightly so, so whoever the villains are will spend many years in jail if and when they are caught and brought to justice. Surely in the cold light of day they will see that their horrific crime last night against a helpless old lady was uncalled for and indeed a serious sin in the eyes of God if they have any belief at all. Thank God the poor woman was out at the time of the attack and so unharmed except for the shock of it all. She has had an awful life, God bless her, and could do without this now that she had found some measure of peace and happiness at last in her lovely little new centre city home. 
She is left this lunchtime and will not be living at the house again for a long time, if ever again.

More information as it emerges.

Sean Keane
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