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Kilkenny's CAS bridge set to open next week, name to be decided on Monday

The new bridge over the Nore.

The new Central Access Scheme bridge in Kilkenny City is expected to open to traffic next week, with an official ‘ribbon cutting’ date to follow about a week after.

The council is hoping the bridge will be open to general traffic on Wednesday, May 17. An official opening ceremony for the scheme is expected the following week.

The name of the bridge will also be decided and announced at Monday’s meeting of Kilkenny County Council. Eight names have been shortlisted for the new structure. They are:

Berkeley Bridge; Cathedral Bridge; Chancellors Bridge; Edmond Smithwick Bridge; Edmund Rice Bridge; William Marshall Bridge; St Francis Bridge; and Strongbow’s Bridge.

Kilkenny County Council will select the ‘most appropriate’ name using the criteria in its naming and commemorative memorial policy. Word is that the name "Edmund Smithwick Bridge" has won.

Edmond Smithwick was the great local champion of Catholic emancipation who re-launched Smithwicks brewery. He was the popular four times Mayor of Kilkenny who made substantial financial contributions to the building of St. Mary's cathedral . We have a record of him attending meetings for emancipation in the old diocesan chapel of St. James that was there before the cathedral where the Mother of Fair Love School is today.  A great friend of Daniel O'Connell, he was a typical Smithwick who favoured the monarchy but with an Irish parliament to promote world trade for Ireland and naturally for their beers.  

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Saturday, 13 May 2017 15:07


A death pathway system is now in operation in the palliative care suite of St. Columba's hospital, Thomastown, the old county home. The death pathway system is the norm for some years in the UK and the model is now in operation for Kilkenny people in Thomastown on the top floor of St. Columba's where elderly patients are being eased out of this life before their time by morphine pump administered without the regulatory Oxygen supply. 

St. Columba's is under the medical supervision of Dr. Paul Cotter of Bennettsbridge , consultant in geriatrics who is the director of elderly care in the Kilkenny HSE.  It is backed up by the HSE at Kilcreene including the head of the FOI office there, Liam Quirke. The FOI refuses access to the medical records of the deceased to their loved ones as a matter of policy , obviously to cover up the untimely deaths and the nature of such eased exits out of this existence.  Thomastown has no resident medical doctor.  Consultant Cotter is Cambridge educated in the UK where they practise such euthanasia as a matter of course.

Even the gardai can't gain access to vital records.  the Kilkenny Journal were told this by  a local detective who is concerned about the practices in the palliative care suit at the hospital and he had a concern for elderly people dying of morphine administered without the necessary Oxygen, as well as  a standard practice  cover-up by the HSE of the medical records. But the higher-up officers do not seem to have a concern so far, according to our garda informant. 

Such records are never to see the light of day. Of course if you're wealthy enough to afford Aut Even you need never worry about what's going on places like the county home where the fate of working class patients is determined. As Vincent Browne says , longevity belongs to the rich in Ireland. 

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